Best Wool Pants on the Market

Well, I promised a Pants Post and I did start working on it 2 weeks ago….

I’m finally getting this put together. Sorry for the delay, but not having WiFi in the new house yet has meant we’ve been commuting for internet and it’s made everything extra crazy!

I’m going to jump right in, and share brief reviews of the Wool pants I’ve tried and loved, with affiliate links. If you have any questions, please share them, I’ll do my best to answer them!

Woolx Lola Joggers: These are, by far, my favorite pants and I wear them everywhere from a business meeting to errands, to going out to a casual dinner or hiking through the woods.

I was looking for some pants that were comfortable like leggings but would work in a more church/office casual type vibe since my style is pretty girly. I wanted these to be sort of a multipurpose travel pant that would go with anything, and I could wear from shopping to travel to church to a casual dinner out any time of year.

They can basically do anything and everything! My Lola Joggers have held up great and I am still wearing them several times a week. They are so comfortable, they are the first thing I put into my suitcase if I am packing for a trip. I own three pairs. I have removed the drawstring in one of the pairs so that it doesn’t show when I’m wearing slim cut shirts. I don’t need to tighten them, so it works just fine. I wear a size Medium in Lola for the slim fit I like for these!

I don’t wear much in athletic wear, but Lola Joggers are my go-to dress pant replacement! Also, if you want to check out more pics of these, click here. 

wool& Frame Culotte Pants: I have always loved a cropped pant and the wool& Frame Culotte Pants are my perfect fit. The first thing I noticed about these pants is that the Ponte Fabric is amazing. It’s a nice, substantial ribbed texture with some thickness and stretch. Yes, they feel as comfortable as all my other Wool& favorites, but it also has a little bit more of a business casual texture. I have always loved culotte style pants and I know these will be perfect for my weather year round. A note about fit. The size medium fits me well, and I know it is my correct size. (I am 5’6″, 175 pounds, and about a size 10 in pants). I’m very much a pear shape and I felt they fit a little snug around my hips and thighs on first try. However, having worn Wool& clothing quite a bit I know that these will relax slightly after a bit of wear, which should allow for the perfect fit. These are a great spring/summer/fall option for my wardrobe and I have also seen folks pair them up with the wool& Moto Jacket for a matching set! Click here for more pics of wool& frame Culotte Pants. 

Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging:These are probably my most flattering leggings out of the bunch. Wool& Summit truly feels like butter. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the waist is higher rise than the Axis leggings I already own (for comparison, the waist is also higher on the Summit Leggings compared to the Woolx Piper and Woolx McKenna Leggings that I wear all the time). So if you are looking for a high waisted legging, this is the pair for you! At first I felt like they were a little snug around my not-so-small stomach, but once I wore them around for awhile they felt fantastic. They are also really slimming, which is a bonus. The pockets are also HUGE. To me, they feel thinner than my go to Woolx Piper Legging, so I wear them more like leggings, and less like pants (I will wear the Pipers like pants). So that might be something to consider. Find more pics by clicking here. 

Unbound Merino Travel Pants: These pants definitely exceeded my expectations. They are the most traditional fit and feel and have held up really well. These high-waisted pants stay up, fit snug but not too tight, and are really comfy. They have a wide, stretchy elastic waist. There are no back pockets, but the front pockets are generous. They are extremely lightweight. I experimented with folding them very messily, stuffing them into their box, and trying them on again the next day. I am happy to report that the wrinkles fell out quite easily and the pants still looked great. So I think they would truly make an excellent travel pant.  Although I have yet to wash them, I believe the light fabric would be very easy to machine or handwash and they would hang dry super quickly. Like all merino, they are odor-resistant making them ideal for wearing and re-wearing! These are really flattering and, honestly, I love them! Sadly they have been out of stock for awhile but I was told they will be restocked soonish!

I’m excited to offer a rare coupon code so that you can save on your first Unbound Merino purchase. Use code WOOLOBSESSED to save 15% off your first purchase!

Woolly’s Wide Haul Wide Leg Pants: I ordered the Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants because I thought they would be a great alternative to jeans when I go into work and that they would be nice for the summer/fall transition season. I decided to order my true size, Medium, and they fit perfectly. The fabric on these pants feels very high quality. They are a nice substantial fabric with enough stiffness so that they hold their own shape well. They are comfy, though not terribly soft. I like that they seem just a little more structured and the double stitched side seams are a nice design detail. The only thing I am not wild about is the white drawstring. The contrast is a little distracting for most of my outfits, so I tucked it in for some of my outfits. I later ended up removing it and I like the pants much better. Find more pics by clicking here. 

Woolx Piper Leggings: These are my go-to when I want a substantial, warm legging. They are nice and thick, feel amazing, and a perfect base for my new Woolx Shacket! The cut is just like the McKenna, and they fit exactly the same (I wear a Medium). However, the wool content is a lot higher and the outer fabric is more of a soft knit with less sheen than the McKennas. These are amazing, super versatile, feel wonderful on and DO NOT stretch and get all loose like so many leggings I’ve had before. Nice big pockets, and the glorious benefits of wool. I love these and I’m wearing them like pants with no regrets!

Unbound Merino Leggings in Charcoal: I am wearing these leggings in a size Large. They fit beautifully and feel absolutely amazing. They are a lower wool content than some of my other leggings at 68% and I feel they run a little smaller than some of the other brands I often share, such as Woolx or wool& (I wear a medium in both of those brands). (Perhaps that is due to the “Slim Fit” in the product guide?) These leggings did not sag or slide down after wearing them most of the day, so I do think that the size Large was my best size.
I do feel that these leggings look a little bit more athletic than some of my others but that might be more because of the color than the cut. I do really like the darker grey color. My one negative to share from all of these pieces from Unbound Merino is that I dislike the vertical seam going up the front of the leggings. I would not feel comfortable wearing these leggings with a short top because of that design feature.  However, with longer tops or layered looks I think they are fantastic. You can see what I’m talking about with the product photos and maybe it wouldn’t bother you at all, but I did want to mention it!

Hopefully this guide helps you figure out your perfect Wool Pants match! Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and explore! For even more daily content join my Facebook group: Wool Obsessed.