What’s in my Amazon Cart?

Let’s talk about alternative rings for those sensitive to metals or who work with their hands.

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I’m taking a little break from my simplicity series because some of those are taking a lot of work! (I mean actually doing the work of simplifying not writing the posts themselves). So without abandoning my vow of minimalism, I wanted to talk about some of the things I’m “shopping” right now.

I’ve had issues with skin sensitivity since I was a baby, but ever since I had my ears pierced as a teen the problems got worse. I have tried hypoallergenic jewelry, medical grade metals, and Simply Whispers brand earrings (guaranteed not to irritate). None of those did the trick for my problematic skin, and the area would get itchy, swollen and inflamed. I finally came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t wear earrings at all and that I can only tolerate a wedding ring for short amounts of time.

When I did wear my ring, I was nervous and worried I would misplace it, snag it on something, or that the stone would fall out (sadly, this happened to me about 8 years ago on Christmas Eve..I still have flashbacks!). I wash my hands a gazillion times a day and take my ring off and leave it places….like the kitchen drainer or my parents’ house. I work part time at a school where there is paint, recess, and play dough gets squished into everything! Honestly, my lifestyle is really not compatible with my beautiful wedding set. So I basically stopped wearing it, and I felt kind of sad about that.

Alternative rings aren’t just for those with sensitive skin, they are also safer for anyone working with their hands and are great for traveling or sports.

I don’t think I need a ring to show that I am “taken”. (I’m pretty sure walking around with my entire family 99% of the time makes it pretty obvious I’m not “on the market”). But I do miss having that symbol because looking at my ring always made me smile a little. Just feeling that ring on was always a reminder of the blessing of marriage.

So I decided I wanted to find a silicone alternative. Here are some of the brands I am considering:

Accmor Three Piece Silicone Ring Set. Ridiculously cheap, and I like the thin silhouette of these. Only $7.99 for all three!

Rinfit Three Piece Silicone Ring Set. These are a little chunkier, but I really love the etched design. Only $14.97 for set of three!

AvectToi Three Ring Pack. I like the ridged design, but these look a bit thicker than some of the others. Only $12.99 for three!

ThunderFit Women’s Silicone Ring. Very simple single silicone ring with six color choices. $8 each!

Enso Stackable Rings: These are the thinnest silicone rings I could find and the design is very feminine. I’m not sure if stacking them could be an issue for me with keeping them dry but even one might look nice for only $11.99 each!

Anyone have a silicone ring? Please let me know if you have one to recommend!


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