Winter Looks from Woolly Clothing!


Woohoo! We made it through to the first real weekend of 2023. I for one am exhausted after having to actually, like, work all week. It always feels extra hard after coming back from Christmas break.

I’ve got another awesome Wool Haul today and I’m so excited to share a few new items from Woolly Clothing! Woolly sent me three items for my review and I can’t wait to add these to my wool wardrobe. Thanks so much Woolly, for working with me. I can’t wait to give these pieces a place in my wardrobe and mix and match them with all the rest of my favorite wool capsule items!

If you shop with Woolly, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Ready to jump in?

First, my stats. I am 5’6″ and currently 175 pounds (lots of Covid and medication weight gain that I’ve kind of, sort of,  come to terms with). I’m about a size 10 in pants typically and a medium-ish in tops. I’m definitely a pear-shape.

(Side-note: Did you know that Woolly lists the models’ sizes in the description? You can see which model is wearing which size for each listing, which is really helpful when you are shopping new styles!)

Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic

Website Description:
A versatile piece of foundation wear, our Ultralight Short Sleeve Tunic is a one stop shirt to replace all the cotton in your closet.

Great For Just about anything. Comfy enough for home, technical enough for the trail, with a little extra style in case you’re sick of wearing a basic tee.

Fabric Stats:
Fabric Specs: 95% 17.5 micron merino wool, 5% elastane. 150 GSM Mid Weight

My thoughts:
I chose the Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic because I liked the extra length, the bright pop of purple, the button details and because I thought it was a crazy great price! For only $39.99, I think this shirt is a total steal, especially given that it is 95% Merino.  I sized up to a Large for this top because I wanted a looser fit and it turned out to fit just as I hoped.

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolx Piper Leggings, my new Lems Chelsea boots, and the Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic. In the next photo, I added my Julahas Red Fusion cape! 

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic, Wool& Frame Ponte Culotte and Allbirds Flats. I think it looks good tucked in also.

I just love the Plum color from Woolly!  (Also, I’m obsessed with Sky Organics Raisin Tinted Lip Balm, especially at this time of year.) It’s great to find a short sleeve tunic that will work well with my wardrobe for four seasons of the year! Did you know that’s one of Woolly’s slogans? Wool for four seasons!

Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants

Website Description:
Great For: Fall days, winter layers, lounging or working hard.

Fabric Specs:
Fabric Specs: 66% 215 GSM Australian merino wool // 29% Cotton // 5% Elastane

My thoughts:

I ordered the Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants because I thought they would be a great alternative to jeans when I go into work and that they would be nice for the summer/fall transition season. I decided to order my true size, Medium, and they fit perfectly. The fabric on these pants feels very high quality. They are a nice substantial fabric with enough stiffness so that they hold their own shape well. They are comfy, though not terribly soft. I like that they seem just a little more structured and the double stitched side seams are a nice design detail. The only thing I am not wild about is the white drawstring. The contrast is a little distracting for most of my outfits, so I tucked it in for some of my outfits. I might pull it out since I won’t need to cinch the pants to keep them on.

Thrifted faux wrap top with Fitflop flats and Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants. Below, I added a thrifted Cinnamon Cardigan.

Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck

Website Description:
A go to pullover for shoulder season or a layering piece in cold weather. Woolly Mid Weight Flex merino gives wicking insulation with athlete friendly extra-flex and a no-draft cowl neck design to keep out drafts.

Great For: Fall days, winter layers, lounging or working hard in low temps.

Fabric Specs:
100% 18.5 micron merino wool. 250 GSM Mid Weight

My thoughts:
I sized up to a Large for a more relaxed fit on the Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck and I love the way it fits. It’s nice and long, the fit isn’t too snug on my arms (sometimes a concern…my arms aren’t skinny), and it doesn’t cling on my tummy either. I have to tell you, the fabric on this shirt is AMAZING. It is ultra soft and very cozy and I love the way the turtle neck fits. It’s not constricting or overly long, it just lays nicely which is all I want from a cowl neck. I also adore the Kale color, it’s a nice dark green. (I still can’t figure out my “season” but I think I can pull this color off.) I really love this shirt and I have already worn it a LOT. In fact, it was one of the items I took on our Christmas trip to the lake house with all of my extended family. On that trip, I sat by a bonfire MULTIPLE times and guess what? I still haven’t had to wash this shirt. The smoke smell aired out of it with no problem. Wool is SO incredible! Did I mention it has thumb holes? So cozy!

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolx Piper Leggings, my new Lems Chelsea boots, and the Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck. Love this look!

It turns out I like how it looks with my Burnt Orange Coat, also!

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