Lots of companies are extending their Cyber Monday Sales this year. I am assuming it might have something to do with the fact that the economy is taking a turn so maybe retailers aren’t meeting their sales goals and are moving their dates accordingly. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely making the shopping season extra exciting!

Shop the Wool& Free Gift with Purchase Sale by clicking here. 

Although Wool& doesn’t strike me as  a company that would extend a sale on the fly, they are actually extending their Free Gift with Purchase Promo through December 5th!

According to their customer experience manager, they are doing this because there was a delay on their mailed catalogs which meant that their customer base didn’t receive news of the promo in time, so they are extending it to accommodate those customers who might want to take advantage, which is really very nice of them!

Like I said before, the gift with promo is an amazing appreciation offer. You choose your gift between two different shirts, a pair of shorts, or a scarf and there are a ton of colors available!

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Details on the sale

You must spend a minimum of $150 and then add your choice of gift items to your cart. The freebie will automatically ring up at $0 in the cart.

There is ONE freebie per household. Click here to check out all the freebies they are offering! 

One of the options is the amazing Stella Tee and I’ve talked about it here before. I absolutely love it. It’s such a great fit for me and has held up really well. I definitely could use another color, and I’d really like to try the white.

They are also offering the Frankie bike shorts, perfect for wearing underneath the dresses for a little extra modesty.

There is another tee, the Morgan V-neck tee, a super cute option.

Lastly, you can choose from some gorgeous Luna Jersey Scarves, which I’m totally drooling over.

So hard to choose! If you have been thinking about your first Wool& purchase, this is totally the time to go for it!