Best cardigan ever is back at Costco! Barefoot Dreams Knock Off Cardigan

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The Barefoot Dreams Knock-off Cardigan has been one of my most popular posts to date, which is why I’m super excited to update it YET AGAIN!  In my opinion, these are an excellent dupe for the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and I would definitely consider them a wardrobe must-have. Click here to check out this awesome copycat Cardigan by Max & Mia on Amazon. (Please note these are still the 2020 stock, keep reading for current styles)

This week I spotted the Max & Mia Barefoot Dreams Knock-off Cardigans in new colors! Black, a light beige, and a cooler red (compared to the rusty red from the last run).

Quite a few years ago, I read about the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan from a blog. They are pretty pricey (click here for the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan) but I was able to hunt down a gently used one on Ebay and I absolutely loved it. Until I ruined it in an unfortunate laundry disaster (not my first one, either). So sad.

Ever since then, I had been watching for a deal on the real thing, but it was just really out of my budget (although having owned one, I do kind of think they are worth it). I had recently even been googling “Barefoot Dreams knock-off cardigan” hoping to find something similar at a lower price point. I never got lucky enough to find it, a few years ago I stumbled across exactly what I was looking for completely by accident.

This week 12/8/22 at my Costco!

This Travel Cardigan by Max & Mia is a perfect dupe for the Barefoot Dreams  Circle Cardi and Costco’s version is only $25!  I can’t believe how similar they are and after owning them forever, I can tell you that they hold up really well!

Click to shop the Costco version online!

Pro Tip:  I do feel that the sizing is a little inconsistent across the colors. I have not tried this year’s version because as much as I love cardigans, I have plenty and the only ones I have been wearing are my Wool ones. I have pretty much switched my wardrobe completely over to wool as a matter of fact. I still think these are absolutely fabulous cardigans, a great winter layer, and a perfect Christmas present also!

The only difference I want to point out is that the Costco cardigan is recommended to be hand wash rather than machine wash. That’s kind of a bummer, if you ask me, but not a deal breaker. I have machine washed mine cold and gentle, letting them hang dry which seems to have worked just fine.

Have you seen these at your Costco yet! Check out my previous post for fit details! Looking for more styling posts and clothing reviews? Click over to my Wool tab!

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