Review: Wool& Charlie Tank Jumpsuit

There is something so absolutely free and lovely about a perfectly fitting jumpsuit! I remember so well having a jumpsuit when I was maybe 9 years old. It was a black jumper-style with a pink floral print and it felt so soft and wonderful. I vividly remember cartwheeling all over the grass wearing this outfit and thinking, “THIS is freedom”.

30 plus years later, I still love black, I still love floral, and man do I wish I could still cartwheel through the grass like that. Even though I don’t have the gymnastics skills of my childhood, I still crave clothing that is comfortable, free, and livable. Those feelings and sensations of freedom are absolutely what wearing wool has given me as an adult!

If you shop with Wool&, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the amazing Charlie Tank Jumpsuit and the luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan shown in this post! Wool&, you are the absolute best! 

I could not wait to try the Charlie Tank Jumpsuit from Wool&. I knew the moment I heard that there was a Jumpsuit coming that it would be a winner. One piece simplicity, the incredible benefits of wool, plus Wool& signature soft easy-care blend? I was totally all-in.

Although I was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the jumpsuit, that’s not to say there weren’t concerns. Mostly, logistical concerns about buttons and bathroom breaks, especially for me. I have Interstitial Cystitis and have more bathroom breaks than most, to put it politely. Also, I know that jumpsuits can sometimes be tricky to size. As a pear shaped person, I’m essentially a different size on top and bottom. So I ordered a large and prepared for the potential of alterations.

Large is definitely the correct size for me. It’s big enough so there is no pulling and it glides over the less-than-perfect areas of my mom  body. (Hey, I’m 40 and I’ve birthed three children including a set of twins).

The top is loose but not too-loose. It doesn’t reveal anything and it isn’t too low in the front. I love the v-neck cut!

The waistband is super comfy! It cinches in to give some shape but it isn’t uncomfortable at all. The extra room in the torso means you can adjust the waist a bit and give a little extra drape. (I can’t wait to try it with a wrap belt….I have one en route to me right now). In this photo, I’m wearing Charlie with the incredibly luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan. I’ll be sharing a review of this amazing layering piece coming up soon!

As usual, Wool& gives a nod to trendy cuts while still sticking with classic shapes. The slightly cropped leg is very much-on trend, while not being extreme enough to go out of style quickly. The legs are generous and comfortable but not truly wide-leg. I really came to love the length since it doesn’t drag the floor or look sloppy. It will also go great with heels if I ever get brave! (In most of these photos, I’m wearing my Allbirds Tree Breezers which I love).

I tried on so many different options with the Charlie jumpsuit and I was genuinely amazed how great everything worked with it. My biggest surprise was layering it like a jumper over this thrifted blouse. I absolutely love this look which is different from anything I’ve ever worn before!

This is a combo I probably realistically wouldn’t wear because it would involve too much drama in the bathroom with unbuttoning the shirt PLUS unbuttoning the jumpsuit. But it really looks cute! Speaking of bathroom issues, the back of Charlie fastens with one loop button. Once I undid it a few times, it became pretty easy and it won’t be a problem for me to wear, even with my frequent bathroom breaks.

While I was wearing it, I figured I would try the shirt unbuttoned as well. I think layers really look great with this jumpsuit giving it truly unlimited looks.

As usual, Wool& really surpassed my expectations and I’m more in love with the Charlie jumpsuit than I ever expected! This is truly something I will wear again and again year-round.


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