The Wool& Cypress Wrap Cardigan Review and pics!

I was delighted to receive the Cypress Wrap from Wool&. I am definitely obsessed with cardigans and love layering throughout the year. I generally tend to be hot-natured and live in the weird, variable deep south where we get some surprisingly cool temps, with icy humidity, as well as some drastic temperature swings all in the same day. So I knew a nice wool cardigan would be a great addition to my wool capsule!

If you shop with Wool&, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the amazing Charlie Tank Jumpsuit and the luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan shown in this post! Wool&, you better believe, I’m a fan for life!

Like I said, in the Deep South, layering is a must and cardigans or jackets get a lot more wear in my wardrobe than true coats. All that to say, I owned no wool blend cardigans at all so Wool&’s Cypress is truly a wonderful addition to my  wardrobe. I’m wearing it here with Wool& Charlie Jumpsuit which is also amazing.

First, I had to choose a color and I have to admit I really waffled over this one. Black is always my default, top choice, so it was my initial inclination. After reminding myself of all the other black I already own, I decided the Charcoal Heather was the way to go. I decided to order size Medium which is my true size most of the time.

When I first pulled the Cypress out of the package, the weight surprised me. It’s 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
300gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool. That means it’s pretty thick, almost plush feeling. It’s hard to describe the loveliness of this fabric if you haven’t tried it. I just keep thinking it feels very luxurious, silky, and high-end.

I decided to try it with a basic jeans and patterned blouse outfit, along with some Dansko clogs. It was a great way to add a little warmth and elegance to a casual outfit!

Here I am in my Wool& Sierra with leggings and the Cypress. This is an outfit I feel like I could wear anywhere, but it’s definitely appropriate for church, work, or a nice evening out. I really feel put-together in this outfit!

Besides the luxe fabric, I really love the cut of this piece. The Cypress has a structured design that gives it a dressier look. I particularly like the structured shoulders and the wide, almost swingy hem. It’s such an elegant addition to an outfit.Note: I didn’t include photos, but the Cypress also comes with a belt making it easy to use as a bathrobe or for different styles and looks. I think it’s a great idea and I know a lot of people say this cardigan is perfect for travel. It’s just another multi-use item that could fill a bunch of different holes in your wardrobe!
I think this cardigan would be perfect for office-wear, and I will 100% be wearing it into work when I have the opportunity. (I work remote and go into the office occasionally for meetings or events). It will work almost like a blazer for me.

Got any other ideas for styling the Cypress? I’d love to hear them and add photos to this post with your suggestions!

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