Max & Mia Cardigan (Barefoot Dreams Dupe!) on Amazon

The Max & Mia Travel Cardigan from Costco is one of my favorite cardigans ever and it’s my most popular blog post also. I wanted to post a quick update with the current Amazon listings of the Max & Mia Travel Cardigan, which is an excellent knock-off of the Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardi!

This post also has a 2022 UPDATE!

This post was created using Amazon Affiliate links. I appreciate every click as it helps to make my work-from-home dream a reality (at no extra cost to you). So, I really mean it when I say, “THANK YOU”.

First of all, here is the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lit Circle Cardi, in case you are wanting the “real thing”. It’s available here in a few more colors. 

Now, let’s check out the cheaper version. Remember, this one was available from Costco the last few years, so fingers crossed it will come back this Fall. There are still a few available on Amazon though!

This version comes in black, beige, and olive (ignore the blue option, that’s a different style).

If you wear size small, there is a red version for only $16.99 (almost sold out!).

The Olive in XL is $39.99 here. 

This cardigan is absolutely perfect over leggings and a tshirt, layered with a chambray shirt or plaid button up, or even over a tunic dress. It’s one of my go-to fall wardrobe pieces!

One last thought, if you are searching for these cardigans, you could always try looking at Poshmark. If you are a new shopper, sign up with the code “MAMAMELAINE” for a free $10 credit. There are lots of the cardigans for a great price. 

If anyone sees these Cardigans at Costco this year, please let me know in the comments.


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