Woolx Prime Deals!

If you have been thinking about trying wool, this is definitely the time! Woolx is having a fantastic Prime Day sale on everything you might want in a Fall Wardrobe, including some of my favorite items that I wear year-round! I’m going to share some of my top recommendations here, but remember, the sale is JUST through today 10/12/22.

If you shop the sale, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Woolx Lola Joggers. I’ve blogged about these before because they are literally my favorite pants of all time. I could wear these every day of the week and be totally happy. For me, they have the perfect fit and just enough sheen to treat as a dress pant, but I also wear them for hiking, shopping, pretty much all the things.

Woolx Ryann Hoodie. This is my favorite hoodie ever. It’s lightweight, but warm. Nice and long, and it goes with everything. I always take it work because the office is so chilly, but I also pack it every single time I travel because it goes with everything from my favorite Wool& dresses to the Lola joggers above! Like all of these items, since it’s merino wool it has to be washed rarely and keeps you temp-regulated!

Woolx Charlotte Top. This top is another favorite because it’s so different from everything else the brand offers. I prefer feminine styles and this top is perfection for my wardrobe. It’s soft, warm (not too warm) and the buttons give it a touch of elegance. The sleeves can be pushed up comfortably for a different look. I have this shirt in olive and I REALLY want the black!

Woolx McKenna Leggings. These are my go-to everyday leggings. Comfy, soft, and with the high-waistband that I just gotta have. The pockets are generous  and these leggings stay up without budging. They are fitted but not too tight (I despise compression leggings) and they have a slight sheen which makes them a little dressier than the pipers.

Woolx Piper Leggings. These are cut just like the McKennas, so they have the perfect high waistband, no-budge fit, and nice phone-size pockets, but the fabric is different. These are a softer look, no sheen, and more traditional wool feel on the outside. These are so dang cozy!

Those are my top five recommendations of items I already own that are now on sale for Woolx Prime Day. Now I am going to share five items that are on my wish list!

Sawyer Shacket. The woolies have been talking and there is a lot of buzz about this plaid “shacket”. It’s super cute and looks like the perfect fall staple!

Kinsley Cardigan. I have seen this one modeled and it is perfection in a cardigan! This one is definitely on the pricey side but I’m sure it would be another wardrobe staple. Gorgeous!

Charlie 4 Button. This looks so cute and cozy, and I love the colors they are offering. I want Winter Bloom in this gorgeous top!

Harper Pajama Set. I don’t usually wear legit pjs (usually just an old tshirt) but I’m obsessed with the idea of wool for sleeping! I definitely struggle with temperature management at night and I know this would solve the issue!

Parker Sweatpants. Because I love the Lolas so much, I’m definitely wanting to try the Parker Sweatpants. These are more of a traditional sweatpant and they look so super cozy! They are going on my wishlist, for sure.

Thanks for checking out my post! If you shop Woolx Prime Day Sale, I’d love to hear what you snag!