Not Perfect Linen: Try-Ons, Reviews, and DEALS!

I have been so excited about this collab with Not Perfect Linen, and it’s been about six months in the works! As much as I adore wool, I wanted to dip my toe into the pool of linen clothing this year and it has been a lovely journey so far! As a brand, Not Perfect Linen has a wonderful reputation in the natural fiber world, for being high quality, sustainable, family-run, and customer-forward. I love their brand focus:

Sneak peek shot, because I just can’t resist!

“Why ‘not perfect’? The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect. You will definitely miss its beauty if you keep trying to iron it. However, linen needs to be used and gets better with age. We are inspired by linen simplicity and imperfection and are glad to share something perfectly imperfect with you.”

Not Perfect Linen also has an incredible library of styles and colors that is almost overwhelming in its depth! Just take a look at the stunning color collection offered by Not Perfect Linen:
I want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Not Perfect Linen for gifting me the items in this review! As always, it’s a joy to work with a quality brand like this, on a project that is so delightful.  Every interaction I have had with the company has been a pleasure, and I would love to continue our partnership going forward. After sharing my photos and reviews, I will have a coupon code for anyone interested in ordering, so hang in until the end for the discount!

Per my usual style, this is going to be a long detailed, photo-heavy post, so get comfy! For size reference, I am 5’6″ and 175 pounds. Definitely a pear shape, and about a 10 or 12 in pants, but more like a 36B in the chest.

I was invited to choose four pieces from Not Perfect Linen and after much deliberation on styles and colors, I chose four items that I knew I would be able to mix and match and wear throughout the year. I am pretty intensely obsessed with the results of my first order and LOVE the colors and styles I chose. Here they are with the links for your reference!

The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black

The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black

The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy

The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green

I’m going to share details on each of these items along with a ton of photos. Before I do, I want to point out that Not Perfect Linen offers quite a bit of customization for free (look in each item description for details on the customization possibilities).  That allows you to get nearly a custom fit for your items, especially for those who might find it tricky to get a great fit. I also really love the size options that are already offered, especially as an “in between” person who is really in between Medium and Large for many brands. So having M/L as a size option is great! Here’s the size chart for your reference.
Since I hadn’t owned much linen in the past, I was looking for items that would have a lot of versatility and could be used across all seasons. I also wanted to be able to mix and match as much as possible. With all the color and style options, it was so hard to narrow down my favorites. I knew I wanted a tank top and skirt that could be worn together as a set so I decided to pair up the The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black and The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black to be worn together. I love the way they look together as a set!

If you are afraid to wear black in the summer, I just got to say, this lightweight linen set is just as cool and breezy as it can be and I think black is perfectly chic all year round.

I also so love the snaps on this skirt and tank. They are super thick and sturdy to snap and unsnap and I like the look of them, too. The linen is soft, and fairly thick, without being stuffy at all. The breezy feel is absolutely lovely.

Here is the tank top from the Menorca Lounge set paired up with the Marseille Skirt. I love this combo as well.

The Porto 2 is quite wide set in the back, which I do think gives it  a dressy look. My bra straps do tend to show once in awhile, but I’m not too worried about it.  If you are looking for less of a scoop, you might try one of the other tank options they offer with more coverage. I will also be able to match up this tank top with all kinds of other outfits.
Here is the Porto 2 paired up with the shorts from the Menorca Lounge Set. I think they look great together.

Speaking of Menorca, I think The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green is such a great deal for a two piece mix and match set! I was worried that these would look a little too lounge-y or like PJs for daywear, but I will 100% wear this set out and about, as well as mix it with other pieces. This is the only item that I asked for a customization; I got an extra 2 inches in length. Also, let’s talk about his Emerald Green color. I ADORE IT! 
Something else I wanted to point out, Not Perfect Linen does create your items on order, so there will be a wait for them. It might depend on the time of year for how long the wait will be. However, they do have a Ready-to-Ship section if you are in too much of a rush.

One more quick pic from this morning’s outing. My husband and I got coffee and walked around this gorgeous neighborhood on the river that reminds me of a Hallmark movie. It’s so beautiful and these trees looked almost like a painting.
Next up, the The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy. I had seen this dress on several people and thought it looked so pretty. I decided to go for a not-subtle color with this Deep Burgundy. The color is gorgeous in real life and absolutely dreamy in feel and function.
I am really happy with the color!

Another tip,
This dress is really a showstopper and I think it’s totally appropriate for a dressier function. I think I could have easily worn this to my recent summer wedding that was cocktail dress code.
The sash is built into this dress and attached at the back of the dress. Beneath the tie, the waist has a thick elastic that is similar to the waist on the skirt.
I absolutely love my haul from Not Perfect Linen. Are you ready to place an order? You can use the code OBSESSED to save 10% off your purchase. Let me know what you order!

I hope you enjoyed my photos and reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments or join my Facebook Group, Wool Obsessed. We talk about other natural fibers, like Linen, a lot! Also, you might like to check out my review of Pyne & Smith for more linen!

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The Porto 2 front snap linen tank in Deepest Black
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Marseille linen front snap skirt in Deepest Black
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Sydney Dress in Deep Burgundy
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

The Menorca Lounge Wear Linen Set in Emerald Green
(use code OBSESSED for 10% off)

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