Holiday Looks with Julahas + Wool&

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my readers. I know everyone always says they can’t believe how quickly the season is passing by, but I truly, truly mean it! It’s crazy how quickly this holiday season is slipping past and I am doing my very best to soak it all in. The joy of the season is something I always try to savor.

Wool& Willow with Julahas Kimono Air / Wool& Willow with Julahas Petite Red Fusion

This is my first holiday season working full time in marketing as a copywriter and I have to say I have been crazy busy but enjoying the creativity and variety a lot. My working full time has been quite a swing for our family and everyone has had to make a lot of adjustments. It’s definitely reminded me yet again of the true value of minimalism when it comes to keeping a home running and helping to manage expectations and priorities. It’s not a magic fix, but minimizing the stuff around us really has helped a lot. If you are interested in reading about my minimalism journey, I have quite a lot of posts on the topic. 

One thing that I really haven’t minimalized this year is my Wool Wardrobe. I have cut back on fast fashion and instead have been building a wardrobe that will last from high quality wool items that I can wear and  wear again, which has been a truly delightful upgrade to my wardrobe. Yes, it’s an investment, but as far as comfort, quality, sustainability, and care, it’s such a wonderful step up. If you’d like to read more about it, I now have an entire Wool category on my blog. 

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My entrance into the world of Wool was Wool&, followed quickly by Woolx. I have been so pleased with both brands. Wool& has some gorgeous dresses, which have always been a weakness of mine, but Woolx is incredibly sturdy, functional, and comfortable and their joggers are my favorite pants ever. I have slowly been selling off my synthetic clothing on Poshmark and building up a core wardrobe of mostly wool instead.

I recently came across another brand called Julahas and they have been kind enough to send me some items for my review. I am always so grateful when a company is willing to work with me as a teeny-tiny micro-influencer! It is always so delightful to share brands that I am truly excited about, and such is the case with the gorgeous capes, kimonos, ruanas, and accessories from Julahas. 

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For these looks, I am wearing my size Medium Wool& Willow dress in black, on top of size Medium Woolx Piper Leggings, and Cobb Hill Caroline Booties. I love this foundation and can wear almost anything on top for lots of different easy outfit formulas. The best part is, since these items are wool, I can wear them again and again without needing to wash them because of the antimicrobial magic of Wool. It makes dressing for work, travel, events, and weekends all so much easier.

Julahas means “weaving” and these beautiful wool and cotton products are handmade in the Himalayas, sustainably and ethically; giving local artisans a chance to share their heritage and craft while making a living wage.

The more I try, the more I adore these gorgeous items. This week I received two new items from Julahas: the Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air
and the Petite Light Wool Cape Fusion Red. Both of these are absolutely gorgeous and I loved trying them on for some Holiday Looks!

The Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air

The Jiva Kimono Air is lightweight and soft yet has a little bit of structure and flow that makes it look so very gorgeous. Here are the stats from the website:

  • Reversible. One size (fits XS-XXXL). Open front, oversized fit.
  • Material: 65% Himalayan wool and 45% Forest Silk.
    Craftmark Certified.
  • Handy pockets for storage.
    Gently hand wash (only if needed) using a mild detergent or shampoo in cold water. Lay flat to dry and store folded in the environmentally safe dust bag that is provided. Dry clean friendly too.
  • Worldwide shipping.
    Go here for Shipping and Deliveries.
    Go here for Returns and Exchanges.

I love the fabric and feel of this Kimono! The pockets are perfectly placed and shaped, so that they are easy to use and access. The collar is flattering but soft and the entire thing just makes me feel graceful and elegant in a comfortable, wearable way, which I absolutely love. The color of this Kimono is absolutely gorgeous! I think I will wear the Jiva Wool Silk Kimono Air to my work Christmas party this week. The dress code is “Christmas Casual” and I think this look could work for lots of different holiday events, from dressy to comfy cozy!

The Petite Light Wool Cape Fusion Red

The Petite Light Wool Cape in Fusion Red is so much fun to wear. It’s very lightweight, yet cozy. The pattern means the look can be adjusted so many ways. I wore it last night  over jeans and a tshirt and it was perfect while I was out running Christmas errands and shopping. I felt cute, put together, and even a little festive, yet I could adjust my temperature and comfort as we stepped in and out of stores with wildly differing temperatures! In the last photo, I was in a dressing room and I wanted to snap a quick pic of the Cape with the only purse I ever wear, the Sash Bag. It’s a perfect companion product with the cape because it’s easy to wear right along with it and it just feels like the same comfortable sort of quirky cute and artsy vibe. I love this outfit!

Back to the Cape! Here are the stats straight from the website:

What do you think about these holiday looks from Julahas and Wool&? I’d love to hear from you!