Instant Outfit Upgrade from Julahas (Vermillion Cape Coat Cocoon & Cotton Cape Equal Graphic)

Looking for an instant outfit upgrade that will add polish, shape, and color to any foundational outfit from casual leggings and a tshirt to a special occasion dress? What you are looking for might just be Julahas!

Thanks to Julahas for giving me some lovely pieces for my review. Trying these has truly been a treat and I appreciate you trusting me with your products. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my links, I might receive a small commission. 

I received my first Julahas item close to Thanksgiving so it’s been almost two months since I first discovered the brand. Today’s review will therefore include a little more information beyond just my initial first impressions. I have had a chance to wear Julahas pieces to work (virtually, for meetings), to church, while traveling, while shopping at an outdoor market, on car rides, on a couple of dates with my hubby, and at a campfire on the beach.  I have worn them with dresses, jeans, and sleeves of all lengths. I have worn them in temps varying from 70 degrees to freezing (pretty typical weather variations here in the Deep South for the cold season).

They have been most often paired with favorite wool items from Woolx or Wool& but they’ve also worked well with synthetic pieces that are still hanging out in my closet after a few rounds of decluttering. The versatility, quality, and colors make this brand truly unique and I’m happy to share them with you here.

I received these items as gift for my review but I want you to know that these are pieces I would absolutely purchase with my own money (and probably will in the future). They have been a true sweet spot in my winter wardrobe and I have loved having some extra color to brighten up this chilly season. Julahas has truly added instant joy to my closet, just as they promised.

I would sum up my experience with Julahas in a few words: versatility, comfort, quality, and beauty. If you’d like to check out my other Julahas review, click here and here. 

Today I have two beautiful new pieces to share with you! First up, the Wool Cape Coat Cocoon in beautiful Vermillion.

Click here for the Wool Cape Coat Cocoon in Vermillion. 


  • Material: 100% wool; natural and responsibly sourced
  • One size (fits up to EU 48/US 18).  Shoulders placed 46cm/18″ apart.
  • Equal parts of luxury and comfort, the JULAHAS Cape Coat Cocoon keeps you stylish and snug all season long. The multi-wear design allows you to wear it long, short, wrapped or belted to create many different looks. It’s so versatile and roomy that it can be layered over anything and everything; slide it on a dress, t-shirt and jeans, elevate your workwear or uplift a chunky knit.

First of all, this coat feels INCREDIBLE. It’s soft, drapey, and feels like it’s giving your outfit an instant boost! It also comes with a belt that can be worn several different ways. The cape can be worn many different ways as well, including flipping it to make it shorter or longer!

In the photo above, I’m wearing it long and in the photo below, I’m wearing it short. Pretty cool to have a clothing item with this many looks all rolled into one. It’s also a huge relief to know this piece will fit me beautifully even if I gain or lose some weight, because like the rest of the line, it’s One Size Fits Most (up to about a US size 18). As someone who has outgrown coats in the recent past, that’s quite a comfort!

The Cape Cocoon Coat is comfy, warm, stylish and it also comes in three other colors! 

Outfit details:

Wool& Summit Midweight Pocket Legging,
Wool& Holly Interlock Top
Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot
Wool& Willow Dress
Sash Bag
Ada Collection Wrap Belt

Ready for the next look from Julahas? Check out the Cotton Cape Equal Graphic. 

This cape is one of the more affordable options at only $109. It’s made from cotton and the fabric feels substantial and sturdy, but still soft and flowy.

Cotton Cape Equal Graphic. 


Cape Equal, as the name suggests is designed for all people and bodies. It’s equal parts human and sustainable.

Designed keeping functionality and flexibility in mind, this mid-weight Cotton Cape (with armholes placed at a distance of 48cm/19”) features buttons, loops and drawcords as design details and practical elements that help you wrap up and get going.

Wear it long like a cape, button it in front to create a vest, flip it over and wear it short with a hoodie or even fold it over your arms as sleeves for when it gets cold. Layer it over any outfit from your wardrobe to express your individual style. Cape Equal promises versatility.


As you can see, there are SO many ways to wear this cape. It is truly a style chameleon and the colors make it a perfect match for my black-heavy wardrobe. Between the buttons, the drawstrings, and the color blocking, the different looks are unlimited!


In the two photos below, I’m wearing the cape the “Short Way”. Click here for some ideas on how to wear a Julahas Cape! 

You can create sleeves, also.

The photo above is “the long way”.

In these photos, the Cape is wrapped on one side. For the next one, I’m wearing it wrapped on one side, plus a belt!

I think the colors of this Cape are so perfect for winter! It would look so great with a white foundation as well.

I absolutely love every single item I have tried so far from Julahas! The beautiful colors, unique designs, and fine fabric makes them the perfect accessory for my favorite outfits. Even outfits that aren’t my favorite are instantly upgraded or elevated by the addition of a Julahas cape. I hope you enjoyed my review and that you will check out Julahas yourself!