Small Business Saturday: Review of Julahas Wool Daria Cape!

Super excited to share with you a gorgeous brand that I have recently discovered: Julahas (which means “weaving”). There will be some affiliate links throughout my post. If you haven’t heard of Julahas, that’s probably because it’s a small family-owned company that specializes in HAND-WOVEN capes, wraps, coats, scarves, belts, and kimonos. Before we get into how incredibly beautiful these products are let’s talk about how they are created:

Julahas’ ethos is empowering crafting communities around the world while offering incredible handmade items to their customers. Keeping local tradition alive, Julahas is intentionally providing opportunities for women, specifically in the Indian Himalayas, to maintain their heritage and continue their time-honored craft on a larger stage than ever before. That means the product you are purchasing is authentically handmade, beautifully designed, and carefully inspected to maintain high standards. You have to admit that is a wonderful way to shop “small” for Small Business Saturday! Click here for more details on Julahas’ business structure. 

Wearing my Julahas Daria Cape with the Woolx Eva Tunic top!

Julahas and their partners are commited to “fair wages, no child labour, respect for women, and equal opportunities for all” so you can trust that this company is sustainable, ethical, and fair trade.

I contacted Julahas and asked if they would provide me a couple of sample products to review and they graciously agreed. These products were gifted to me in exchange for my always-honest review. I was super excited to see these products in person and check out how they would work with all of my other wool clothing items. As I hoped, the workmanship and quality is excellent and the design of these products is truly unique and very beautiful.

The first item I received was this Daria Cape in the colorway Ishikari.

In this photo, I am wearing the Julahas Daria cape the “Short way”.
In this photo, I am wearing the Julahas Daria Cape the “Long Way”.


In this photo, I’m wearing the Julahas Daria Cape “Wrapped Twice”.

I pulled the cape right out of the bag and first tried it over my Pine Rowena from Wool&. The colors worked so well together, so I added on some brown leather riding boots and a leather wrap belt for a different look. It feels soft and natural to drape and tuck it. The fabric is fairly lightweight, but warm, and is a lovely alternative to a jacket or coat. In fact, I’ve seen lots of people layering jackets or coats along with their capes and it looks super cute. I’ll try that look in a future blog post. These capes would also make an amazing travel accessory.

In this photo, I’m wearing the Julahas Daria Cape Long and belted.
In this photo, I’m wearing the Julahas Daria Cape long and belted with an Ada Collection Wrap Belt.

I have always loved pink but I admit I don’t have much pink in my wardrobe at all. The really unique thing about Julahas capes is that the color patterns are usually a gradient and they can be worn MANY ways. That means you can adjust the style to allow the colors you’d like closest to your face and vary the look. The many styles are especially fun to try. Here’s a page that shows different ways of wearing it!

For those of you who are already fans of Wool, you know the magic of this natural fabric. If you aren’t familiar here are just a few of the benefits of wool:
*antimicrobial, naturally resisting germs
*easy care
*temperature regulating
*durable, sustainable, natural
Wool capes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Julahas, but I wanted to share this Wool Daria Ishikari with you today since it is Small Business Saturday! I’ll definitely been styling this Cape in future posts and hope to share more Julahas with you soon.