Wool Roots baby & home gear: review & coupon code

I’m so excited to share a review of a new-to-me, American based company, Wool Roots. If you would like to watch my unboxing video, please head over to my Facebook Community: Wool Obsessed. 

If you are seeking ethically sourced, natural fiber, heirloom quality baby items and toys, Wool Roots should be your first stop. Wool mattresses, bedding, nursing pillows and lovely blankets and toys in a natural, handmade style!

The items in this post were gifted to me, but the review shared here is my honest opinion. I appreciate you checking out these products and shopping through my affiliate link.

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Wool Roots is a small American based company using wool harvested from family farms in Bulgaria and southeast Europe. Their products are primarily for babies with some lovely home items and toys as well. The quality is exceptional, and the designs are absolutely lovely, too.

click here to explore the 100% Merino Wool Blanket

First up, I asked for this 100% Merino Wool Blanket. We are working on decorating our bedroom (finally), and we have planned to order a piece of art to serve as a headboard that includes a variety of different wood tones. So we are going for a natural, rustic look and I think this blanket will be a lovely addition to our decor!
The weight of this blanket is surprising. It’s thick, beautifully woven, and substantially warm. As we know, the 100% wool has amazing properties such as natural breathability, temp regulation, dust mite resistance, and mildew resistance!

Besides that there is something just so comforting about snuggling up with natural fibers. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll just have to trust me on this!

I really love the vintage, homemade pattern of this blanket, it’s almost a patchwork style motif with a lovely, tight texture.

I hope to share a bedroom reveal pic later, once I have gotten our space decorated! For now I’m keeping this blanket on the couch where I will use it daily! Thank you Wool Roots for sending this gorgeous blanket.

These 100% wool fruits truly took my breath away. I absolutely love the look and feel of them and can’t wait to see my nieces play with them.

If you’d like to see these pieces close up, you should definitely check out my video on Facebook. I was so delighted by opening this box and pulling them out one by one.

These are truly the kind of toys I would have bought my babies because we absolutely loved imaginary play and cooking. Every single piece of fruit is really a work of art. The variation of color is incredible and each piece is just so beautiful!
Curious about how Wool Roots sources their wool? Check out this link for more info!

Honestly, how gorgeous is this? Please head over to the Wool Roots website and check out their offerings. Spoiler alert: they also have a set of Play Veggies that is just as cute as can be, too.

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More to come from this lovely brand!