New Shoes from Lems! Review and Try-On!

This is such a fun review to create because I have been wanting to transition to healthier shoes FOREVER! My sister explained to me about wide toe box, zero-drop, minimalist footwear years ago and told me how much better they are for your whole entire body. The idea that most of us had been forcing our feet into shoes that were very un-foot shaped (and causing our bodies a lot of subsequent damage) really resonated with me. However, I just didn’t have the capacity to switch my shoes at that point in time.

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My feet were already in bad shape. I had already dealt with tendonitis and Plantar’s Fasciitis for years but my feet were so painful and I was addicted to the comfort of orthotic shoes. (Some people have explained that wearing an orthotic shoe is akin to wearing a cast on your foot….it can help an injury heal HOWEVER it should never be permanent since it can cause the muscles to lose strength and mobility, causing further damage). I couldn’t imagine moving away from my over-supportive,  orthopedic shoes because of the pain. So I continued wearing whatever shoes I could tolerate (Oofos, Fitflop, Dansko, and Vionics mostly) and consequently my feet continued to get worse.

About six months ago when I started working from home, I realized that being off my feet was allowing them to rest and improve slightly. Now that I wasn’t a teacher walking a million steps a day, I thought I might start to make the jump to healthier footwear. That’s when I contacted Lems.

Lems was founded on the idea that “shoes should be built around the natural shape of the human foot, and not the other way around. This meant that a shoe should be widest at the forefoot and toes, while allowing for full flexibility and unrestricted movement.”

In the Barefoot Shoe world, Lems is considered a great starter shoe because it has a more substantial footbed, generous flexibility, and is a gentle way to transition into the barefoot shoe lifestyle.

I’m so grateful that Lems sent me two pairs of shoes to share with you all. Thank you Lems for giving me a chance to try these Lems Chelsea boots and the Lems Chukka Boot!  I am very impressed with the quality of these shoes and they fit perfectly into my minimalist wardrobe, which is exactly what I was hoping.

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Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot:
From the website:
At long last, we are delighted to welcome our first Chelsea Boot to the Lems lineup! Fans of the Primal Zen, get ready to throw a party because our Chelsea features the same outsole you know and love, meaning this boot ticks all the right boxes: super lightweight, zero-drop, and ultra wide. The Cedar is a super soft suede with a very minimal feel.

My first impressions: 
I love the look of the Chelsea Boot. It’s chunky but not TOO chunky and incredibly lightweight. The color is a nice warm caramel. It really isn’t quite as bright colored as it looks on the computer screen (it does not look orange in real life). Very much a neutral. (It totally matches my Woolx Sawyer.) You can see how well the boots flex! Imagine wearing a boot that allows your foot to move naturally. Pretty revolutionary for me, coming from traditional footwear.

On the side of the boot, there are some stretchy panels along with pull tabs to put them on. They are very easy to wear, and easy to get on your foot. Wearing them is different, because I can wiggle all of my toes! It’s amazing not to have my toes pinned tightly together…..having room to move my toes within the shoe is a totally new sensation.

I love the way these boots feel and I can feel the ground beneath me, too, which is another benefit that the Barefoot community values.  I think they are very cute boots and I am certain they will fit into my wardrobe perfectly.

So comfortable…. this outfit is brand new and I’m loving every piece of it! Review to come of the clothing items but here are my links in case you’d like to check them out. Wool& Summit Leggings and Wool& Holly Top. I feel like this outfit looks cute and, more importantly, feels amazing.

One more quick look with the Lems Chelsea Boot! This time I paired them with my favorite Woolx Piper Leggings and my new Woolly Short Sleeve Tunic. (I’ll be sharing a review of some fun new goodies from Woolly Clothing very soon). This was a really warm evening, but I grabbed my Julahas Fusion Cape just in case.

I will absolutely be wearing my Lem’s Chelsea Boot with lots of outfits going forward and I’ll be sure to share those photos with you. Until then, check out my other new pair of Lems!

Lem’s Women’s Chukka Canvas
From the website:
While this colorway might be called ‘Blackout’, shoes don’t get much greener than this. Made of organic canvas, a fully recycled lining, and fully recycled laces, the Chukka you know and love has gone completely Captain Planet. These canvas champs also feature a wide toe box, zero-drop platform, and IBR outsole – just like you’ve come to expect

My first impressions:
I absolutely love the way these shoes look and feel. They are crazy lightweight and flexible. They remind me of simple converse or a very basic black sneaker that will match absolutely anything and everything, at any time of year. Despite the generous, wide-toe box, they still look to be very trim and slim; minimal in appearance and very lightweight. I feel like wearing these Chukkas gives me a fun, hip vibe!

Just like the Chelsea boots, these Chukkas are crazy lightweight and incredibly flexible. You can see how easily your foot will be able to move in this shoe! You can easily double over the shoe for maximum flex.

I truly think these shoes will pair with any outfit from my closet, but I started out by wearing them with my Wool& Sierra and Wool& Holly Top. I think they looked great and I was definitely super comfy.

Here’s another look that I really love! For this outfit I paired Lem’s Women’s Chukka Canvas with Woolx Piper Leggings and my new Woolly Pro-Knit Cowl Neck top (which I LOVE….review to come very soon) and a thrifted Leaf Pendant. So much cozy and comfort all in one pic!


Have you check out Lems Shoes? I’d love to hear what you think!




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