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Wool Obsessed | Sustainable Fashion

Simply Merino Colorful Warm Weather Drop!

You guys I am still fairly new to Simply Merino but I have to tell you, their newest release is absolutely phenomenal. Not just because the colors are completely gorgeous, but the design of the pieces are exceptional and they really fill some big gaps in the wool clothing market.

Thank you Simply Merino for gifting these items for my review. It’s especially rewarding to work with small businesses as a small creator! Simply Merino does not have an affiliate program, but I will be sharing affiliate links to the other items shown in my outfits. Keep reading for a coupon code towards the end of the post!

As an example of the new drop fulfilling a need in the market, I have heard so many women looking for wool swimwear and the options just haven’t been there, so the release of their new swimsuit was very highly anticipated. I haven’t tried it myself but I have seen several reviews that are very positive. This piece looks really amazing and I love the cut!

Before I get into sharing my new pieces, check out my other Simply Merino review here: Simply Merino Review In Stripes.

Simply Merino was kind enough to send me the Bralette and High Waisted Underwear. Both are in the color Cranberry. I got the High Waisted Underwear in size Large and the Bralette in size Medium.

Shown here with the wool& Laurel in size Large (another summer staple I love). Thanks for shopping with my affiliate link.

I have worn the bra almost nonstop (I have had it for several weeks now). For the next run, they are adjusting the fit for the next run to be more true to size. This original run is a little on the generous side, but the cut, feel, and design are PRECISELY what I have been looking for in a Merino Bra! I cannot wait to buy this in a couple more colors and get rid of some of my old worn out synthetic options.

I am very sensitive to compressive bras so this comfy fit feels perfect. If you like more of a compressive fit, I would say you might try sizing down. This bra stays put for me and the fact that it has slits for inserts is AMAZING. I need some shaping because I am otherwise kind of shapeless  and I like coverage also. This bra is the most comfortable one I have EVER tried and feels more like clothing and less like underwear. Instead of being an athletic (slinky?) feel, it’s very soft.

The underwear is generous in coverage with gentle stretch and a very comfy fit. It doesn’t seem to budge and does a good job of smoothing without being too snug. The size large fits as expected. Nice and high waisted, very comfortable, definitely thicker than most of my other underwear.

Many women use this set as Swimwear, and I can definitely imagine it would work well. Although I am not usually a two piece girl, I feel like the comfort and coverage are there to make this a great swimsuit option.

I also received the new Mid-Length Skirt and the Crop Top, both in the absolutely gorgeous brilliant Boysenberry and both in size large. I think they run true to size.

You guys, I LOVE THIS SET. Seriously, it feels like the smartest combination of pieces that could not be more versatile. Worn together, they really look like a great fitting dress.

I’m not one to show my tummy, but I love the crop length and the skirt can be worn high or low so I don’t have to show any skin if I don’t want to. Together these pieces are the perfect foundation to wear with layers over, or alone in the heat of summer. I can think of about 30 ways to wear these just right off the bat!

Specifically, let’s talk about the skirt. The fold over waist is super comfy, without being too bulky. You can wear it low on the hips, or higher like I did with the crop top. I ever tried pulling it over my chest like a strapless top and YES it worked, too. To me, these two pieces are the perfect items to build a travel capsule.

This skirt is CRAZY comfy and the perfect sillouette. I know some people will hate the lack of pockets, but I don’t care about pockets (as ya’ll know, I carry a Sash Bag everywhere so I don’t need pockets particularly).

I really love that the shape is super smooth but does NOT show my bulges and curves (sometimes pockets add to the bulk, all in the wrong places). This skirt is not maternity wear, but I think it would be the most amazing piece to go from pregnancy through to post-partum.

A lot of these pieces are already out of stock, but I believe Simply Merino is restocking some them next week, so if you want to stay in the loop you can join my Facebook group for reminders! I’ll be sure to post a link in my group when they make the new drop. Click here to join: Wool Obsessed. 

Simply Merino gave me a coupon code for my followers. You may use code: obsessed10 for 10% off your purchase! Let me know what you are getting and what you think!

Revivall Clothing Review & Styling Ideas

I am very excited to share a new review with you. I have been eyeing Revivall Clothing for awhile and have been very excited to try one of their pieces over the last couple weeks. Revivall Clothing is Handmade in the USA (Montana) and is super unique in their designs, construction, and material with a emphasis on a “simpler way of life” and retro styles. If this is news to anyone, I am a prairie child at heart so this brand was singing my song from the start!

The most interesting thing to me is that Revivall Clothing uses deadstock fabric as part of their slow-fashion approach to fashion. That  means they are essentially rescuing textiles that would otherwise go unused or destroyed and turning them into something beautiful and unique.

You can read more about their designs and company mission here. Through sustainable sourcing, upcycling, and marked efforts towards “zero-ish” waste work flow, they are thoughftully curating small batches of quality pieces with a vintage feel. And these pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

Revivally Clothing generously gifted me their Long Lacey Jean Skirt for my review. As always, the review shared here is my honest opinion and the thoughts are all mine.

Between overalls, lacy petticoats, gingham prints, and eyelet trim, the styles of Revivall are romantic, feminine, and very much vintage in style and feel. I was curious how these unique styles might fit into my current wardrobe. It turns out, I had absolutely no problem finding ways to wear this gorgeous piece. In fact, this post is going to be very photo-heavy, because wearing this skirt has been quite a delight!

I am 5’6″ and 185 pounds-ish currently and the size large skirt is a great fit. I absolutely love the cut of this skirt! It’s very flattering and truly creates an hour glass figure.

Like I mentioned, I am such an old-fashioned girl at heart and this skirt reminds me a lot of the books I loved from my childhood like Little Women, National Velvet, and Anne of Green Gables. As a child I always felt that reading those books while dressed for the part was a better experience, so I would put on a dress, (as long, lacy, and flouncy as I could find) and climb a tree with my copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Freckles, or the Five Little Peppers. I found this was best done at sunset.

By the way, I do not have a coupon code but I was told if you sign up for emails, they will send one.

Matching tops to this skirt was incredibly easy. I  don’t have much brown in my closet, but this nice rich brown color is easy to pair with black, white, denim, navy, and I can’t wait to try it with more patterns later. It has pockets and includes a buckle at the back giving you easy adjustability. The brass buttons are also vintage!

My most surprising combo that worked so well was wearing the skirt over my wool& Sierra.  It was such an easy add-on and totally changed my outfit, plus it was super comfy. Shop wool& Sierra with my affiliate link here. 

To be honest, the day I took these pics I had traveled for work, wasn’t having great makeup vibes, and was absolutely hot and in need of shower. However, I pulled this skirt on over the dress I’d been wearing all day and went on a hike with the family. This skirt has tons of ease and is the perfect length to accomodate a nice brisk walk through a field which ended up being a great way to wind down from a work!
The fabric and construction feel quite sturdy. I don’t think this skirt is prone to wrinkles, but I had stuffed in my duffel bag with absolutely no neatness or effort and it came out looking less slightly ruffled. But I would say it’s not super wrinkle-prone either.
Thank you again, Revivall Clothing for gifting me the gorgeous Lacey Denim Skirt. I look forward to continuing to wear it and style it in new ways.

If you have owned Revivall Clothing, I would love to hear what you think! Head over to my Facebook Group to share in the convo and post your pics of Revivall Clothing and other sustainable fashion brands!

ThredUp Thrifting Tips, Tricks, & Hacks: Great Brands at Great Prices

Tips & Hacks for ThredUp Thrifting.

I have been planning to post this for awhile and just haven’t found the time, but the moment has come to spill the tea on all the ways I have found to “hack” ThredUp for awesome deals on quality items! As you guys know, thrifting is in my blood and I grew up bargain shopping with a couple of real pros (my parents). Growing up money was always very tight but my parents always found what we needed and things I only hoped we could have. From scouring clearance aisles at the grocery stores s to hitting yard sales for vintage treasures, bargain hunting was our sport and I still love shopping with my family when we have a chance. One time I remember picking up a playhouse on the side of the road, so I helped hold that house onto the tailgate of our van, never mind the fact that it was raining and I was wearing my Easter Sunday dress. My sister played with it for years! Another amazing find was an Olympic Size balance beam that my parents bought from the State Surplus store and surprised me with. I loved all things gymnastics and having a REAL balance beam in our garage was beyond amazing. I could go on and on…but let’s get to the current shopping tips for ThredUp.

If you haven’t tried ThredUp, please use my referral code to sign up! You will get a whopping 45% off your first order. Although I would never, ever sell with ThredUp (reviews are in, it’s awful for sellers), I shop with them all the time. It’s really the first place I go if I am looking for something specific. To be honest, I have found so many goodies there recently, that I really need to stop looking.

My referral link:

Now, finding things at ThredUp can be hit or miss, so persistance is key just like with your local thrift store. But I have definitely figured out a few ways to hack the system for better results.

First, if you download the App, understand that it is NOT updating in real time. Specifically, if you keep the app open and just swipe back to it throughout the day, you won’t necessarily get the refresh view. So close the app and reopen to make sure you’re seeing the newest stuff.

Now, add your favorite brands and save them as a Search. To do this, type your search in at the search bar and then click the “Save Search” Button, on desktop it’s black and on the left. You may need to try a couple things and remember the system isn’t perfect. For example, I have saved both “Sash” and “Sash Bag” in my search. You can also designate the search to return results by category, so I can choose crossbody as well.

Most important tip of ALL, makes a HUGE difference:

Scroll down to “Ways to Shop” and add the “In Someone’s Cart” Filter. I cannot stress this enough, lots of good stuff is hidden if you aren’t looking at what is in someone’s cart! You can “Auto-Buy” these items and in my experience, it very often goes through. Auto Buy just means that you want to buy this the moment it is released from someone’s cart. So if they don’t buy it, you get “first dibs” and it automatically charges you when it’s available. I have gotten multiple things this way since many people add to cart and never compelte their purchase (me included!). The downside is that you can’t add coupon codes for Auto Buys, BUT most of the brands I shop do not work with codes anyway.

My tip, don’t shop by your size, this limits you and isn’t always accurate, so don’t add a size filter to your results unless you’re looking for something with a ton of returns, like the jean skirt.

If you see something you are interested in, ADD IT TO YOUR CART right away. Don’t hesitate. If it’s in your cart, it’s yours until the cart times out or you remove it or buy it, so once it’s in your cart you can look at the specs, details, and if you are me, try 27 coupon codes to get the price down further, etc. But for goodness sakes, add to cart!

So the above are my best tips for finding specific brands, but there are lots of great items that may not be categorized as one of our favorite brands, and you can still do some hunting to find those.

First step, type a generic label like “dress” or “cardigan” into the search bar, and then you can filter by Material on the left. You can choose “Wool” as your filter and THEN go into the brands filter and choose “ASSORTED BRANDS” (you may have to type it in there). Finally, I will then sort by “Newest First” using the tab at the top right. My logic, the good stuff gets grabbed first so I like to view it in that order. Of course, there are lots of great brands that ThredUp already has built in to the system that you might want to snag, but I have also found some of our favorites get designated as “Assorted Brands”. You can check the particular material breakdown if you think you spot something awesome, and that might clue you in, ie if you spot a dress that looks like wool& Rowena, and then you see the fabric is: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, you might have found a ThredUp Treasure.

Note: None of the algorithms on ThredUp are 100% accurate, so be sure to check the specs on an item before trusting that it’s truly wool. For example, the search will pull items with 3% wool (why??? why put only 3% wool in something) and sometimes it will just be flat out wrong, so don’t assume everything you search with the wool filter actually has wool.

ThredUp lists stuff literally around the clock. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, you might find something good. It has happened to me a few times, including that one time I was drugged up on Niquil and completely forgot I made the purchase by the next day. Proceed with caution.

Don’t forget about sharing your referral code for ThredUp with friends. Right now, everytime someone buys through my link, I get $40 to shop, which is a great return! Share your code with friends to earn your own referral credit. Just go to your account, click the “person” icon on the top right and scroll down to “Refer a Friend” to find your shareable link.

Final Tip (for now): if you are trying to find something specific and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, go to google and work from there. So I search for “wool& Thredup” via google and then go into the search results and adjust filters. Make sure you are searching through the whole site, not just one category.

Wool Roots baby & home gear: review & coupon code

I’m so excited to share a review of a new-to-me, American based company, Wool Roots. If you would like to watch my unboxing video, please head over to my Facebook Community: Wool Obsessed. 

If you are seeking ethically sourced, natural fiber, heirloom quality baby items and toys, Wool Roots should be your first stop. Wool mattresses, bedding, nursing pillows and lovely blankets and toys in a natural, handmade style!

The items in this post were gifted to me, but the review shared here is my honest opinion. I appreciate you checking out these products and shopping through my affiliate link.

If you would like to shop, you can save 10% with this code:

Wool Roots is a small American based company using wool harvested from family farms in Bulgaria and southeast Europe. Their products are primarily for babies with some lovely home items and toys as well. The quality is exceptional, and the designs are absolutely lovely, too.

click here to explore the 100% Merino Wool Blanket

First up, I asked for this 100% Merino Wool Blanket. We are working on decorating our bedroom (finally), and we have planned to order a piece of art to serve as a headboard that includes a variety of different wood tones. So we are going for a natural, rustic look and I think this blanket will be a lovely addition to our decor!
The weight of this blanket is surprising. It’s thick, beautifully woven, and substantially warm. As we know, the 100% wool has amazing properties such as natural breathability, temp regulation, dust mite resistance, and mildew resistance!

Besides that there is something just so comforting about snuggling up with natural fibers. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll just have to trust me on this!

I really love the vintage, homemade pattern of this blanket, it’s almost a patchwork style motif with a lovely, tight texture.

I hope to share a bedroom reveal pic later, once I have gotten our space decorated! For now I’m keeping this blanket on the couch where I will use it daily! Thank you Wool Roots for sending this gorgeous blanket.

These 100% wool fruits truly took my breath away. I absolutely love the look and feel of them and can’t wait to see my nieces play with them.

If you’d like to see these pieces close up, you should definitely check out my video on Facebook. I was so delighted by opening this box and pulling them out one by one.

These are truly the kind of toys I would have bought my babies because we absolutely loved imaginary play and cooking. Every single piece of fruit is really a work of art. The variation of color is incredible and each piece is just so beautiful!
Curious about how Wool Roots sources their wool? Check out this link for more info!

Honestly, how gorgeous is this? Please head over to the Wool Roots website and check out their offerings. Spoiler alert: they also have a set of Play Veggies that is just as cute as can be, too.

Don’t forget, you can save 10% with this code:

More to come from this lovely brand!

Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan Review + Coupon Code

I’m excited to share with you guys a new brand that is really coming in handy during this cold winter season! I received my first Oliver Charles piece, the Winter Cardigan, this November and I have already worn it WAY more than my winter coat because it’s just as warm, yet fits nice and trim and compliments the rest of my wardrobe so nicely.

This post will contain affiliate links, but all the ideas shared here are mine alone and reflect my honest opinion on the products in my own words. If you make a purchase using my coupon code and link I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for helping to support my business by shopping with me!

I was excited to get to try a brand new style from Oliver Charles, the Winter CardiganYou may use my coupon code: WoolObsessed10 to save 10% sitewide.  I chose the color Teal and I bought it in Medium. It’s a good fit for me, but I do feel it’s on the smaller side for a unisex medium, so I recommend sizing up if you’d like a relaxed fit.

From their website:
Ancient wool, modern sweaters.
 100% yak down from the Tibetan highlands; they are the thickest, warmest, and most luxurious sweaters we’ve ever made, which have heirloom quality that you’ll pass down for generations. The wool we knit is solely sourced from Shokay, a fully traceable Tibetan COOP that supports 4,000 traditional herding families in Tibet.
The Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan is the warmest sweater I have ever owned (It’s made of 100% YAK!). It’s also lusciously soft and easy to wear. I would describe it was the weight of a cardigan with the warmth of a coat, and it’s super versatile. Mine is in teal and I love the color.

I really like that it’s a trim fit rather than bulky and heavy. I love the color (Teal), and I found it matched almost everything in my closet. I really enjoy pairing it up with linen and wool in my wardrobe as I love combining textures. My favorite outfit was wearing it over a black jumpsuit.

I am sharing a lot of different outfits to confirm Teal is an amazing neutral! Kind of like how denim goes with everything this color really does fit into any outfit.

I also wanted to give more of my summer weight fabrics a try and I enjoyed the linen and floral prints along with the winter cardigan.
We have wildly fluctuating temps here in SC so my wardrobe has to be on its toes at all time. 😂 I love how different textures play together to make a great match.
Teal can be worn with a raspberry pink, it turns out. I haven’t actually found anything it clashes with.

Still soft and still warm. I also wore it over a tank top for much of the day and was really surprised how comfortable the cardigan felt, even directly against my skin. Usually I don’t feel very comfy with a cardigan on over just a tank!
Want more reviews of Wool, styling tips, and deals? Join my Facebook group: Wool Obsessed! It’s a great place to be and I know you’ll love the vibes!

Generally, I am pretty rough on my wardrobe and also tend to spill a lot but I haven’t had to wash the cardigan yet. I will update after I do. Until then, it actually smells LOVELY. It seems to have a pleasant odor on its own, is that how yaks smell?

The first day, I had a lot of shedding on my blouse underneath. It seems to taper off pretty quickly though, and isn’t an issue any longer. I wanted to mention that.

The Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan is very soft and the warmest one I’ve ever had. I truly couldn’t believe that it felt as warm as a coat on the coldest morning we had, but it really did.
Affiliate link:
I hope you enjoyed my review of the Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan
Don’t forget my coupon code: WoolObsessed10 to save 10% sitewide. 

Unbound Merino Merino Cashmere Cardigan Review & Coupon Code

Since my last Unbound Merino review, I have to say I have absolutely loved the Travel Pants and they have gotten a lot of wear! Now that I have had them for awhile I do want to share that they have held up really well and still look like new. They seem to be out of stock frequently, but if you can catch them available, I very highly recommend!

I’m happy to share a new piece from Unbound Merino, and the Unbound Merino Merino Cashmere Cardigan is absolutely luscious and beautiful. Targeted as a Travel Brand with the motto of “Pack less. Experience More”, Unbound started with Men’s Items until pretty recently. They started adding classic, travel-based pieces  for women and they have been very well-received.

Check out Unbound Merino’s tagline:

Look stylish in any situation.

Silky soft, luxurious comfort.

Naturally antibacterial and moisture-wicking.

Less washing with clothing that stays dry, clean and fresh.

Sustainably sourced, mulesing-free Merino wool

Here is my detailed review, tons of photos, and a generous discount code, just for my followers.

If you shop with Unbound Merino & my other affiliates, I so appreciate you using my links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Unbound Merino for gifting me this sweater! I love testing and sharing these pieces and sharing my impressions here and in my Facebook group: Wool Obsessed. 

First of all, this is my first time experiencing cashmere of any kind and I have to say this cardigan feels truly amazing. It’s warm without being heavy and it’s very soft. Fabric breakdown:

  • 65% Merino wool, 27% Nylon, 8% Cashmere
  • 19.5 micron
  • Comes with wash bag

The best thing about this sweater is that it IS machine washable and very easy care. Check out the instructions here:

  • Machine wash cold gentle in the wash bag provided
  • Turn inside out for washing
  • Use a wool cycle on washing machine
  • Wash with mild detergent
  • Do not wring, lay flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry

It’s a very classic cut, nice and long. The cut makes it so easy to throw on with jeans, leggings, or over a dress. It also folds up nice and small for traveling. This sweater comes in three colors currently and retails for $165. You can use my coupon code: WOOLOBSESSED to save 15% off your first purchase.

I like this cardigan buttoned and unbuttoned and it looks really great over a little black dress!

I’m excited to offer a coupon code so that you can save on your first Unbound Merino purchase. Use code WOOLOBSESSED to save 15% off your first purchase!

Outfit details:
wool& Margo Shift Dress in black
Xero Phoenix Flats
wool& Eliza Dress in Marionberry
wool& Summit Leggings

Wool in STRIPES! Review of Simply Merino & COUPON CODE!

SUPER excited to share this quick mini-review of Simply Merino, as they have just released a new line of striped fabric for women and kiddos! This is my first time trying Simply Merino, and it will not be my last. I’m quite impressed with their business model and the quality also seems fantastic.

Thank you Simply Merino for gifting these items for my review. It’s especially rewarding to work with small businesses as a small creator! Simply Merino does not have an affiliate program, but I will be sharing affiliate links to the other items shown in my outfits. Keep reading for a coupon code towards the end of the post!

Simply Merino is a small business and their designs are created and manufactured in Canada. Shipping was quite fast! Their commitment to ethical manufacturing is very impressive and in fact they devote an entire tab of their website to Transparency, which I love. It includes info on sustainability, supply chain, and more!

In fact, Simply Merino really takes this a step further by offering scraps for crafters, and a few other designs that help them use up all the leftover pieces of merino, which I think is absolutely amazing! That includes their Zero-Waste Craft Quilt Box, Scrunchies, and Nursing Pads. What a fantastic way to stay sustainable! Bravo, Simply Merino for keeping true to your values in such a practical way.

Now on to the topic of today: STRIPES! I have been looking for some nice classic striped merino pieces for awhile. A striped tshirt always seems to be a great capsule wardrobe essential and I have really missed that with my wool recently. When I saw that Simply Merino was offering stripes in their line, I contacted them to ask about sharing a review. Now that I have tried them, I think these pieces are absolutely fantastic and they definitely exceeded my expectations.

As a newbie to the brand, their fabric feels really great! Although the cut is definitely long and slim on both of these tops, I felt like the stretch allowed for comfort and a flattering fit. I definitely needed a large so I would say if you are on the fence about your size, sizing up would be my recommendation. I’m 5’6″ and about 175 pounds and typically a size 10 in pants, with a pear shape! 

Women’s Fitted Tshirt in Indigo/White Stripes
Like I said, I chose size Large and I feel these pieces run on the slim and long side. However, the material offers some nice stretch and the fabric is substantial. I purposely tried these shirts with a black bra on underneath to see how the coverage was and I’m happy to report they are thick and the coverage/opacity is excellent, so no issue there!
When I first saw this shirt, I thought it might be black and white, which is what I was really hoping. Although it’s actually navy, I think it really does pass for black and white, and I will probably treat it as such and pair with black pants whenever I feel so inclined.

I am not usually a fan of high crew necks, but I think this cut is quite flattering. I LOVE the elbow lengths sleeves! I will probably usually wear this shirt tucked in, because it’s quite long otherwise.
As soon as I saw this shirt, I wanted to pair it with my wool& Greta skirt, and I really love this combo. Looking back at the photos, I think what I need is a scarf or necklace to balance out the outfit, so next time I will add one on!
I wanted to share this photo for your reference. Although this isn’t the way I would style these pieces, I thought it would help to show the generous length of this top! This shirt is a great option for my tall-torso friends because it runs nice and long in my opinion.
Next, I had to try this top with my beloved Woolx Sawyer Shacket. I loved this combo and will definitely be wearing this to fall events in the next couple months! I think the colors look great together and the stripes really pop.

Women’s Scoop Neck Top in Forest/Cream
I love the scoop neck cut of this top. It’s super flattering and has the perfect amount of stretch. I am a total sucker for olive greens of all kinds and this Forest/Cream stripe is perfect. If you haven’t figured it out, olive green is a neutral and can be paired with almost anything.
I decided to try this shirt with the Woolx Ellie Pants (which by the way, I’m obsessed with). Wearing the pants in a size medium and I love this outfit. The shirt tucks in great and I feel like adding the longer necklace gives this outfit an upgraded look. I would also love to try this with a scarf.
I also wanted to try this outfit with my wool& Cypress cardigan, another piece I wear a LOT. (Please ignore the wrinkles, this was packed quite tightly in a box over the summer).
So all in all, I am wearing black, grey, brown, and olive in this outfit, and you know what, I think it really works! I used to really stick with black on black or brown with brown but the more I style different pieces the more I branch out beyond the traditional neutral “rules”.
Again, just sharing a pic untucked for you guys to see the generous length of this style! It’s a little too snug on my tummy for me to enjoy this look, but if I sized up it might work well with leggings. Next up, I thought this might be a fun piece to layer with my Woolx Cassie dress. This is a total workhorse of a dress that can be worn for all seasons. I love it over the stripes!
I am really impressed with these striped shirts from Simply Merino.  The line of colors is so pretty and the fit and feel of these pieces is super nice. I do feel they run slim and tall so keep that in mind. I’m also very happy to offer a coupon code for my followers. You may use code: obsessed10 for 10% off your purchase. I hope you enjoy shopping at Simply Merino and please let me know if you decide to try these lovely stripes!

Best Wool Pants on the Market

Well, I promised a Pants Post and I did start working on it 2 weeks ago….

I’m finally getting this put together. Sorry for the delay, but not having WiFi in the new house yet has meant we’ve been commuting for internet and it’s made everything extra crazy!

I’m going to jump right in, and share brief reviews of the Wool pants I’ve tried and loved, with affiliate links. If you have any questions, please share them, I’ll do my best to answer them!

Woolx Lola Joggers: These are, by far, my favorite pants and I wear them everywhere from a business meeting to errands, to going out to a casual dinner or hiking through the woods.

I was looking for some pants that were comfortable like leggings but would work in a more church/office casual type vibe since my style is pretty girly. I wanted these to be sort of a multipurpose travel pant that would go with anything, and I could wear from shopping to travel to church to a casual dinner out any time of year.

They can basically do anything and everything! My Lola Joggers have held up great and I am still wearing them several times a week. They are so comfortable, they are the first thing I put into my suitcase if I am packing for a trip. I own three pairs. I have removed the drawstring in one of the pairs so that it doesn’t show when I’m wearing slim cut shirts. I don’t need to tighten them, so it works just fine. I wear a size Medium in Lola for the slim fit I like for these!

I don’t wear much in athletic wear, but Lola Joggers are my go-to dress pant replacement! Also, if you want to check out more pics of these, click here. 

wool& Frame Culotte Pants: I have always loved a cropped pant and the wool& Frame Culotte Pants are my perfect fit. The first thing I noticed about these pants is that the Ponte Fabric is amazing. It’s a nice, substantial ribbed texture with some thickness and stretch. Yes, they feel as comfortable as all my other Wool& favorites, but it also has a little bit more of a business casual texture. I have always loved culotte style pants and I know these will be perfect for my weather year round. A note about fit. The size medium fits me well, and I know it is my correct size. (I am 5’6″, 175 pounds, and about a size 10 in pants). I’m very much a pear shape and I felt they fit a little snug around my hips and thighs on first try. However, having worn Wool& clothing quite a bit I know that these will relax slightly after a bit of wear, which should allow for the perfect fit. These are a great spring/summer/fall option for my wardrobe and I have also seen folks pair them up with the wool& Moto Jacket for a matching set! Click here for more pics of wool& frame Culotte Pants. 

Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging:These are probably my most flattering leggings out of the bunch. Wool& Summit truly feels like butter. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the waist is higher rise than the Axis leggings I already own (for comparison, the waist is also higher on the Summit Leggings compared to the Woolx Piper and Woolx McKenna Leggings that I wear all the time). So if you are looking for a high waisted legging, this is the pair for you! At first I felt like they were a little snug around my not-so-small stomach, but once I wore them around for awhile they felt fantastic. They are also really slimming, which is a bonus. The pockets are also HUGE. To me, they feel thinner than my go to Woolx Piper Legging, so I wear them more like leggings, and less like pants (I will wear the Pipers like pants). So that might be something to consider. Find more pics by clicking here. 

Unbound Merino Travel Pants: These pants definitely exceeded my expectations. They are the most traditional fit and feel and have held up really well. These high-waisted pants stay up, fit snug but not too tight, and are really comfy. They have a wide, stretchy elastic waist. There are no back pockets, but the front pockets are generous. They are extremely lightweight. I experimented with folding them very messily, stuffing them into their box, and trying them on again the next day. I am happy to report that the wrinkles fell out quite easily and the pants still looked great. So I think they would truly make an excellent travel pant.  Although I have yet to wash them, I believe the light fabric would be very easy to machine or handwash and they would hang dry super quickly. Like all merino, they are odor-resistant making them ideal for wearing and re-wearing! These are really flattering and, honestly, I love them! Sadly they have been out of stock for awhile but I was told they will be restocked soonish!

I’m excited to offer a rare coupon code so that you can save on your first Unbound Merino purchase. Use code WOOLOBSESSED to save 15% off your first purchase!

Woolly’s Wide Haul Wide Leg Pants: I ordered the Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants because I thought they would be a great alternative to jeans when I go into work and that they would be nice for the summer/fall transition season. I decided to order my true size, Medium, and they fit perfectly. The fabric on these pants feels very high quality. They are a nice substantial fabric with enough stiffness so that they hold their own shape well. They are comfy, though not terribly soft. I like that they seem just a little more structured and the double stitched side seams are a nice design detail. The only thing I am not wild about is the white drawstring. The contrast is a little distracting for most of my outfits, so I tucked it in for some of my outfits. I later ended up removing it and I like the pants much better. Find more pics by clicking here. 

Woolx Piper Leggings: These are my go-to when I want a substantial, warm legging. They are nice and thick, feel amazing, and a perfect base for my new Woolx Shacket! The cut is just like the McKenna, and they fit exactly the same (I wear a Medium). However, the wool content is a lot higher and the outer fabric is more of a soft knit with less sheen than the McKennas. These are amazing, super versatile, feel wonderful on and DO NOT stretch and get all loose like so many leggings I’ve had before. Nice big pockets, and the glorious benefits of wool. I love these and I’m wearing them like pants with no regrets!

Unbound Merino Leggings in Charcoal: I am wearing these leggings in a size Large. They fit beautifully and feel absolutely amazing. They are a lower wool content than some of my other leggings at 68% and I feel they run a little smaller than some of the other brands I often share, such as Woolx or wool& (I wear a medium in both of those brands). (Perhaps that is due to the “Slim Fit” in the product guide?) These leggings did not sag or slide down after wearing them most of the day, so I do think that the size Large was my best size.
I do feel that these leggings look a little bit more athletic than some of my others but that might be more because of the color than the cut. I do really like the darker grey color. My one negative to share from all of these pieces from Unbound Merino is that I dislike the vertical seam going up the front of the leggings. I would not feel comfortable wearing these leggings with a short top because of that design feature.  However, with longer tops or layered looks I think they are fantastic. You can see what I’m talking about with the product photos and maybe it wouldn’t bother you at all, but I did want to mention it!

Hopefully this guide helps you figure out your perfect Wool Pants match! Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and explore! For even more daily content join my Facebook group: Wool Obsessed. 


Not Perfect Linen: Try-Ons, Reviews, and DEALS!

I have been so excited about this collab with Not Perfect Linen, and it’s been about six months in the works! As much as I adore wool, I wanted to dip my toe into the pool of linen clothing this year and it has been a lovely journey so far! As a brand, Not Perfect Linen has a wonderful reputation in the natural fiber world, for being high quality, sustainable, family-run, and customer-forward. I love their brand focus:

Sneak peek shot, because I just can’t resist!

“Why ‘not perfect’? The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect. You will definitely miss its beauty if you keep trying to iron it. However, linen needs to be used and gets better with age. We are inspired by linen simplicity and imperfection and are glad to share something perfectly imperfect with you.”

Not Perfect Linen also has an incredible library of styles and colors that is almost overwhelming in its depth! Just take a look at the stunning color collection offered by Not Perfect Linen:
I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Not Perfect Linen for gifting me the items in this review! As always, it’s a joy to work with a quality brand like this, on a project that is so delightful.  Every interaction I have had with the company has been a pleasure, and I would love to continue our partnership going forward. After sharing my photos and reviews, I will have a coupon code for anyone interested in ordering, so hang in until the end for the discount!

Per my usual style, this is going to be a long detailed, photo-heavy post, so get comfy! For size reference, I am 5’6″ and 175 pounds. Definitely a pear shape, and about a 10 or 12 in pants, but more like a 36B in the chest.

I was invited to choose four pieces from Not Perfect Linen and after much deliberation on styles and colors, I chose four items that I knew I would be able to mix and match and wear throughout the year. I am pretty intensely obsessed with the results of my first order and LOVE the colors and styles I chose. Here they are with the links for your reference!

The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black

The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black

The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy

The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green

I’m going to share details on each of these items along with a ton of photos. Before I do, I want to point out that Not Perfect Linen offers quite a bit of customization for free (look in each item description for details on the customization possibilities).  That allows you to get nearly a custom fit for your items, especially for those who might find it tricky to get a great fit. I also really love the size options that are already offered, especially as an “in between” person who is really in between Medium and Large for many brands. So having M/L as a size option is great! Here’s the size chart for your reference.
Since I hadn’t owned much linen in the past, I was looking for items that would have a lot of versatility and could be used across all seasons. I also wanted to be able to mix and match as much as possible. With all the color and style options, it was so hard to narrow down my favorites. I knew I wanted a tank top and skirt that could be worn together as a set so I decided to pair up the The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black and The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black to be worn together. I love the way they look together as a set!

If you are afraid to wear black in the summer, I just got to say, this lightweight linen set is just as cool and breezy as it can be and I think black is perfectly chic all year round.

I also so love the snaps on this skirt and tank. They are super thick and sturdy to snap and unsnap and I like the look of them, too. The linen is soft, and fairly thick, without being stuffy at all. The breezy feel is absolutely lovely.

Here is the tank top from the Menorca Lounge set paired up with the Marseille Skirt. I love this combo as well.

The Porto 2 is quite wide set in the back, which I do think gives it  a dressy look. My bra straps do tend to show once in awhile, but I’m not too worried about it.  If you are looking for less of a scoop, you might try one of the other tank options they offer with more coverage. I will also be able to match up this tank top with all kinds of other outfits.
Here is the Porto 2 paired up with the shorts from the Menorca Lounge Set. I think they look great together.

Speaking of Menorca, I think The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green is such a great deal for a two piece mix and match set! I was worried that these would look a little too lounge-y or like PJs for daywear, but I will 100% wear this set out and about, as well as mix it with other pieces. This is the only item that I asked for a customization; I got an extra 2 inches in length. Also, let’s talk about his Emerald Green color. I ADORE IT! 
Something else I wanted to point out, Not Perfect Linen does create your items on order, so there will be a wait for them. It might depend on the time of year for how long the wait will be. However, they do have a Ready-to-Ship section if you are in too much of a rush.

One more quick pic from this morning’s outing. My husband and I got coffee and walked around this gorgeous neighborhood on the river that reminds me of a Hallmark movie. It’s so beautiful and these trees looked almost like a painting.
Next up, the The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy. I had seen this dress on several people and thought it looked so pretty. I decided to go for a not-subtle color with this Deep Burgundy. The color is gorgeous in real life and absolutely dreamy in feel and function.
I am really happy with the color!

Another tip,
This dress is really a showstopper and I think it’s totally appropriate for a dressier function. I think I could have easily worn this to my recent summer wedding that was cocktail dress code.
The sash is built into this dress and attached at the back of the dress. Beneath the tie, the waist has a thick elastic that is similar to the waist on the skirt.
I absolutely love my haul from Not Perfect Linen. Are you ready to place an order? You can use the code OBSESSED to save 10% off your purchase. Let me know what you order!

I hope you enjoyed my photos and reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments or join my Facebook Group, Wool Obsessed. We talk about other natural fibers, like Linen, a lot! Also, you might like to check out my review of Pyne & Smith for more linen!

Link Library for all my items:

The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

Affiliate link: Soulku Soulful of Light black obsidian necklace
(use code BBINBLACK to save 20%)

Affiliate link: Sash Bag in Faux Granite Fringe
(use code SUPERHERO for 20% off)

Affiliate link: Xero Phoenix Knit Flats

Affiliate link: Birkenstock Papillio Namica Wedge Shoe

Mini Review: wool& Audrey Maxi Dress

This post is going to be SO much shorter than my last one. If you haven’t checked out my recent new & updated Wool& Ultimate Dress Guide, you might want to take a look to see some of the features and fit of each dress. This specific post is focusing in on a summer dress getting a lot of buzz, the Audrey so keep reading!

If you’d like to check these products out in detail, I appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the gorgeous Audrey maxi dress  in this post. Wool& is truly a remarkable company and I’m thrilled to be an affiliate partner with them. 

Click here to check out the whole selection from Wool& (Wooland) Merino Wool dresses. 

Ok, let’s talk about Audrey! 

Audrey is the longest Wool& style available to date and made from their yummy jersey knit fabric. It’s sleeveless with  generous  pockets and side slits for a comfortable, easy fit. It’s super helpful to take note of how the company describes each dress when it comes to fit and size. This dress is more fitted at the top and more generous going down. That’s pretty much how my body is made, also, so Audrey and I were a match made in heaven. I went with my “top size” (a small) and I love the fit of this dress! It’s soft, forgiving, long-but-not-too-long and the heather black is my new favorite black of all the blacks.

For this outfit, I’m wearing Audrey with a thrifted Lularoe Lindsay Cardigan (you can find oodles of them cheap on Posh!), and my Vionic Kira Sandals. Audrey is currently offered in four colors and here is the fabric break down:

49% Ultrasoft Merino Wool
33% Tencel™ Lyocell,
18% Nylon
200gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

There are also two new gorgeous colors for Audrey, Mauve & Ocean Teal. Click here for these perfect pops of summer color!

Speaking of fabric, did you know that you could shop by fabric also? That way you can compare the style with the weight of the fabric for the perfect dress. Some of the Wool& fabric is like a lightweight tshirt while others feel a little more like a sweatshirt and this page desmystifies the different fabric weights for the consumer.

Honestly, there are so many ways you can style and layer this dress for every season of the year, but in my hot and humid climate, I tend to be “team basic” when it comes to Audrey! How would you style this maxi dress?

The Ultimate wool& Dress Guide NEW & UPDATED

My first wool& Dress Guide has received a ton of views so I am here to update it with some of the newer dresses I have tried since!

Want more Wool? Join my Facebook group: Wool Obsessed: Style, Chat, Deals & More. 

If you’d like to check these products out in detail, I appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to wool& for gifting me several items for my review. It is a joy to work with a company like wool& 

Click here to check out the whole selection from wool& (wooland) Merino Wool dresses.  There are also pants, shirts, PJs, and cardigans! So much to love and the most fantastic way to build a truly sustainable, truly functional, truly beautiful capsule wardrobe. 

If you are trying to decide which dress is for you, you aren’t alone. It’s definitely a hard call since you can’t try them all on in the store. (Unless you are lucky enough to live near their HQ). And if you are planning on completing the 100 day challenge, you will want a dress that fits great, is versatile, and makes you feel like yourself, right? These are investment pieces so they aren’t cheap….. and sizing can be a bit tricky, but remember, you are building a sustainable wardrobe and finding a dress that will last you a long time. So taking a little extra time to choose it, isn’t so crazy in my book.

I will tell you that I am getting more wear out of my wool& dresses than I have any other dresses in years, and that’s saying a lot because I have always been a fan of dresses, even as a child. I keep hearing that women who don’t typically wear dresses, are converting to them when they find wool&, so it’s really quite the phenomena!

Are you ready for a super photo-heavy post? Here we go:

My Stats
Because I know people can benefit from size, measurement, weight stats, I’m sharing my details even though I don’t love my current weight. I’m currently 5’6″, and about 175 lbs. In my skinny-state, I’m a rectangle shape, but when I am over-weight, I’m more in the pear category, carrying my weight in my stomach and thighs.

The Penny
I  have been curious about the Penny since I first saw it. I’m a person who in the past relentlessly tried different versions of denim dresses, skirts, and jackets because I was always looking for the perfect ones. The perfect denim pieces are hard to find! After trying the Penny (and the Greta), I am in love with the fit, fabric, and finishing details of both. They are beautifully made and the wrap style is excellent, even on my less than hourglass self. I got it in a Large and I am quite happy with the fit.

I love the wool& Penny so much and it has absolutely exceeded my expectations. The material is soft but structured and the fit is absolutely perfect and customizable with the sash.  I worried it would flare out too much and not be quite as trim as I liked, but it isn’t an issue at all. I love the way it fits and feel like it’s super flattering and gives me that hourglass shape! I was also concerned it would look too big for me at the shoulders because in a size large but it really doesn’t at all. The wrap style lets you basically customize your fit. I find the dress to be adjustable enough for modesty and also comfortable to wear while sitting with minimal gapping. I absolutely love the fit of this dress and I feel very put together and confident when wearing it! For more info on the Penny, check out my wool& Spring Haul post!

  • Pros: The professional cut and denim fabric blended with wool make this dress such a stand-out!
  • Cons: The only thing to note is that the sleeves do not push up very far, which is kind of a downside for those of us who love to push them up! Also, take note of the fabric break down, there is less wool in this dress!
  • Favorite Look: As shown above, worn as designed with a statement necklace and wedge sandals!
  • Fabric: 69% cotton, 31% merino wool denim

The Norah

The wool& Norah is so beautiful and I love the styling that is unique and eye-catching. I have always loved dramatic sleeves of any kind and the batwing style of this dress gives a little extra “something” and I find it very flattering! For size, I went with medium since the waist seemed to hit a little bit higher and it looked pretty flowy in the bottom. It’s definitely not clingy and has relaxed a bit as I’ve worn it. I think this size is perfect. I love where the waist hits me, the loose sleeves are really flattering and I think it really balances out my not-hourglass figure.
The seaming in the front gives lovely shape and the length hits me at mid calf.  One thing to note is the sleeves look a bit long on me but I do have short arms. (My grandmother said that every time she made me a dress). They are almost bracelet length on me, which I don’t mind. I like the look of the dress with the arms pushed up slightly, anyway.
I will probably wear it forward the most, but I do think the neckline is very elegant backwards, I really like it with the necklace. The back is pretty with the V-swoop. The cobalt is a little “softer” in color than I expected, but it’s very pretty! As always the dress is crazy comfy and I love this soft Cobalt color.

  • Pros: The design for this dress is so much fun, I especially love the seaming on the front and the elegant batwing sleeves. The length is also perfect and the color options are both really gorgeous. I would also love to see this in Marionberry, I think it would be so beautiful. Another pro is that this dress is truly reversible and actually looks good both ways!
  • Cons: Nothing comes to mind as a con for this dress, but I do think the sleeves might be a bit of an acquired taste in fashion. I love sleeving details (like I’ve said before) but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Favorite Look: I will be trying this one many ways once Fall rolls around, but for now, my favorite way is actually backwards with the necklace! I think it gives a really beautiful style option and the back is just the right dramatic cut without being too low!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon

The Milena

I had my concerns about wool& Milena, mostly because I wasn’t sure if the more straight cut would be good for me (I am also rather a straight cut myself or a rectangle shape morphing into a pear as I have gained more weight!). I decided to go with a Large in Milena to make sure it wasn’t too tight and I am glad I did!

It turns out, I’m obsessed with this dress and I keep grabbing it again and again! I love the vneck, the length is perfect and this is actually one of the most easy-to-layer dresses I’ve ever owned.  It actually looks good with shirts over or under it and it layers perfectly with the Greta skirt over it. It’s cool in the summer but the length will take me right into fall. I also love grey as a casual neutral and feel like this particular Charcoal Grey is such a sophisticated shade! Check out more details and photos in my wool& Spring Haul post!

  • Pros: I think the design itself is really perfect, particularly the length, slitted hem and v-neck cut. It turns out I really love the straighter cut to the skirt.
  • Cons: I guess my only con is that there is a little bit of relaxing around the arms after several wears. It’s not as much as some of the other styles, though.
  • Favorite Look: I love it with this Julahas Belt and wedge sandals, but I also really love it layered with the wool& Greta skirt over it!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    180gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Sierra
The wool& Sierra
is one of the most popular dresses that wool& makes, and when you try it you will understand why. The thicker fabric is super forgiving, glides right over any problem areas and is just as comfy as your favorite sweatpants. It’s versatile tank styling is idea for layering both over and under and the thicker fabric means it’s even more sturdy than you’d expect.

I actually didn’t love Sierra from the first moment. Once I tried layering, however, I became a huge fan. And now I’ve been wearing it alone and definitely have come to appreciate it! Sierra is one that most people size down for, going by bust size as the best guide for a good fit. I wear a size small and my black Sierra is regular length. I just bought a Forest Night Sierra in size small long, which gives a little more length for wearing solo. I find that I like shorter dresses for layering, and longer dresses for wearing alone.

  • Pros: The thicker fabric is absolutely fantastic. Comfy, soft, and crazy forgiving. In fact, the shirt above is actually very thick and ruffly but the plush fabric of Sierra totally hides it making layering so easy! Wearing Sierra as a jumper is actually my favorite way.
  • Cons: My only con for Sierra is probably that it does feel a little hot in the humidity of a South Carolina summer. I know lots of Woollies who wear Sierra all year round but when we have a record high day, it’s not the one I will grab (I would probably grab Camellia, instead.)
  • Favorite Look: Layering gives Sierra so many fantastic looks, it’s hard to pic just one. I especially loved it layered over floral, like I shared in this blog post.
  • Fabric: 75% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, 3% Spandex

The Charlie Jumpsuit
Is it correct to put the Jumpsuit in a post about dresses? I guess we could debate it, but I decided to include it because it’s the comfort of pants plus the ease of a one-piece which makes it wonderful and comfy. I wore the Charlie Jumpsuit this week for my 20th anniversary. It was a crazy busy week and so we went out for a casual dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant and then grabbed some delicious dessert at a riverside restaurant. I put on the Charlie Jumpsuit because I wasn’t sure where we’d be going but I knew it could pull off casual and dressy so very easily, plus I would be so comfortable at the same time!

I could not wait to try the Charlie Tank Jumpsuit from Wool&. I knew the moment I heard that there was a Jumpsuit coming that it would be a winner. One piece simplicity, the incredible benefits of wool, plus Wool& signature soft easy-care blend? I was totally all-in and went with a size Large, which has been perfect.

  • Pros: One piece construction, soft, comfy fabric and flattering cut.
  • Cons: I have heard a lot of people don’t love the length of this jumpsuit. I think it’s so hard to fit people correctly but I honestly love the length and the fit of this for me. I will say, the arm holes do droop a little for me (probably because my top half is smaller than a large). I was going to have it altered but now I just wear a black bra and hope for the best.
  • Favorite Look: I love it with Julahas capes and Kimonos! It’s so easy to dress up this way, and yet you still feel like you are wearing pajamas. Shown above with Julahas Daria Ganges cape. Remember you can save 10% on Julahas with this code: LEAH.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Willow
I don’t know why Willow initially did not appeal to me because I wore it approximately a zillion times this fall and winter. I love the 3/4 sleeves because they seem to really hit me perfectly, love the vneck and I love the looseness. This dress seems a little shorter than others which I initially was concerned about. Then I realized that I actually much prefer shorter dresses when I am wearing them with leggings. The Willow became my go-to layering option through the fall and winter months.

Here’s an example of how I wore Willow all winter, with leggings, boots, a long necklace and one of my Julahas capes (this one is Daria Danube).
  • Pros: For me, Willow is the perfect blank canvas, 3/4 sleeves and the vneck style is very flattering!
  • Cons: For me the length is too short to wear as a dress alone but I love the length as is for layering, so I’m not mad about it!
  • Favorite Look: Willow + Leggings + Julahas Cape
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Rowena
The Rowena is the Original 100 Day dress. It’s a beautiful, classic swing dress and still one of the most popular wool& designs. At one point I tried a Small and the arms were a bit too tight for me. I decided I wanted a loose and swingy silhouette and went with a size Large. I love the way this dress fits me even though it’s on the big side. (the Pine color and Marine Blue Rowenas below are size Medium). Bonus: it has pockets and is currently available in regular or long lengths, plus the choice of 18 different colors!

  • Pros: I love the clean lines and simple design of the Rowena (or Ro, as wool& fans call it). It’s so comfortable and looks amazing with leggings and boots.  This dress is a blank slate for winter layers!
  • Cons: This isn’t really a con but I tend to avoid long sleeves because I get hot. Since wool is temperature regulating, though, it’s still great for me. In this photo, I’ve pushed up the sleeves, which is the norm for me!
  • Favorite Look: Rowena+Leggings + boots. In this photo, I’m wearing it with my Sash Bag, suede boots from forever ago (similar here), and a thrifted leaf necklace(similar here).
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon 160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool
    Wool& Rowena in Pine shown here with Julahas Celestial Neptune Cape

    wool& Marine Blue Rowena worn here with Julahas Celestial Neptune and Julahas Danube

The Brooklyn
This faux wrap dress was one I originally avoided. I felt quite sure that it wouldn’t work for me with my pear-shaped body and smaller chest. I was so wrong and I actually adore my Brooklyn dress now that I’ve tried it. (I should confess, I own it in two colors). It’s an elegant, feminine look and it even has a reversible design. I wear a small in Brooklyn. I have also tried a medium and it’s a little too loose. This popular dress is now available in long as well.

  • Pros: I love the looser top. comfy elastic waist, and reversible style. The dolman-ish sleeves are so flattering and perfect for those of us who aren’t feeling fab about our upper arms.  This dress would be the perfect breastfeeding dress, also. For me, it’s a date night dress!
  • Cons: The faux wrap is a bit loose for me, and sometimes shows a little too much. Could be solved by a couple of stitches but I haven’t bothered pulling out the needle and thread. A tank top underneath also solves the problem. Some people really miss that there aren’t pockets in this dress, but I don’t mind at all.
  • Favorite Look: Black Brooklyn with a statement necklace and ballet flats. In this photo I’m wearing my Marine Blue Brooklyn with olive green Allbirds flats and an olive cardigan (similar here) from Stitch Fix. 
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    180gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Camellia
The Camellia is a more flowy, lighter-weight tank dress and is super soft. For my intense summers, I prefer the Camellia’s weight to Sierra but it’s just personal preference. For more details on this dress, check out my original post.  A lot of people ask the differences in Sierra and Camellia. The Sierra has patch pockets, a wider skirt, and a more substantial fabric. Although I love Camellia’s flowy style, that does make the fabric a little more delicate and therefore it’s a smidge less sturdy than Sierra. I feel I have to be a bit more careful with Camellia. Like many of the other styles, Camellia is a generous size, and I wear a small long. For the swing styles, it’s easiest to decide your size based on your shoulders and bust.

  • Pros: Lightweight, flowy, and pockets! Easy to layer, works well for all seasons (at least in my warm climate).
  • Cons: The fabric is a little more delicate.  (The fabric breakdown shows the differences in thickness between all the dresses).
  • Favorite Look: I love my black camellia layered with a light, summer kimono and birkenstocks. In this photo I’m wearing with Birkenstocks and a salt and pepper hat from a local boutique (similar style here).
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Maggie
I suspected I would love the Maggie because it’s cut very much like the Stella Tee (and I was correct). This swing dress is a perfect base for accessories and just a nice all around basic to have in your wardrobe. The cut is a little slimmer than some of the other styles and it has pockets plus the scoop neck is very flattering. As I’ve gained a good bit of weight (thanks, Zoloft) I am gravitating more to sleeved styles rather than sleeveless ones. The Maggie is a generous size; I currently own a Small Long  and I love it but the medium also works for me (this Marionberry Maggie in the photo is a Medium). One thing to note about Wool& dresses is that you should check the size chart to decide on lengths. I don’t consider myself tall, but I often prefer the long lengths.

  • Pros: This dress has pockets and is a blank slate for layers and accessories. A slimmer cut than the swing dresses , so less fabric and very lightweight.
  • Cons: Some women don’t like that the pockets may add a smidge of bulk to the hipline. My black Maggie dress has actually had the pockets removed!
  • Favorite Look: I just love this dress by itself, but I also love to add on one of my Julahas Kimonos. This one is Julahas Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Fire and it’s so gorgeous.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Renata
The Renata  is my dressiest Wool& dress! I have always loved bell sleeves and these are the perfect length and size to stay out of the way but still add a little extra drama to the silhouette. The fit and flare cut is really flattering , rides easily over my problem areas, and the waist and sleeves add some structure. Plus, pockets! I can’t wait to wear this dress to dinner or parties. I think it would be the perfect holiday dress as well and I’m really excited that they also released it in Marionberry which is a gorgeous purple.

  • Pros: A dressier option, Renata gives a little more structure with a nice a-line classic design. The pockets are beautifully hidden within the seam and don’t add bulk,  but are totally handy. I love the bell sleeves. They aren’t crazy dramatic or too bulky to fit under a jacket or coat. They also aren’t long enough to get in the way.
  • Cons: I can’t really think of any with this dress! Because it’s dressier, I would love to see it in a slightly heavier fabric (more like the Kalle to give it a little structure) but I honestly have zero complaints. I love the look, feel, design and everything about Renata!
  • Favorite Look: In this photo, I’m wearing it with Vionic Sandals and a statement necklace from Baublebar (similar here). It would have looked better with heels but I’m really a flats girl!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Summer Midi
At first, I wasn’t sure this was the style for me, but I wanted a slightly longer skirt so I gave it a try. It turned out I love the Summer Midi and for me it’s the perfect versatile summer dress. I love the length, love the vneck, and for the first time in my life, I love the sash. I think because I am long waisted, I don’t like the way some belts hit, but because there are no loops, I can wear this sash exactly where I want. And it stays, feels comfy, and doesn’t get loose or slide down! For me this is the perfect LBD for any occasion. This dress is also reversible, and can be worn without the belt for another look making it a really versatile piece. I wear a medium in the Summer Midi.

  • Pros: Versatility for sure! With the reversible design, the removable sash, and the midi length, this dress can work for almost any occasion. I’ve seen it layered in so many ways, also. It brings a ton of options to the table.
  • Cons: I don’t love the pockets on this dress as much as the inseam pockets from some of the others. They are designed to work both ways for the reversible function, so it makes sense that they are designed like this, but I would just as soon have no pockets.
  • Favorite Look: I’ve mostly just worn this dress alone with the sash for church. It looks very sophisticated! In this pic, I’m wearing it backwards with the higher neckline in front, black Fitflop flats, and a Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. I feel like I could do anything and go anywhere in this outfit.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Amalya Button-Front Dress
The Amalya is a little bit retro and perfectly office appropriate.  As you can see in the link, the dress can also be worn open like a cardigan. It’s a little longer than some of the others at knee length and I adore the dolman sleeves. Like most of the Wool& designs, the features are subtle so they enhance without being distracting or dramatic. The blousing affect from the fitted waist and looser sleeves is very flattering and gives me the illusion of an hourglass figure. (I very much do not have one). I am absolutely dying to try this dress with a belt.  For this style, I sized up to a large. The medium fit, but it was a little snug in the muffin-top area.

  • Pros: I’m loving the looser, longer sleeves, the waistline and the fun button details of this dress. The inseam pockets are pocket perfection. I feel like June Cleaver, in the best possible way.
  • Cons: Ok, I’m going to be a little nit-picky here and say that I wasn’t thrilled with the workmanship on the buttons of this dress. They just look a little messy and not as nice as I expected for the price. However, that’s not going to affect my enjoyment of this dress one bit and if they need re-stitching I’m perfectly capable. I love it so much.
  • Favorite Look: I think this dress is going to be quite a chameleon in my wardrobe. I wore it this weekend downtown with my olive geen Allbirds and a pair of sunglasses and I honestly felt very chic. We were shopping lots of homemade vendors and vintage shops and I felt like I really fit the vibe for a change!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Audrey Maxi Dress
Audrey is the first maxi dress from Wool& and it is perfect. I love the cut, length, and soft feel, plus I am obsessed with this color, Black Heather. It’s basically everything I love about black with a little less visible lint. My husband says this dress is his favorite.  Pockets, side slit, flattering cut. I’m wearing Audrey in a small!

  • Pros: My pros and cons are almost the same which may sound weird. I love that this dress isn’t floor length. Many maxi dresses are way too long to comfortably wear. At 5’6″ this is perfect. Petite ladies may need to have this dress altered since it is generous in sizing.
  • Cons: I know some customers want a long version of this dress. I hope they offer one soon, because tall women like maxi dreses, too.
  • Favorite Look: I enjoyed wearing this dress with a  lightweight cardigan from Lularoe but I also love it as a standalone outfit.
  • Fabric: 49% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 33% Tencel™ Lyocell, 18% Nylon 200gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Fiona Fit & Flare
The Fiona Fit & Flare is a great basic for your wardrobe and I’m sorry that is no longer available in this slate blue, which is a beautiful blue-grey. I feel like 3/4 length sleeves are so flattering and this waistline is comfortable and cute. This dress is a great Fall option, perfect for layering.

  • Pros:  3/4 sleeves, a little extra length, and comfy waistband.
  • Cons: Because this dress is a little more conservative I think it runs the risk of being a little frumpy.
  • Favorite Look: I will be wearing this dress with scarves and leggings for a Fall look. In this photo, I’m wearing it with Fitflop flats and a Lululemon Vinyasa scarf.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Kalle Ponte Tank Dress
Even though I didn’t keep it, I absolutely adore the Kalle Ponte Tank Dress. It’s a structured, but still comfortable tank dress that would be perfect for a business wardrobe. If you have to travel for business, this dress could be the ideal solution. I think if I had worn some shapewear under this dress, it would have flattered me better. Between my weight gain and the fact that I don’t often go into the office, I decided I would pass along this dress. If I ever lose this extra weight, or end up back in the office, I’ll be back in line to buy Kalle.

The Cora
The Cora is a classic with a little bit of a retro spin. There has been a ton of excitement surrounding this dress because it comes in this awesome navy stripe and everyone loves the versatility of the included sash. This dress is also a little longer than most, which makes it perfect for taller ladies or a business casual environment. I tried the navy strip and it is incredibly cute. Ultimately, I did not hang onto this dress, but if I worked in an office, I think I would have kept it.

Tulip Tank Dress
The Tulip is a very body-con tank dress that looks so great on the right body type. If you want a comfortable dress that hugs the curves, the Tulip Tank Dress is a winner. I’m definitely not comfortable in this style but if you are looking for something very fitted and a little more vava-voom, you’ve got it here! This dress also comes in ocean teal blue which is absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of different body types pull this one off!

Ellie Midi Dress
I tried the Ellie Midi dress and think it’s amazing, especially as a nursing-friendly option. I didn’t find it as flattering as some of the other styles for my body type so I didn’t hang on to it. The tie style does give you some control over the fit, which is nice. I really love the Pine color. It would make the perfect holiday dress.

Dresses I Haven’t Tried (Yet)

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Ready to being your love affair with wool? Let me know what your first purchase is going to be!


Fresh Summer Linen from Pyne & Smith: Discount, Photos, & Styling!

It’s summer season and time to dress for the heat & humidity! This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for checking out my review and also a BIG thank you to Joanna with Pyne & Smith who gifted these lovely dresses for my review!


Always so exciting when you get that first glorious glimpse of color!

You guys all know that I have been wearing, sharing, and preaching the love of Wool for a few years now. My deep dive into the benefits of wool has piqued my interest into other natural fibers and one has extra appeal to me as a Southerner: Linen. Believe it or not, I’ve not really owned much linen in the past, but I recently started researching a few linen brands and I am happy to share a new one with you today.

Pyne & Smith Clothier

I have enjoyed my communication with Joanna, who is the owner and founder of Pyne & Smith Clothier.  Her story is absolutely inspiring and in fact gives me so much encouragement as a creative! Born in the English countryside and now living in California, Joanna started Pyne & Smith in 2014. Her journey began with a very hot summer season. She started sewing linen dresses and fell in love with the magical properties of linen as the fabric stays soft, keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, and holds up beautifully. As she continued to hone the craft of creating linen dresses, she documented the journey on Instagram and slowly started building a business which became today’s delightful, vintage-inspired Pyne & Smith Clothier. Incredibly, all Pyne & Smith collections are still made locally in Los Angeles, in small, sustainable batches. And each and every piece is absolutely gorgeous!

What is even more exciting is that I also  have a coupon code to share with you from Pyne & Smith: P&SLEAH10
This code will save you 10% from now through the end of June, expiring 7.1.23. Pretty awesome, huh?

I would like to share a little bit about the linen  from Pyne & Smith’s website, because they say it better than I could: “Linen is Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, & Buttery Soft….The journey of a Pyne & Smith dress begins in a flax field in Europe. Pyne & Smith dresses are made from 100% fine European flax linen, which is a natural fiber fabric that will not only last, but soften and improve with time. Breathable, durable, low maintenance, and hypo-allergenic, this magical fabric is also environmentally friendly – it requires very little water to grow and is also biodegradable.”

Doesn’t it sound incredible? I absolutely love the vintage-inspired, classic and feminine styles that I discovered on exploring Pyne & Smith’s product line. Joanna was kind enough to send me two pieces to try and share with you all and they are both absolutely stunning in person! Thank you Joanna! Trying the Pyne & Smith linen was nothing less than delightful. I will continue to enjoy these pieces for many seasons to come.

First up, I received the Culottes No. 11 Linen Cropped Pants. Here’s the description for these:

“Crafted in soft Azure blue color linen, the culottes are a comfortable, cropped linen pant with a soft, stretchy waist band and deep inset pockets. Stylish and versatile, these culottes are perfect for beach days, a pair of sandals and a breezy top. “

I am wearing these in size Medium. The color Azure reminds me of a Robin’s Egg Blue and it’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer. The linen is light, breathable (though not see-through), soft, and feels wonderful breezy. The waistband is comfy and thick and I feel these pants are true to size, if not a little generous in size. Like many linen brands, Pyne & Smith seems to favor an oversized style which is a nice change. Also, I’m happy to share that Pyne & Smith has inclusive sizing, up to 3X and they also include many different models wearing different sizes which is always fantastic.

Who says you can’t wear black in summer? I decided to first pair up these culottes with my favorite wool& tee, the Stella tee. I’m also wearing Allbirds Tree Breezers and my Kendra Scott Inez Pendant.

I also threw on my Woolx Kinsley Cardigan in case things got a little chilly! I think this look would work just fine for working in my office which has a very relaxed dress code. I also think if you paired these pants up with a cropped jacket over a silk white blouse and heels, you could dress it up for a more formal workplace event, as well.

I also thought I would try something a little different because I dearly love a boho outfit! I added on my Julahas Belt and the gorgeous Julahas Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air!If you like a Volume on Volume style, this is a fun look to try and the combo of wool and linen is just the best!

Here’s a pic of the outfit without the Kimono. I really love this belt and it goes with so many different colors.

I had to try these flowy culottes with my very favorite tank top,  the Woolx Ava. I love this look and it’s so cool and comfy! Also pulled out my favorite thrifted wedges from Birkenstock, Birkenstock Papillio Namica Wedge Shoe

I love a layered style and it can be a little tricky in the heat of a South Carolina summer. For that reason, floaty kimonos have been one of my favorite thrift finds. Yes, this is a synthetic fabric, but it’s a nice way of adding a lightweight layer.

I also tried the Kimono tied, which gave the outfit great balance and ended up being my favorite look, I think.

Just wanted to share the side view because I really like this combo!
Almost anything goes with a Jean Jacket and these pants are no exception! Layering up means these will take me WELL into fall and I love the versatility.

There is obviously so much more these pants can do! I can’t wait to try them with a crisp white shirt, some of my favorite floral tops, a lightweight cropped sweater, or maybe my Woolx Bodysuit? I’ll be styling them more going forward at my Facebook Group, Wool Obsessed. 

Next, I can’t wait to share my review of the Model No. 37 Wrap Style Linen Dress

This dress is truly a show stopper, check out the details:
Crafted in our soft Butter linen, this timeless wrap dress is sophisticated and comfortable. Wrap dresses are incredibly versatile for nearly all body shapes. Wear as a statement piece or dress down with a denim jacket and chunky soled boots.

I will be sharing photos of both size Medium and size Small. I was on the fence about sizing (because I am a pear shape) and Joanna was gracious enough to let me try both sizes. I ended up keeping the size small but I think both sizes work well. This yellow color is absolutely stunning and even though yellow isn’t my best color, I am not going to let that keep me from loving this dress!

The great thing about a wrap dress is it can be self-adjusted for a good fit. Even in the smaller size, there is plenty of overlap so that the dress feels modest and secure, which makes a huge difference in my comfort level with a dress like this.

Me trying to capture the light from an absolutely gorgeous late May sunset. I adore summer sunsets!

I feel like a classic wrap dress is the perfect foundation for layering year round, so I decided to try it with a couple different jean jackets, and two of my favorite Julahas Capes. Shown here is the Fusion Graphic Cape and the Daria Bosphorus Cape. You can use my code, LEAH to save 10% at I’ve shared about Julahas capes before, they are absolutely my favorite way to add some personality to my outfits. Once fall rolls back around, I will definitely be trying these combinations along with some of my favorite boots.

The natural linen of this dress is truly lovely and it really does soften and relax as you wear it. I love the soft, light feel of linen and the beautiful, feminine cut of this dress is also right up my alley. Thanks again, Pyne & Smith for sharing your lovely linen, it was an absolute delight to experience it myself.

Sustainable Fashion