Floral and Wool: Finding my Style somewhere in between

Unless you’re new here, you’ve probably picked up on my love for Wool clothing (I have an entire tab devoted to the topic and most of my blog posts have been written about wool lately!). Wool has transformed my wardrobe and I’ve become more and more in love with all the qualities that make wool so phenomenal. But there is one thing I have really missed….

And that is floral prints! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved florals. I realize they aren’t always in style, and some floral patterns just scream “old lady” but I still feel there is a classic elegance in a lovely floral pattern.

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One of my first memories about dresses like this is an excerpt from my very favorite childhood book: Little House in the Big Woods. In that book, Laura describes Ma’s beautiful delaine dress with the dark green background and the strawberry print. All the other ladies at Grandma’s house also had beautiful print dresses and the description of them dancing back and forth with flashes of colors and patterns in the firelight was one of my favorite scenes in the book. I probably read that book at least 20 times as a child, maybe more. While we’re on the topic, if you have children, be sure to check out the Little House Picture Books. They are some of my favorites! Delightfully true to the original, with rich colorful illustrations and short stories perfect for the littlest ones to hear.

It turns out I never outgrew my love of floral prints. In fact, working at a nursery as a teenager gave me even more affection for botanical patterns of all kinds. Even though trending  styles were typically solids and button-ups in my neck of the woods, I still sought out floral dresses whenever I had a chance.

Floral prints are something I have really missed with my wool wardrobe. I suppose wool really can’t be woven into flower prints. If anyone reading this has found wool clothing in prints, please let me know. Wool& and Woolx have both created some nice stripes but it just isn’t the same!

So I started playing around with some thrifted floral tops along with my Wool& Sierra and a few Julahas Capes. I discovered some of my very favorite looks yet, so I wanted to share them.

Here is my Wool& Sierra dress layered over leggings. I put on this thrifted Old Navy floral shirt and my beautiful and bold Julahas Daria Mississippi. Oh my goodness, the Mississippi is drop-dead gorgeous. The rich reds and purples remind me of royalty and look stunning on the cape! I was a smidge worried that this shirt might look a little too Christmas-y, but I think it works for winter, especially with the silver and purple pops of color on the cape. Here are some of the ways I styled it!

Next up, I decided to wear the floral top OVER the Wool& Sierra and it was surprisingly comfortable and cute! In this photo, I paired it up with the beautiful Julahas Daria Amazon!

Here’s another thrifted shirt I found at one of my favorite charity stores. The navy and orange colors work so well with several of my capes. I wish I had had time to try on more options with it. This Julahas Daria Danube worked so well!

Here’s another cape that matches beautifully. Although this Daria Cristales cape is on the “warm” side of the color wheel, the floral shirt brings it back to my season which is definitely cool, fall/winter.

This isn’t a floral but it’s technically an animal print that I absolutely love. I found it on Poshmark. I paired it up with the Julahas Cape Celestial Neptune and I like this a lot! The Celestial Neptune is probably the softest of all my capes and I have been wearing it a lot as the weather gets warmer.  It’s a great option if you live in a mild climate like I do!

I just adore Julahas Capes and feel like I am rediscovering some of the joy of getting dressed with the many ways you can wear these capes. If you’d like to find out more about Julahas’ small business model, check out this blog post!

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