Happy Easter! Outfits, Deals, and new Facebook Group

Happy Easter everyone!

This post will contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for shopping through my links! Additionally, some of the items in this review were gifted to me. I always provide honest feedback and my own thoughts for every review!

It’s a cold stormy Easter weekend here. It’s a little sad because we usually celebrate Easter with my family but my mom has been quite sick for several weeks. I think she is finally on the mend but I have been really worried about her. Because of this, we won’t be traveling to my “home” church and spending time with them. Also, my 16 year olds both just got jobs and because we aren’t used to thinking ahead, one of them has to work tomorrow on Easter Sunday. She was bummed because that’s a family holiday for us. This year is just going to look a little different. In fact, we haven’t even shopped for new Easter clothes which is usually part of the lead up to Easter for us.

So as I sit here on Saturday, thinking about a different holiday celebration, I am reminded that, when stripped away, the heart of Easter isn’t about a beautiful tablescape, about fancy outfits, about egg hunts or chocolate bunnies.

For Christians, Easter is the heart of absolutely everything we cling to. That the son of God would come to earth and live, serve, love, cry, laugh, and ultimately lay down his life to break Satan’s hold on this earth. It’s the most breathtaking, heartbreaking, horrifying and beautiful event in history. And it changed everything.

So I am reminded that the day can be different, but the joy is real. Sunday is coming and nothing will stop it!

If you have been eyeing some of the new Spring line at Woolx, this weekend EVERYTHING is reduced by 20%. Plus, it’s priced as marked so for those who have been saving points or coupon codes, this is the time to rack up on the savings!

Thank you for shopping with my affiliate links throughout this post.

I have some new outfits to share from the last few weeks!

Wool& Charlie  Jumpsuit….The more I wear it the more I love it. I am wearing size large, wanted to make sure I had plenty of length and not too tight on my unsmall tummy.
Julahas Warm Jade Kimono is also YUMMY and I didn’t even show here that it has pockets. Save 10% with code LEAH.

Here’s another absolutely gorgeous Julahas cape, the colorful Ganges! Since warm weather is coming to the Deep South fast, I’ve been trying lots of warm weather looks with my beautiful Julahas collection. I’ve been excited because there are lots of great options for all four seasons. I’ll be sharing another post soon dedicated to Warm Weather looks with Julahas!

You can also purchase Julahas capes on Amazon. 

I absolutely love the new Arie Bodysuit by Woolx! It has taken me completely by surprise. I have never worn a bodysuit but this one has gotten multiple wears already. It gives a smooth, trim silhouette that I simply cannot achieve with a tank top. I also can’t wait to try it with some of my skirts come summer. 20% off RIGHT NOW!

This is my first time trying the Mia by Woolx and now I understand why everyone loves it so much. The raglan sleeves are really comfortable and make a flattering fit. I’m wearing a medium and next time I might try a large. This new Candy Apple Red is PERFECTION! Also, don’t miss that everything is 20% off right now at Woolx!
Shop Woolx now!

Confession: The beloved Wool& Sierra isn’t actually my favorite summer dress. HOWEVER, I am love, love, loving it as a jumper! The great thing is this dress is so good at camouflaging and covering. The shirt I am wearing underneath has a flared waist with ruffles but the material totally hides it and it feels very comfy this way. ❤️ I love Sierra as a jumper! I am wearing a small because it’s very swingy. I think I might just need more colors in this one now that I’ve unlocked it’s potential as a jumper.

Did you know that I have a WOOL THEMED Facebook Group? I’d love to have you join! Click here to check it out. 

Happy Easter to all! I hope this holiday is sweet and sacred for those who are celebrating.


Floral and Wool: Finding my Style somewhere in between

Unless you’re new here, you’ve probably picked up on my love for Wool clothing (I have an entire tab devoted to the topic and most of my blog posts have been written about wool lately!). Wool has transformed my wardrobe and I’ve become more and more in love with all the qualities that make wool so phenomenal. But there is one thing I have really missed….

And that is floral prints! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved florals. I realize they aren’t always in style, and some floral patterns just scream “old lady” but I still feel there is a classic elegance in a lovely floral pattern.

This post will contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for shopping through my links! Additionally, some of the items in this review were gifted to me. I always provide honest feedback and my own thoughts for every review!

One of my first memories about dresses like this is an excerpt from my very favorite childhood book: Little House in the Big Woods. In that book, Laura describes Ma’s beautiful delaine dress with the dark green background and the strawberry print. All the other ladies at Grandma’s house also had beautiful print dresses and the description of them dancing back and forth with flashes of colors and patterns in the firelight was one of my favorite scenes in the book. I probably read that book at least 20 times as a child, maybe more. While we’re on the topic, if you have children, be sure to check out the Little House Picture Books. They are some of my favorites! Delightfully true to the original, with rich colorful illustrations and short stories perfect for the littlest ones to hear.

It turns out I never outgrew my love of floral prints. In fact, working at a nursery as a teenager gave me even more affection for botanical patterns of all kinds. Even though trending  styles were typically solids and button-ups in my neck of the woods, I still sought out floral dresses whenever I had a chance.

Floral prints are something I have really missed with my wool wardrobe. I suppose wool really can’t be woven into flower prints. If anyone reading this has found wool clothing in prints, please let me know. Wool& and Woolx have both created some nice stripes but it just isn’t the same!

So I started playing around with some thrifted floral tops along with my Wool& Sierra and a few Julahas Capes. I discovered some of my very favorite looks yet, so I wanted to share them.

Here is my Wool& Sierra dress layered over leggings. I put on this thrifted Old Navy floral shirt and my beautiful and bold Julahas Daria Mississippi. Oh my goodness, the Mississippi is drop-dead gorgeous. The rich reds and purples remind me of royalty and look stunning on the cape! I was a smidge worried that this shirt might look a little too Christmas-y, but I think it works for winter, especially with the silver and purple pops of color on the cape. Here are some of the ways I styled it!

Next up, I decided to wear the floral top OVER the Wool& Sierra and it was surprisingly comfortable and cute! In this photo, I paired it up with the beautiful Julahas Daria Amazon!

Here’s another thrifted shirt I found at one of my favorite charity stores. The navy and orange colors work so well with several of my capes. I wish I had had time to try on more options with it. This Julahas Daria Danube worked so well!

Here’s another cape that matches beautifully. Although this Daria Cristales cape is on the “warm” side of the color wheel, the floral shirt brings it back to my season which is definitely cool, fall/winter.

This isn’t a floral but it’s technically an animal print that I absolutely love. I found it on Poshmark. I paired it up with the Julahas Cape Celestial Neptune and I like this a lot! The Celestial Neptune is probably the softest of all my capes and I have been wearing it a lot as the weather gets warmer.  It’s a great option if you live in a mild climate like I do!

I just adore Julahas Capes and feel like I am rediscovering some of the joy of getting dressed with the many ways you can wear these capes. If you’d like to find out more about Julahas’ small business model, check out this blog post!

Here are a few more posts on this topic:

Wool& + Woolx + Julahas = TONS of wardrobe versatility


Holiday Looks with Julahas + Wool&


Wool& PLUS Woolx PLUS Julahas = TONS of capsule wardrobe versatility!

Happy Weekend, friends! I hope you are snug and safe this weekend. I know that I am excited that February is finally here because in my neck of the woods we are legitimately getting closer to Spring, which I love. On the other hand, I am very much enjoying the cold weather as more chances to snuggle in with my lovely wool pieces, including some brand new goodies from the beautiful Julahas, which I will be sharing a LOT in this post.

I know that it seems I have been reviewing a LOT of clothing lately. (And it’s true). However, I will say that even as my closet fills up, my wardrobe is still much closer to “capsule status” than it has ever been and here is why:

Now that I am wearing wool on the daily, I realize I’m finally able to have the flexibility and functionality that makes capsule wardrobes such a helpful concept. Before wool, I always tried to look for pieces that served multiple uses and would fit into a lot of outfits. The problem was, when I tried to use synthetic, box-store staples to create a capsule wardrobe, I was faced with two major barriers:

1) Synthetic clothing has to be washed pretty much every time you wear it. I would wear an outfit for one evening and then it would hit the laundry basket. At that point, my outfit options were significantly reduced while those items were out of use. With a small capsule, losing a couple items cuts back your options significantly. Then you have to plan even more carefully to get dressed after a couple days into your wash cycle, which is frustrating.

2) With frequent wash and wear, my staple items were wearing out RIDICULOUSLY quickly due to pilling, shrinking, fading, etc. I got so tired of finding the “perfect” item and then watching it wear out after just a few weeks of frequent wear. I was having to constantly re-assess my wardrobe and replace pieces so quickly, it became incredibly frustrating and totally defeated the purpose of a “capsule” in the first place.

Wool& Rowena in Marine Blue, Woolx Piper, Allbirds Tree Breezers, Ada Collection wrap belt, Julahas Danube and Julahas Celestial in Neptune!

This post will contain affiliate links. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and, if you choose to shop, I might receive a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you. I would also like to thank Wool&, Woolx, and Julahas for sending me clothing as gifts for my review and photos. I will always give my true and honest option on these items. Fortunately, the quality and customer service for each is exceptional and I am legitimately a fan of all three companies.

All that to say, a fast fashion capsule wardrobe was very much NOT working for me. It was costing more money, more laundry, and more thought than it ever should have, which made me feel like a failure and like I still didn’t have “anything to wear”. That’s not even getting in to the ethical concerns of fast-fashion which is a veritable minefield of moral quandaries.

Enter WOOL. Once I started building a Wool closet, I eliminated the need for frequent washing and constant replacements that cheaper items were costing me. I finally had all of my clothes available to me all the time and found the comfort, ease, and quality completely unmatched compared to other clothing I had worn at all price points.

In this case, I have to thank a Facebook Ad from Wool& for sucking me in, because I really didn’t know anything about wool and was so misinformed about the fabric. I had no idea that wool was temperature regulating, soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. (I was convinced it was itchy, hot, and old-fashioned in form and function). Learning about the benefits has been so eye-opening, and once I experienced it myself I was a total convert.

I have three new Julahas items to share today, and I am LOVING these beautiful pieces. Soft, flowy, endlessly versatile….they are truly a unicorn of function and color chameleons as well….I find they can be matched in so many ways and different combinations can reveal different colors and looks so easily. These pieces are really wonderful additions to your wool wardrobe and I totally recommend them as a capsule foundation.

LINK DROP! Here are links for everything I’m wearing in these photos, all in one spot:

Julahas Daria Cristales
Julahas Daria Danube
Julahas Cape Celestial Neptune

Wool& Rowena Marine Blue
Wool& Rowena Pine
Wool& Rowena Burgandy
Wool& Cora Mauve
Woolx Piper Leggings
Woolx Eva in Slate Melange
Kut from the Kloth Distressed skinny jeans
Lems Chukka Canvas
Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot
Wool& Cypress in Charcoal Heather
Wool& Summit Leggings

(Also shown, Allbirds Tree Breezers, Kendra Scott Reid necklace, thrifted top, boutique hat)

First off, let’s take a look at the amazing Julahas Daria Danube. This is a heavier cape, and this one is not quite as soft as Celestial or the Fusion Cape. It’s beautiful, warm and perfect for layering. Although it’s thicker, you can still layer it easily and, of course, it can be worn so many ways.

Now, the bright & cheery Julahas Daria Cristales! This is a real stunner and took a little more thought with styling I decided to pair it up with this patterned top from a thrift store haul, plus my wonderful Wool& Cypress. The bright colors of this cape are not as easy for me to wear, but I loved the look when I anchored it with the darker piece as a foundation.

Finally, the Celestial Neptune Cape. Oh my goodness, this one is softer than soft! It’s has a fine, silky-soft texture and is very light and flowy. Of course, this one will not be as warm as the Daria, so it’s perfect for my Southern climate. This is definitely a great warm-weather option and would also be perfect as a travel accessory pretty much any time of year. It’s a more subtle pattern if you aren’t quite ready to jump into some of the more colorful options from Julahas. It also comes in some other gorgeous colorways. 

Thanks for checking out this photo-heavy post. I hope you’ll check out Julahas. I’d love for you to leave a comment on which cape is your favorite!

Instant Outfit Upgrade from Julahas (Vermillion Cape Coat Cocoon & Cotton Cape Equal Graphic)

Looking for an instant outfit upgrade that will add polish, shape, and color to any foundational outfit from casual leggings and a tshirt to a special occasion dress? What you are looking for might just be Julahas!

Thanks to Julahas for giving me some lovely pieces for my review. Trying these has truly been a treat and I appreciate you trusting me with your products. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I might receive a small commission. 

I received my first Julahas item close to Thanksgiving so it’s been almost two months since I first discovered the brand. Today’s review will therefore include a little more information beyond just my initial first impressions. I have had a chance to wear Julahas pieces to work (virtually, for meetings), to church, while traveling, while shopping at an outdoor market, on car rides, on a couple of dates with my hubby, and at a campfire on the beach.  I have worn them with dresses, jeans, and sleeves of all lengths. I have worn them in temps varying from 70 degrees to freezing (pretty typical weather variations here in the Deep South for the cold season).

They have been most often paired with favorite wool items from Woolx or Wool& but they’ve also worked well with synthetic pieces that are still hanging out in my closet after a few rounds of decluttering. The versatility, quality, and colors make this brand truly unique and I’m happy to share them with you here.

I received these items as gift for my review but I want you to know that these are pieces I would absolutely purchase with my own money (and probably will in the future). They have been a true sweet spot in my winter wardrobe and I have loved having some extra color to brighten up this chilly season. Julahas has truly added instant joy to my closet, just as they promised.

I would sum up my experience with Julahas in a few words: versatility, comfort, quality, and beauty. If you’d like to check out my other Julahas review, click here and here. 

Today I have two beautiful new pieces to share with you! First up, the Wool Cape Coat Cocoon in beautiful Vermillion.

Click here for the Wool Cape Coat Cocoon in Vermillion. 


  • Material: 100% wool; natural and responsibly sourced
  • One size (fits up to EU 48/US 18).  Shoulders placed 46cm/18″ apart.
  • Equal parts of luxury and comfort, the JULAHAS Cape Coat Cocoon keeps you stylish and snug all season long. The multi-wear design allows you to wear it long, short, wrapped or belted to create many different looks. It’s so versatile and roomy that it can be layered over anything and everything; slide it on a dress, t-shirt and jeans, elevate your workwear or uplift a chunky knit.

First of all, this coat feels INCREDIBLE. It’s soft, drapey, and feels like it’s giving your outfit an instant boost! It also comes with a belt that can be worn several different ways. The cape can be worn many different ways as well, including flipping it to make it shorter or longer!

In the photo above, I’m wearing it long and in the photo below, I’m wearing it short. Pretty cool to have a clothing item with this many looks all rolled into one. It’s also a huge relief to know this piece will fit me beautifully even if I gain or lose some weight, because like the rest of the line, it’s One Size Fits Most (up to about a US size 18). As someone who has outgrown coats in the recent past, that’s quite a comfort!

The Cape Cocoon Coat is comfy, warm, stylish and it also comes in three other colors! 

Outfit details:

Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging,
Wool& Holly Interlock Top
Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot
Wool& Willow Dress
Sash Bag
Ada Collection Wrap Belt

Ready for the next look from Julahas? Check out the Cotton Cape Equal Graphic. 

This cape is one of the more affordable options at only $109. It’s made from cotton and the fabric feels substantial and sturdy, but still soft and flowy.

Cotton Cape Equal Graphic. 


Cape Equal, as the name suggests is designed for all people and bodies. It’s equal parts human and sustainable.

Designed keeping functionality and flexibility in mind, this mid-weight Cotton Cape (with armholes placed at a distance of 48cm/19”) features buttons, loops and drawcords as design details and practical elements that help you wrap up and get going.

Wear it long like a cape, button it in front to create a vest, flip it over and wear it short with a hoodie or even fold it over your arms as sleeves for when it gets cold. Layer it over any outfit from your wardrobe to express your individual style. Cape Equal promises versatility.


As you can see, there are SO many ways to wear this cape. It is truly a style chameleon and the colors make it a perfect match for my black-heavy wardrobe. Between the buttons, the drawstrings, and the color blocking, the different looks are unlimited!


In the two photos below, I’m wearing the cape the “Short Way”. Click here for some ideas on how to wear a Julahas Cape! 

You can create sleeves, also.

The photo above is “the long way”.

In these photos, the Cape is wrapped on one side. For the next one, I’m wearing it wrapped on one side, plus a belt!

I think the colors of this Cape are so perfect for winter! It would look so great with a white foundation as well.

I absolutely love every single item I have tried so far from Julahas! The beautiful colors, unique designs, and fine fabric makes them the perfect accessory for my favorite outfits. Even outfits that aren’t my favorite are instantly upgraded or elevated by the addition of a Julahas cape. I hope you enjoyed my review and that you will check out Julahas yourself!



Winter Looks from Woolly Clothing!


Woohoo! We made it through to the first real weekend of 2023. I for one am exhausted after having to actually, like, work all week. It always feels extra hard after coming back from Christmas break.

I’ve got another awesome Wool Haul today and I’m so excited to share a few new items from Woolly Clothing! Woolly sent me three items for my review and I can’t wait to add these to my wool wardrobe. Thanks so much Woolly, for working with me. I can’t wait to give these pieces a place in my wardrobe and mix and match them with all the rest of my favorite wool capsule items!

If you shop with Woolly, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Ready to jump in?

First, my stats. I am 5’6″ and currently 175 pounds (lots of Covid and medication weight gain that I’ve kind of, sort of,  come to terms with). I’m about a size 10 in pants typically and a medium-ish in tops. I’m definitely a pear-shape.

(Side-note: Did you know that Woolly lists the models’ sizes in the description? You can see which model is wearing which size for each listing, which is really helpful when you are shopping new styles!)

Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic

Website Description:
A versatile piece of foundation wear, our Ultralight Short Sleeve Tunic is a one stop shirt to replace all the cotton in your closet.

Great For Just about anything. Comfy enough for home, technical enough for the trail, with a little extra style in case you’re sick of wearing a basic tee.

Fabric Stats:
Fabric Specs: 95% 17.5 micron merino wool, 5% elastane. 150 GSM Mid Weight

My thoughts:
I chose the Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic because I liked the extra length, the bright pop of purple, the button details and because I thought it was a crazy great price! For only $39.99, I think this shirt is a total steal, especially given that it is 95% Merino.  I sized up to a Large for this top because I wanted a looser fit and it turned out to fit just as I hoped.

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolx Piper Leggings, my new Lems Chelsea boots, and the Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic. In the next photo, I added my Julahas Red Fusion cape! 

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic, Wool& Frame Ponte Culotte and Allbirds Flats. I think it looks good tucked in also.

I just love the Plum color from Woolly!  (Also, I’m obsessed with Sky Organics Raisin Tinted Lip Balm, especially at this time of year.) It’s great to find a short sleeve tunic that will work well with my wardrobe for four seasons of the year! Did you know that’s one of Woolly’s slogans? Wool for four seasons!

Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants

Website Description:
Great For: Fall days, winter layers, lounging or working hard.

Fabric Specs:
Fabric Specs: 66% 215 GSM Australian merino wool // 29% Cotton // 5% Elastane

My thoughts:

I ordered the Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants because I thought they would be a great alternative to jeans when I go into work and that they would be nice for the summer/fall transition season. I decided to order my true size, Medium, and they fit perfectly. The fabric on these pants feels very high quality. They are a nice substantial fabric with enough stiffness so that they hold their own shape well. They are comfy, though not terribly soft. I like that they seem just a little more structured and the double stitched side seams are a nice design detail. The only thing I am not wild about is the white drawstring. The contrast is a little distracting for most of my outfits, so I tucked it in for some of my outfits. I might pull it out since I won’t need to cinch the pants to keep them on.

Thrifted faux wrap top with Fitflop flats and Woolly Longhaul Wide Leg Pants. Below, I added a thrifted Cinnamon Cardigan.

Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck

Website Description:
A go to pullover for shoulder season or a layering piece in cold weather. Woolly Mid Weight Flex merino gives wicking insulation with athlete friendly extra-flex and a no-draft cowl neck design to keep out drafts.

Great For: Fall days, winter layers, lounging or working hard in low temps.

Fabric Specs:
100% 18.5 micron merino wool. 250 GSM Mid Weight

My thoughts:
I sized up to a Large for a more relaxed fit on the Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck and I love the way it fits. It’s nice and long, the fit isn’t too snug on my arms (sometimes a concern…my arms aren’t skinny), and it doesn’t cling on my tummy either. I have to tell you, the fabric on this shirt is AMAZING. It is ultra soft and very cozy and I love the way the turtle neck fits. It’s not constricting or overly long, it just lays nicely which is all I want from a cowl neck. I also adore the Kale color, it’s a nice dark green. (I still can’t figure out my “season” but I think I can pull this color off.) I really love this shirt and I have already worn it a LOT. In fact, it was one of the items I took on our Christmas trip to the lake house with all of my extended family. On that trip, I sat by a bonfire MULTIPLE times and guess what? I still haven’t had to wash this shirt. The smoke smell aired out of it with no problem. Wool is SO incredible! Did I mention it has thumb holes? So cozy!

For this outfit, I’m wearing Woolx Piper Leggings, my new Lems Chelsea boots, and the Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck. Love this look!

It turns out I like how it looks with my Burnt Orange Coat, also!

Thanks for checking out my review of Woolly Clothing! If you haven’t seen all my other reviews, there are plenty! Just click the “Wool” tab at the top right!

Wool& Winter Wool Haul, review, and try-ons!

Happy New Year to all! I have been waiting to share a review of some fresh new items I just received from Wool&. We have been having so much rainy weather that it has been tricky to grab photos but I’m managed to squeeze in a few in between the rain and tornado warnings! What a crazy January it has been so far.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as Woolie mail! I love opening a package from Wool& and this one has some super yummy goodies in it!

If you shop with Wool&, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging, Wool& Holly Interlock Top, Wool& Frame Ponte Culotte, and the Wool& Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket.

I couldn’t wait to start styling these items right off the bat!

Outfit details: I’m also wearing my brand new Lems Chelsea Boots and Lems Chukka Boots in this post! Click here for my full review of these. 
I’m also wearing my new Kendra Scott Reid custom necklace (currently on sale!). Click here to save $20 with my referral code. 

Wool& Holly Interlock Top

First up, I got the Wool& Holly Interlock Top, size Medium in the incredible Marine Blue colorway. I absolutely ADORE this blue color and the top is gorgeous! I was a little nervous about the slightly cropped length, but it works really well with the culottes and is AMAZING for layering both over and under the Wool& dresses. I love the looser, almost batwing fit of the arms and it is overall so comfortable and pretty.  Let’s check out the specs on this shirt.

From the website:
A polished midweight layer in our interlock fabric. Your perfect top to layer over dresses with its drop shoulder and slightly cropped hem. Long sleeves, crew neckline, and side slits at the hem.

Sizing Tip: The Holly Interlock Top has a roomy fit throughout the body with fitted sleeves. Fits true to size.

Fabric Breakdown:
78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
300gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Here a couple more photos! How do you like it layered over my Wool& Sierra? 

More photos later in the post!

Wool& Frame Ponte Culotte

I had been wanting to try the Wool& Frame Ponte Culottes for ages and they did not disappoint. The first thing I noticed about these pants is that the Ponte Fabric is amazing. It’s a nice, substantial ribbed texture with some thickness and stretch. Yes, they feel as comfortable as all my other Wool& favorites, but it also has a little bit more of a business casual texture. (Off topic but I would LOVE this fabric to be made into a jogger style pant or a bootcut flare pant). I have always loved culotte style pants and I know these will be perfect for my weather year round. A note about fit. The size medium fits me well, and I know it is my correct size. (I am 5’6″, 175 pounds, and about a size 10 in pants). I’m very much a pear shape and I felt they fit a little snug around my hips and thighs on first try. However, having worn Wool& clothing quite a bit I know that these will relax slightly after a bit of wear, which should allow for the perfect fit. Here’s Wool&’s description of these:

From the website:
Finally, sophisticated pants that you can also lounge in. Features the classic wide leg culotte silhouette, plus front inseam pockets. Our midweight ponte fabric provides structure and a touch of comfortable stretch.

Fabric breakdown:
75% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, 3% Spandex
340gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging

I have worn my leggings more this season than I probably have ever before, so scoring another pair was super exciting. These leggings feel wonderful. The fabric is soft and stretchy and the waist is higher rise than the Axis leggings I already own (for comparison, the waist is also higher on the Summit Leggings compared to the Woolx Piper and Woolx McKenna Leggings that I wear all the time). So if you are looking for a high waisted legging, this is the pair for you! At first I felt like they were a little snug around my not-so-small stomach, but once I wore them around for awhile they felt fantastic. They are also really slimming, which is a bonus. The pockets are HUGE.

From the website:
A midweight, fully opaque legging that keeps you warm without bulkiness and stays odor free for days. Comes with a side panel with external patch pockets that effortlessly fits your phone. Snug fit that holds you in, high waist, and gusset. Our custom developed stretch jersey fabric moves easily with your body and resists pilling.

Sizing Tip: Just like the Axis Legging, but with pockets! Fits true to size.

Fabric breakdown:
68% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, 10% Spandex
300gsm, 17.5 micron wool

Wool& Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket

This jacket is surprisingly warm despite the lightweight construction. I really love some of the design features particularly the design of the collar and how it has some structure of it’s own….it really gives it a more flattering fit. I am wearing the Wool& Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket in Forest Night, size Medium. Although I think the jacket fits as it should and it is comfortable as is, I might consider sizing up in the future. I think I would prefer a looser fit for layering. I love the Forest Night color. The pockets are generous and comfy. The fact that this jacket is made from recycled wool is icing on the cake!

From the website:
We sourced this jacket’s soft, beautiful recycled wool shearling from a textile mill in Prato, Italy— a town known for producing fine wool products for centuries. Its stable, lofty structure will keep you warm while also remaining breathable. Welted hand warmer pockets, mock neck, and elastic trim. No adventure is complete without the Hilltop.

Sizing Tip: The Hilltop Wool Fleece Jacket fits true to size. If you prefer an oversized fit, size up.

Fabric breakdown:
63% recycled wool, 22% nylon, 10% polyester, 5% other fibers
340gsm, 18.5 Micron Wool

New Shoes from Lems! Review and Try-On!

This is such a fun review to create because I have been wanting to transition to healthier shoes FOREVER! My sister explained to me about wide toe box, zero-drop, minimalist footwear years ago and told me how much better they are for your whole entire body. The idea that most of us had been forcing our feet into shoes that were very un-foot shaped (and causing our bodies a lot of subsequent damage) really resonated with me. However, I just didn’t have the capacity to switch my shoes at that point in time.

Click here to shop Lems Shoes with my affiliate link!

My feet were already in bad shape. I had already dealt with tendonitis and Plantar’s Fasciitis for years but my feet were so painful and I was addicted to the comfort of orthotic shoes. (Some people have explained that wearing an orthotic shoe is akin to wearing a cast on your foot….it can help an injury heal HOWEVER it should never be permanent since it can cause the muscles to lose strength and mobility, causing further damage). I couldn’t imagine moving away from my over-supportive,  orthopedic shoes because of the pain. So I continued wearing whatever shoes I could tolerate (Oofos, Fitflop, Dansko, and Vionics mostly) and consequently my feet continued to get worse.

About six months ago when I started working from home, I realized that being off my feet was allowing them to rest and improve slightly. Now that I wasn’t a teacher walking a million steps a day, I thought I might start to make the jump to healthier footwear. That’s when I contacted Lems.

Lems was founded on the idea that “shoes should be built around the natural shape of the human foot, and not the other way around. This meant that a shoe should be widest at the forefoot and toes, while allowing for full flexibility and unrestricted movement.”

In the Barefoot Shoe world, Lems is considered a great starter shoe because it has a more substantial footbed, generous flexibility, and is a gentle way to transition into the barefoot shoe lifestyle.

I’m so grateful that Lems sent me two pairs of shoes to share with you all. Thank you Lems for giving me a chance to try these Lems Chelsea boots and the Lems Chukka Boot!  I am very impressed with the quality of these shoes and they fit perfectly into my minimalist wardrobe, which is exactly what I was hoping.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for shopping with me! 

Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot:
From the website:
At long last, we are delighted to welcome our first Chelsea Boot to the Lems lineup! Fans of the Primal Zen, get ready to throw a party because our Chelsea features the same outsole you know and love, meaning this boot ticks all the right boxes: super lightweight, zero-drop, and ultra wide. The Cedar is a super soft suede with a very minimal feel.

My first impressions: 
I love the look of the Chelsea Boot. It’s chunky but not TOO chunky and incredibly lightweight. The color is a nice warm caramel. It really isn’t quite as bright colored as it looks on the computer screen (it does not look orange in real life). Very much a neutral. (It totally matches my Woolx Sawyer.) You can see how well the boots flex! Imagine wearing a boot that allows your foot to move naturally. Pretty revolutionary for me, coming from traditional footwear.

On the side of the boot, there are some stretchy panels along with pull tabs to put them on. They are very easy to wear, and easy to get on your foot. Wearing them is different, because I can wiggle all of my toes! It’s amazing not to have my toes pinned tightly together…..having room to move my toes within the shoe is a totally new sensation.

I love the way these boots feel and I can feel the ground beneath me, too, which is another benefit that the Barefoot community values.  I think they are very cute boots and I am certain they will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

So comfortable…. this outfit is brand new and I’m loving every piece of it! Review to come of the clothing items but here are my links in case you’d like to check them out. Wool& Summit Leggings and Wool& Holly Top. I feel like this outfit looks cute and, more importantly, feels amazing.

One more quick look with the Lems Chelsea Boot! This time I paired them with my favorite Woolx Piper Leggings and my new Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic. (I’ll be sharing a review of some fun new goodies from Woolly Clothing very soon). This was a really warm evening, but I grabbed my Julahas Fusion Cape just in case.

I will absolutely be wearing my Lem’s Chelsea Boot with lots of outfits going forward and I’ll be sure to share those photos with you. Until then, check out my other new pair of Lems!

Lem’s Women’s Chukka Canvas
From the website:
While this colorway might be called ‘Blackout’, shoes don’t get much greener than this. Made of organic canvas, a fully recycled lining, and fully recycled laces, the Chukka you know and love has gone completely Captain Planet. These canvas champs also feature a wide toe box, zero-drop platform, and IBR outsole – just like you’ve come to expect

My first impressions:
I absolutely love the way these shoes look and feel. They are crazy lightweight and flexible. They remind me of simple converse or a very basic black sneaker that will match absolutely anything and everything, at any time of year. Despite the generous, wide-toe box, they still look to be very trim and slim; minimal in appearance and very lightweight. I feel like wearing these Chukkas gives me a fun, hip vibe!

Just like the Chelsea boots, these Chukkas are crazy lightweight and incredibly flexible. You can see how easily your foot will be able to move in this shoe! You can easily double over the shoe for maximum flex.

I truly think these shoes will pair with any outfit from my closet, but I started out by wearing them with my Wool& Sierra and Wool& Holly Top. I think they looked great and I was definitely super comfy.

Here’s another look that I really love! For this outfit I paired Lem’s Women’s Chukka Canvas with Woolx Piper Leggings and my new Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck top (which I LOVE….review to come very soon) and a thrifted Leaf Pendant. So much cozy and comfort all in one pic!


Have you check out Lems Shoes? I’d love to hear what you think!




Holiday Looks with Julahas + Wool&

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my readers. I know everyone always says they can’t believe how quickly the season is passing by, but I truly, truly mean it! It’s crazy how quickly this holiday season is slipping past and I am doing my very best to soak it all in. The joy of the season is something I always try to savor.

Wool& Willow with Julahas Kimono Air / Wool& Willow with Julahas Petite Red Fusion

This is my first holiday season working full time in marketing as a copywriter and I have to say I have been crazy busy but enjoying the creativity and variety a lot. My working full time has been quite a swing for our family and everyone has had to make a lot of adjustments. It’s definitely reminded me yet again of the true value of minimalism when it comes to keeping a home running and helping to manage expectations and priorities. It’s not a magic fix, but minimizing the stuff around us really has helped a lot. If you are interested in reading about my minimalism journey, I have quite a lot of posts on the topic. 

One thing that I really haven’t minimalized this year is my Wool Wardrobe. I have cut back on fast fashion and instead have been building a wardrobe that will last from high quality wool items that I can wear and  wear again, which has been a truly delightful upgrade to my wardrobe. Yes, it’s an investment, but as far as comfort, quality, sustainability, and care, it’s such a wonderful step up. If you’d like to read more about it, I now have an entire Wool category on my blog. 

This blog post will include affiliate links. When you click through my links, I may receive a small portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping my family with every click. 

My entrance into the world of Wool was Wool&, followed quickly by Woolx. I have been so pleased with both brands. Wool& has some gorgeous dresses, which have always been a weakness of mine, but Woolx is incredibly sturdy, functional, and comfortable and their joggers are my favorite pants ever. I have slowly been selling off my synthetic clothing on Poshmark and building up a core wardrobe of mostly wool instead.

I recently came across another brand called Julahas and they have been kind enough to send me some items for my review. I am always so grateful when a company is willing to work with me as a teeny-tiny micro-influencer! It is always so delightful to share brands that I am truly excited about, and such is the case with the gorgeous capes, kimonos, ruanas, and accessories from Julahas. 

You can also shop a selection of these beautiful products from Amazon using my affiliate link. 

For these looks, I am wearing my size Medium Wool& Willow dress in black, on top of size Medium Woolx Piper Leggings, and Cobb Hill Caroline Booties. I love this foundation and can wear almost anything on top for lots of different easy outfit formulas. The best part is, since these items are wool, I can wear them again and again without needing to wash them because of the antimicrobial magic of Wool. It makes dressing for work, travel, events, and weekends all so much easier.

Julahas means “weaving” and these beautiful wool and cotton products are handmade in the Himalayas, sustainably and ethically; giving local artisans a chance to share their heritage and craft while making a living wage.

The more I try, the more I adore these gorgeous items. This week I received two new items from Julahas: the Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air
and the Petite Light Wool Cape Fusion Red. Both of these are absolutely gorgeous and I loved trying them on for some Holiday Looks!

The Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air

The Jiva Kimono Air is lightweight and soft yet has a little bit of structure and flow that makes it look so very gorgeous. Here are the stats from the website:

  • Reversible. One size (fits XS-XXXL). Open front, oversized fit.
  • Material: 65% Himalayan wool and 45% Forest Silk.
    Craftmark Certified.
  • Handy pockets for storage.
    Gently hand wash (only if needed) using a mild detergent or shampoo in cold water. Lay flat to dry and store folded in the environmentally safe dust bag that is provided. Dry clean friendly too.
  • Worldwide shipping.
    Go here for Shipping and Deliveries.
    Go here for Returns and Exchanges.

I love the fabric and feel of this Kimono! The pockets are perfectly placed and shaped, so that they are easy to use and access. The collar is flattering but soft and the entire thing just makes me feel graceful and elegant in a comfortable, wearable way, which I absolutely love. The color of this Kimono is absolutely gorgeous! I think I will wear the Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air to my work Christmas party this week. The dress code is “Christmas Casual” and I think this look could work for lots of different holiday events, from dressy to comfy cozy!

The Petite Light Wool Cape Fusion Red

The Petite Light Wool Cape in Fusion Red is so much fun to wear. It’s very lightweight, yet cozy. The pattern means the look can be adjusted so many ways. I wore it last night  over jeans and a tshirt and it was perfect while I was out running Christmas errands and shopping. I felt cute, put together, and even a little festive, yet I could adjust my temperature and comfort as we stepped in and out of stores with wildly differing temperatures! In the last photo, I was in a dressing room and I wanted to snap a quick pic of the Cape with the only purse I ever wear, the Sash Bag. It’s a perfect companion product with the cape because it’s easy to wear right along with it and it just feels like the same comfortable sort of quirky cute and artsy vibe. I love this outfit!

Back to the Cape! Here are the stats straight from the website:

What do you think about these holiday looks from Julahas and Wool&? I’d love to hear from you!

Best cardigan ever is back at Costco! Barefoot Dreams Knock Off Cardigan

This post contains amazon referral links for your convenience.

The Barefoot Dreams Knock-off Cardigan has been one of my most popular posts to date, which is why I’m super excited to update it YET AGAIN!  In my opinion, these are an excellent dupe for the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and I would definitely consider them a wardrobe must-have. Click here to check out this awesome copycat Cardigan by Max & Mia on Amazon. (Please note these are still the 2020 stock, keep reading for current styles)

This week I spotted the Max & Mia Barefoot Dreams Knock-off Cardigans in new colors! Black, a light beige, and a cooler red (compared to the rusty red from the last run).

Quite a few years ago, I read about the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan from a blog. They are pretty pricey (click here for the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan) but I was able to hunt down a gently used one on Ebay and I absolutely loved it. Until I ruined it in an unfortunate laundry disaster (not my first one, either). So sad.

Ever since then, I had been watching for a deal on the real thing, but it was just really out of my budget (although having owned one, I do kind of think they are worth it). I had recently even been googling “Barefoot Dreams knock-off cardigan” hoping to find something similar at a lower price point. I never got lucky enough to find it, a few years ago I stumbled across exactly what I was looking for completely by accident.

This week 12/8/22 at my Costco!

This Travel Cardigan by Max & Mia is a perfect dupe for the Barefoot Dreams  Circle Cardi and Costco’s version is only $25!  I can’t believe how similar they are and after owning them forever, I can tell you that they hold up really well!

Click to shop the Costco version online!

Pro Tip:  I do feel that the sizing is a little inconsistent across the colors. I have not tried this year’s version because as much as I love cardigans, I have plenty and the only ones I have been wearing are my Wool ones. I have pretty much switched my wardrobe completely over to wool as a matter of fact. I still think these are absolutely fabulous cardigans, a great winter layer, and a perfect Christmas present also!

The only difference I want to point out is that the Costco cardigan is recommended to be hand wash rather than machine wash. That’s kind of a bummer, if you ask me, but not a deal breaker. I have machine washed mine cold and gentle, letting them hang dry which seems to have worked just fine.

Have you seen these at your Costco yet! Check out my previous post for fit details! Looking for more styling posts and clothing reviews? Click over to my Wool tab!

Last day for Wool& Free Gift with Purchase!

It’s the very last day of the Wool& Free gift with Purchase Promo (Today December 5th)

Shop the Wool& Free Gift with Purchase Sale by clicking here. 

This gift with promo is an amazing appreciation offer. You choose your gift between two different shirts, a pair of shorts, or a scarf and there are a ton of colors available!

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Details on the sale

You must spend a minimum of $150 and then add your choice of gift items to your cart. The freebie will automatically ring up at $0 in the cart.

There is ONE freebie per household. Click here to check out all the freebies they are offering! 

If you aren’t quite sure what to purchase, check out my detailed Wool& Dress Guide for fit information, sizing tips, and styling ideas!

You also might be a little overwhelmed at the beautiful colors available! I have a blog post for that too! Click here to check out my Wool& Color Guide!(Which Wool& Color is for me?)
That’s about it for today because I’ve got a crazy busy week lined up, but I had to share one last reminder because this sale is so amazing!

Thanks for shopping with me, as always!

A warm and fuzzy Christmas Story + the fabulous Woolx Saranac Throw Review

I have a sweet Christmas story for you that I reminisce about every single year. I thought this year I would share this story along with a review of my new Saranac Blanket from Woolx since cozy blankets and reading at two of my favorite things. Woolx sent this blanket along as a gift  for me to share with you guys, and I have got to tell you that it’s absolutely lovely.

Thank you for shopping with me this holiday season. Your purchases through my affiliate links help me do what I love and it means so much that you would take them time to read my blog posts….truly!

The Saranac Throw is absolutely a dream of a blanket and it’s the perfect size. It’s soft and cozy, but still thick and substantial. It’s lightweight, but also has a slightly-nubby snuggle-worthy texture that just makes you want to curl-up and take a nap! It definitely reminds me of a handmade blanket knitted by your grandma, yet it’s neat as a pin and you can just feel the quality every time you touch it. Because it is 100% Australian Wool, it’s almost like it has a warmth of its own, while still being perfectly breathable. I’m telling you, this blanket is the epitome of all things wool and magical!

My ten year old son keeps trying to take MY throw and the fact that it is pink has not stopped him (the Light Rose is a beautiful blush pink, almost a peach color. It also comes in Cream, and Light Grey. I love the vintage colors).

He and I love to cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a blanket, so we will just have to share this gorgeous Saranac Throw. It’s generously sized at 54″ x 60″ so that shouldn’t be a problem. Check out the rest of the features!

  • Luxuriously soft
  • Breathable for all day comfort
  • Use year round
  • Warmth without the bulk
  • Perfect Size for comfort (54″ x 60″)
  • Beautiful knit
  • Gorgeous color selection
  • Extremely warm and cozy

Did you know that Woolx makes another blanket as well? They also have the Tahoe Merino Throw, which I haven’t seen in person yet. It is lighter than the Saranac and looks amazingly soft and luxurious! If you have either of these blankets, please let me know in the comments!

Now, on to my sentimental Christmas story.

Reading is a very important legacy in our family. Both my husband and I grew up as very enthusiastic readers and not just by accident. Both of my parents made reading a very high priority for me and my siblings and it has been a lifelong passion. I’m so grateful that I learned to love reading as a child and passing that love on to my own children was one of my most fervent hopes.

The story I’m going to tell today happened when my twin girls were only 2 years old. I’m not going to lie, at that phase of parenting I was exhausted beyond belief. Truly, I cannot even tell you how tiring it was to parent twin toddlers, as sweet and precious as the work was. I cherished every minute of it, but I was also just praying my way through, if you know what I mean!

With that background, I will say that my girls loved to read from babyhood and another thing the three of us really loved to do together, was to shop. For some reason, they were usually really patient at the stores and enjoyed looking around at all the sights. One day, we were shopping at Sam’s Club. I remember that I especially  loved going there, because they were one of the only stores that had grocery carts with double baby seats in the front! I’m telling you, it was such a help to be able to put both of them in the front of the cart, so I would often go just to browse without even making a purchase. So, on this day, we were just shopping around and my girls were each looking at a musical Silent Night board book from the book section. They were happily pushing the buttons and listening to the soft music and definitely on their sweetest twin behavior.

We got a lot of attention at stores (for better or for worse) because the girls were simply adorable. (Sorry if I sound braggy, but it’s just true.) People were constantly coming up to us to talk to them or ask me endless questions about being a twin mom. On this particular day, a woman I would guess was in her 50’s came up to us and talked to us for a few minutes. We had a pretty long conversation, in fact.  She was really lovely and sweet and asked if we were buying two identical books. I told her, “No, the girls are just looking at these while we are shopping, but we will be putting them back before we go through the checkout.” I am sure I laughed and said they were used to window shopping! What I didn’t tell her was that our budget was extremely tight back then, and we were very frugal. I would never purchase brand new books spontaneously at that point in our family’s financial journey. Most of our books came from the library or my favorite thrift store where I could fill a bag for $1.50.

She complimented all of us again and we said good bye and Merry Christmas to one another. About twenty minutes later I was in the checkout line and the lady came up to me again and gave me $25 in cash and asked that I purchase the two books for my babies! I was absolutely stunned. I tried to decline, because I just couldn’t believe a stranger would do something like that. But she firmly insisted and I was so incredibly touched. Every single year ever since, we pull those books out and I remember this story. My girls are 16 now but that surprise encounter with a stranger still sticks with me.

Find our Silent Night Board Book here. 

I am not overstating it to say that that unexpected blessing was something I will never forget! I think about it every time I hear the song Silent Night, every time I shop at Sam’s and, of course, every time we pull out our holiday book collection at Christmas time. I often think about the incredible impact that even a stranger could make through giving an unexpected blessing. And I think about making a similar impact on another family someday. Maybe one day I will troll Sam’s looking for young moms who are tired and pinching pennies and need to be cheered up at Christmas time! You never know how a small act of kindness might just become a part of a family’s holiday tradition, just as this story has become part of ours.

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