Early Black Friday Sale: Lola Joggers only $65!

It’s Day 3 of Woolx’s Early Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale and the deals are poppin’!

Click here for the main deal page, ya might want to bookmark this link! The deals will be coming in daily at NOON EST all the way until November 14th! Each day a new deal is added on and the previous deals are still available. Which means you can totally still snag the amazing Mckenna Leggings from Day 1. As I’ve said, I love them so much and the Olive Tree & Lava Smoke colors are only $67.50. 

One more quick pic of me in my Mckenna Leggings with a $1 blouse I snagged at the thrift store. These are cute, comfortable, and go with ALL MY STUFF.

Thank you again for shopping my affiliate links! It helps keep this show on the road and gives me money to buy more wool! HA! f you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m very excited to be working with Woolx and sharing lots of great looks with you this season! 

Day 2 Deal is also still available: the Men’s Paxton Merino Flex Four Button for $120. This would be a great Christmas gift for the guy in your life.

Day 3 Deal is now live and it’s Lola Joggers in Lava Smoke & Olive Tree, for only $65!

I am extra excited about because I love the Lola Joggers so very much, like I’ve shared before. The Lola Joggers are my holy grail of pants. They are the #1 most versatile pair of pants in my wardrobe because they can serve as dress pants, workout garb, travel wear, sleep wear. I have done all of the above and since they are lined with Merino, they can go from one event to the next, without even stopping to wash! Wow! That makes them so versatile I can’t even believe it. I wear them multiple times a week, all year round. Here are just a handful of ways I style my black pair.
I bought them in black, Lava Smoke, and Olive Tree so I have tried all three colors. Like Wednesday Adams, I love my black the best, but all three are fabulous and for this price you just can’t go wrong! They aren’t on sale, but I have to mention that they are available this season in Winter Bloom (purple) and Oceanside (dark blue). I really want to try these new colors!

*Elastic waist, comfy drawstring
*Side pockets for all the things
*Elastic knit ankle cuffs
*Moisture wicking, quick drying
*Breathable for all day comfort
*Antimicrobial – odor destroying
*Plush, soft feel
*Built tough for extra durability
*Completely opaque

As requested, here is a pic of the Lava Smoke Grey Joggers!

A note about sizing: I am wearing a size medium, just like I do in the leggings and it’s generally my true size across the board. I do think that if you want a super loose and slouchy look you might want to size up. I like mine a little trimmer because I wear them more like dress pants.

Here are some of the ways I styled my Olive Tree Lola Joggers (Please excuse my mirror selfies, I’ve learned how to take better phone pics since!) Hopefully you get the idea: you can make a ton of outfits with these. I have found olive green is actually a great neutral.
I hope you take advantage of this awesome deal and grab a pair of Lola Joggers for only $65! I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and be sure to subscribe for the next BFCM deal from Woolx!

4 thoughts on “Early Black Friday Sale: Lola Joggers only $65!”

  1. Between the lava and olive which do you think are easier to dress up? I’ve been wanting to try woolx and this is a great deal!

    1. It might depend on your color wheel, but I would probably vote the grey! It’s a nice darker grey and would look great with a black blazer.

      1. Do you have a picture of the lava smoke? The image on their website looks rather light and if that’s the color I would rather go w olive. Thanks

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