Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan Review + Coupon Code

I’m excited to share with you guys a new brand that is really coming in handy during this cold winter season! I received my first Oliver Charles piece, the Winter Cardigan, this November and I have already worn it WAY more than my winter coat because it’s just as warm, yet fits nice and trim and compliments the rest of my wardrobe so nicely.

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I was excited to get to try a brand new style from Oliver Charles, the Winter CardiganYou may use my coupon code: WoolObsessed10 to save 10% sitewide.  I chose the color Teal and I bought it in Medium. It’s a good fit for me, but I do feel it’s on the smaller side for a unisex medium, so I recommend sizing up if you’d like a relaxed fit.

From their website:
Ancient wool, modern sweaters.
 100% yak down from the Tibetan highlands; they are the thickest, warmest, and most luxurious sweaters we’ve ever made, which have heirloom quality that you’ll pass down for generations. The wool we knit is solely sourced from Shokay, a fully traceable Tibetan COOP that supports 4,000 traditional herding families in Tibet.
The Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan is the warmest sweater I have ever owned (It’s made of 100% YAK!). It’s also lusciously soft and easy to wear. I would describe it was the weight of a cardigan with the warmth of a coat, and it’s super versatile. Mine is in teal and I love the color.

I really like that it’s a trim fit rather than bulky and heavy. I love the color (Teal), and I found it matched almost everything in my closet. I really enjoy pairing it up with linen and wool in my wardrobe as I love combining textures. My favorite outfit was wearing it over a black jumpsuit.

I am sharing a lot of different outfits to confirm Teal is an amazing neutral! Kind of like how denim goes with everything this color really does fit into any outfit.

I also wanted to give more of my summer weight fabrics a try and I enjoyed the linen and floral prints along with the winter cardigan.
We have wildly fluctuating temps here in SC so my wardrobe has to be on its toes at all time. 😂 I love how different textures play together to make a great match.
Teal can be worn with a raspberry pink, it turns out. I haven’t actually found anything it clashes with.

Still soft and still warm. I also wore it over a tank top for much of the day and was really surprised how comfortable the cardigan felt, even directly against my skin. Usually I don’t feel very comfy with a cardigan on over just a tank!
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Generally, I am pretty rough on my wardrobe and also tend to spill a lot but I haven’t had to wash the cardigan yet. I will update after I do. Until then, it actually smells LOVELY. It seems to have a pleasant odor on its own, is that how yaks smell?

The first day, I had a lot of shedding on my blouse underneath. It seems to taper off pretty quickly though, and isn’t an issue any longer. I wanted to mention that.

The Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan is very soft and the warmest one I’ve ever had. I truly couldn’t believe that it felt as warm as a coat on the coldest morning we had, but it really did.
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I hope you enjoyed my review of the Oliver Charles Winter Cardigan
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