Simply Merino Colorful Warm Weather Drop!

You guys I am still fairly new to Simply Merino but I have to tell you, their newest release is absolutely phenomenal. Not just because the colors are completely gorgeous, but the design of the pieces are exceptional and they really fill some big gaps in the wool clothing market.

Thank you Simply Merino for gifting these items for my review. It’s especially rewarding to work with small businesses as a small creator! Simply Merino does not have an affiliate program, but I will be sharing affiliate links to the other items shown in my outfits. Keep reading for a coupon code towards the end of the post!

As an example of the new drop fulfilling a need in the market, I have heard so many women looking for wool swimwear and the options just haven’t been there, so the release of their new swimsuit was very highly anticipated. I haven’t tried it myself but I have seen several reviews that are very positive. This piece looks really amazing and I love the cut!

Before I get into sharing my new pieces, check out my other Simply Merino review here: Simply Merino Review In Stripes.

Simply Merino was kind enough to send me the Bralette and High Waisted Underwear. Both are in the color Cranberry. I got the High Waisted Underwear in size Large and the Bralette in size Medium.

Shown here with the wool& Laurel in size Large (another summer staple I love). Thanks for shopping with my affiliate link.

I have worn the bra almost nonstop (I have had it for several weeks now). For the next run, they are adjusting the fit for the next run to be more true to size. This original run is a little on the generous side, but the cut, feel, and design are PRECISELY what I have been looking for in a Merino Bra! I cannot wait to buy this in a couple more colors and get rid of some of my old worn out synthetic options.

I am very sensitive to compressive bras so this comfy fit feels perfect. If you like more of a compressive fit, I would say you might try sizing down. This bra stays put for me and the fact that it has slits for inserts is AMAZING. I need some shaping because I am otherwise kind of shapeless  and I like coverage also. This bra is the most comfortable one I have EVER tried and feels more like clothing and less like underwear. Instead of being an athletic (slinky?) feel, it’s very soft.

The underwear is generous in coverage with gentle stretch and a very comfy fit. It doesn’t seem to budge and does a good job of smoothing without being too snug. The size large fits as expected. Nice and high waisted, very comfortable, definitely thicker than most of my other underwear.

Many women use this set as Swimwear, and I can definitely imagine it would work well. Although I am not usually a two piece girl, I feel like the comfort and coverage are there to make this a great swimsuit option.

I also received the new Mid-Length Skirt and the Crop Top, both in the absolutely gorgeous brilliant Boysenberry and both in size large. I think they run true to size.

You guys, I LOVE THIS SET. Seriously, it feels like the smartest combination of pieces that could not be more versatile. Worn together, they really look like a great fitting dress.

I’m not one to show my tummy, but I love the crop length and the skirt can be worn high or low so I don’t have to show any skin if I don’t want to. Together these pieces are the perfect foundation to wear with layers over, or alone in the heat of summer. I can think of about 30 ways to wear these just right off the bat!

Specifically, let’s talk about the skirt. The fold over waist is super comfy, without being too bulky. You can wear it low on the hips, or higher like I did with the crop top. I ever tried pulling it over my chest like a strapless top and YES it worked, too. To me, these two pieces are the perfect items to build a travel capsule.

This skirt is CRAZY comfy and the perfect sillouette. I know some people will hate the lack of pockets, but I don’t care about pockets (as ya’ll know, I carry a Sash Bag everywhere so I don’t need pockets particularly).

I really love that the shape is super smooth but does NOT show my bulges and curves (sometimes pockets add to the bulk, all in the wrong places). This skirt is not maternity wear, but I think it would be the most amazing piece to go from pregnancy through to post-partum.

A lot of these pieces are already out of stock, but I believe Simply Merino is restocking some them next week, so if you want to stay in the loop you can join my Facebook group for reminders! I’ll be sure to post a link in my group when they make the new drop. Click here to join: Wool Obsessed. 

Simply Merino gave me a coupon code for my followers. You may use code: obsessed10 for 10% off your purchase! Let me know what you are getting and what you think!