Revivall Clothing Review & Styling Ideas

I am very excited to share a new review with you. I have been eyeing Revivall Clothing for awhile and have been very excited to try one of their pieces over the last couple weeks. Revivall Clothing is Handmade in the USA (Montana) and is super unique in their designs, construction, and material with a emphasis on a “simpler way of life” and retro styles. If this is news to anyone, I am a prairie child at heart so this brand was singing my song from the start!

The most interesting thing to me is that Revivall Clothing uses deadstock fabric as part of their slow-fashion approach to fashion. That  means they are essentially rescuing textiles that would otherwise go unused or destroyed and turning them into something beautiful and unique.

You can read more about their designs and company mission here. Through sustainable sourcing, upcycling, and marked efforts towards “zero-ish” waste work flow, they are thoughftully curating small batches of quality pieces with a vintage feel. And these pieces are absolutely gorgeous!

Revivally Clothing generously gifted me their Long Lacey Jean Skirt for my review. As always, the review shared here is my honest opinion and the thoughts are all mine.

Between overalls, lacy petticoats, gingham prints, and eyelet trim, the styles of Revivall are romantic, feminine, and very much vintage in style and feel. I was curious how these unique styles might fit into my current wardrobe. It turns out, I had absolutely no problem finding ways to wear this gorgeous piece. In fact, this post is going to be very photo-heavy, because wearing this skirt has been quite a delight!

I am 5’6″ and 185 pounds-ish currently and the size large skirt is a great fit. I absolutely love the cut of this skirt! It’s very flattering and truly creates an hour glass figure.

Like I mentioned, I am such an old-fashioned girl at heart and this skirt reminds me a lot of the books I loved from my childhood like Little Women, National Velvet, and Anne of Green Gables. As a child I always felt that reading those books while dressed for the part was a better experience, so I would put on a dress, (as long, lacy, and flouncy as I could find) and climb a tree with my copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Freckles, or the Five Little Peppers. I found this was best done at sunset.

By the way, I do not have a coupon code but I was told if you sign up for emails, they will send one.

Matching tops to this skirt was incredibly easy. I  don’t have much brown in my closet, but this nice rich brown color is easy to pair with black, white, denim, navy, and I can’t wait to try it with more patterns later. It has pockets and includes a buckle at the back giving you easy adjustability. The brass buttons are also vintage!

My most surprising combo that worked so well was wearing the skirt over my wool& Sierra.  It was such an easy add-on and totally changed my outfit, plus it was super comfy. Shop wool& Sierra with my affiliate link here. 

To be honest, the day I took these pics I had traveled for work, wasn’t having great makeup vibes, and was absolutely hot and in need of shower. However, I pulled this skirt on over the dress I’d been wearing all day and went on a hike with the family. This skirt has tons of ease and is the perfect length to accomodate a nice brisk walk through a field which ended up being a great way to wind down from a work!
The fabric and construction feel quite sturdy. I don’t think this skirt is prone to wrinkles, but I had stuffed in my duffel bag with absolutely no neatness or effort and it came out looking less slightly ruffled. But I would say it’s not super wrinkle-prone either.
Thank you again, Revivall Clothing for gifting me the gorgeous Lacey Denim Skirt. I look forward to continuing to wear it and style it in new ways.

If you have owned Revivall Clothing, I would love to hear what you think! Head over to my Facebook Group to share in the convo and post your pics of Revivall Clothing and other sustainable fashion brands!