Bunk Bed Bedding Reveal or How to Get Your Kids to Make Their Beds

My Quest for Bunk Bed Bedding

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If you had a chance to catch my post on BargainBabe.com last week, you will know that I was looking for a better bedding solution for my three little monkeys who all sleep in bunk beds. I wanted a way to make those beds look neat every day. In fact, my girls try to make their beds, but making a bunk bed is basically impossible even for an adult. (I’ll be honest, I’m not sure anything would entice my four year old to make his bed). I really do think starting the day off with a neat bed makes a big difference, so I was looking for a solution.zipitboymessy


With our budget, the only zipper bedding that really made sense was Zipit Bedding. I admit I had my concerns and the patterns weren’t particularly appealing to me, but they are reversible and the colors worked with our rooms, so I decided to give them a try. They are available on Amazon but I found an even better deal on Groupon (for two patterns)! Groupon’s site can be confusing, but if you click through my referral link, then search for “zip” you should find the deal.

Local friends, after I ordered I found an EVEN better deal on these in our area. Ask me for details if you live nearby!

On to the Review of Zipit Bedding:

ZipIt Bedding is a two piece set that zips together (plus a pillowcase). Piece one is a fitted bottom sheet with zippers along both sides (not at the foot). Piece two is the comforter with zippers along both sides to zip onto piece one. There is no top sheet at all. At first I thought that was weird and asked the kids if they missed it. They both told me that they usually kick their sheets down to the bottom of the bed getting them all twisted under the comforter. All my kids are wiggly sleepers so that made sense!


We washed the new bedding and made the beds immediately and it WAS. SO. EASY. The whole thing goes on with the same effort of a bottom sheet. There was plenty of depth to fit any size of mattress (the girls are on thinner IKEA mattresses but my son’s is rather thick). Washing was very quick, and way less effort than washing all the various pieces of bedding we normally have. In fact, with my monster size washer I was very tempted to try all three at once.


The first caveat I discovered about Zipit Bedding was that there are TWO different patterns for the Girl’s Rock Princess bedding. The tricky part was both sets look identical from the package but the reverse side (the chevron side we prefer) isn’t visible until you open the package! So originally we got two different patterns for the girls. We ended up appreciating the choice because we all liked one over the other so we exchanged it.


The differences are set A has BRIGHTER colors with more white and a bright blue teal. Set B has slightly LIGHTER colors with less white space and a light mint in place of the teal. The reverse side is the same graphic but slightly different dye lots. We much prefer set B with less white space, but honestly both were pretty cute. 


The set is polyester, so not as soft as cotton but my kids like it. It’s definitely not as stiff as the typical character sheets from Target or Walmart. All three children have been sleeping on these for about two weeks and guess what? Every day the girls have made their beds! My four year old son does not make his independently, however, when I direct him he can do it himself in no time. That’s a win!



One of the drawbacks of ZipIt bedding was the limited patterns, but I have to say that the kids and I actually LOVE the chevron prints. The colors are great for our rooms and they are much more age-less than the reverse sides.

I seriously love Zip-It bedding!!! I walked past my girls’ room on Saturday morning around 8 AM and saw their beds neatly made! It’s amazing how something so small can be such an encouragement to a mama’s heart. Check out the selection on Amazon!

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  1. Now that you have used theses for almost a year, are they still holding up or after weekly washings are they looking sad? I’d love an updated look 🙂

    1. Hi Amelia,
      We have continued to use these Zipit sets on all three kids’ beds and have been very pleased with the quality. I’m happy to report no issues with the zippers either, which was one of my concerns. Washing and drying is so much easier; if you have bunk beds I think it’s a no-brainer! Thanks for reading!

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