Great deal on the “best beach bag of all time”

I have been hearing about the Saltwater Canvas Whale bag for years….it holds TONS of stuff, is machine-washable, lightweight, zips and has tons of pockets for organization.



I can’t personally write a review yet because I have just ordered mine, but I did want to share an amazing deal on the red, blue & white colorway.  This color is marked down from $41.97 to $19.49. Plus you can use the code SUMMERTIME for 20% off two bags or more. Shipping was $6 for me making my total for two bags only $37.19!

Check out this pic of all the items you can stash in this spacious bag! I’m so excited to throw out my cheap beach bag from like 14 years ago and use this one that I can rinse clean or even throw in the washing machine!



If you have a Saltwater Canvas Whale bag, does it live up to the hype?