Wool& PLUS Woolx PLUS Julahas = TONS of capsule wardrobe versatility!

Happy Weekend, friends! I hope you are snug and safe this weekend. I know that I am excited that February is finally here because in my neck of the woods we are legitimately getting closer to Spring, which I love. On the other hand, I am very much enjoying the cold weather as more chances to snuggle in with my lovely wool pieces, including some brand new goodies from the beautiful Julahas, which I will be sharing a LOT in this post.

I know that it seems I have been reviewing a LOT of clothing lately. (And it’s true). However, I will say that even as my closet fills up, my wardrobe is still much closer to “capsule status” than it has ever been and here is why:

Now that I am wearing wool on the daily, I realize I’m finally able to have the flexibility and functionality that makes capsule wardrobes such a helpful concept. Before wool, I always tried to look for pieces that served multiple uses and would fit into a lot of outfits. The problem was, when I tried to use synthetic, box-store staples to create a capsule wardrobe, I was faced with two major barriers:

1) Synthetic clothing has to be washed pretty much every time you wear it. I would wear an outfit for one evening and then it would hit the laundry basket. At that point, my outfit options were significantly reduced while those items were out of use. With a small capsule, losing a couple items cuts back your options significantly. Then you have to plan even more carefully to get dressed after a couple days into your wash cycle, which is frustrating.

2) With frequent wash and wear, my staple items were wearing out RIDICULOUSLY quickly due to pilling, shrinking, fading, etc. I got so tired of finding the “perfect” item and then watching it wear out after just a few weeks of frequent wear. I was having to constantly re-assess my wardrobe and replace pieces so quickly, it became incredibly frustrating and totally defeated the purpose of a “capsule” in the first place.

Wool& Rowena in Marine Blue, Woolx Piper, Allbirds Tree Breezers, Ada Collection wrap belt, Julahas Danube and Julahas Celestial in Neptune!

This post will contain affiliate links. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and, if you choose to shop, I might receive a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you. I would also like to thank Wool&, Woolx, and Julahas for sending me clothing as gifts for my review and photos. I will always give my true and honest option on these items. Fortunately, the quality and customer service for each is exceptional and I am legitimately a fan of all three companies.

All that to say, a fast fashion capsule wardrobe was very much NOT working for me. It was costing more money, more laundry, and more thought than it ever should have, which made me feel like a failure and like I still didn’t have “anything to wear”. That’s not even getting in to the ethical concerns of fast-fashion which is a veritable minefield of moral quandaries.

Enter WOOL. Once I started building a Wool closet, I eliminated the need for frequent washing and constant replacements that cheaper items were costing me. I finally had all of my clothes available to me all the time and found the comfort, ease, and quality completely unmatched compared to other clothing I had worn at all price points.

In this case, I have to thank a Facebook Ad from Wool& for sucking me in, because I really didn’t know anything about wool and was so misinformed about the fabric. I had no idea that wool was temperature regulating, soft, comfortable, and long-lasting. (I was convinced it was itchy, hot, and old-fashioned in form and function). Learning about the benefits has been so eye-opening, and once I experienced it myself I was a total convert.

I have three new Julahas items to share today, and I am LOVING these beautiful pieces. Soft, flowy, endlessly versatile….they are truly a unicorn of function and color chameleons as well….I find they can be matched in so many ways and different combinations can reveal different colors and looks so easily. These pieces are really wonderful additions to your wool wardrobe and I totally recommend them as a capsule foundation.

LINK DROP! Here are links for everything I’m wearing in these photos, all in one spot:

Julahas Daria Cristales
Julahas Daria Danube
Julahas Cape Celestial Neptune

Wool& Rowena Marine Blue
Wool& Rowena Pine
Wool& Rowena Burgandy
Wool& Cora Mauve
Woolx Piper Leggings
Woolx Eva in Slate Melange
Kut from the Kloth Distressed skinny jeans
Lems Chukka Canvas
Lems Women’s Chelsea Boot
Wool& Cypress in Charcoal Heather
Wool& Summit Leggings

(Also shown, Allbirds Tree Breezers, Kendra Scott Reid necklace, thrifted top, boutique hat)

First off, let’s take a look at the amazing Julahas Daria Danube. This is a heavier cape, and this one is not quite as soft as Celestial or the Fusion Cape. It’s beautiful, warm and perfect for layering. Although it’s thicker, you can still layer it easily and, of course, it can be worn so many ways.

Now, the bright & cheery Julahas Daria Cristales! This is a real stunner and took a little more thought with styling I decided to pair it up with this patterned top from a thrift store haul, plus my wonderful Wool& Cypress. The bright colors of this cape are not as easy for me to wear, but I loved the look when I anchored it with the darker piece as a foundation.

Finally, the Celestial Neptune Cape. Oh my goodness, this one is softer than soft! It’s has a fine, silky-soft texture and is very light and flowy. Of course, this one will not be as warm as the Daria, so it’s perfect for my Southern climate. This is definitely a great warm-weather option and would also be perfect as a travel accessory pretty much any time of year. It’s a more subtle pattern if you aren’t quite ready to jump into some of the more colorful options from Julahas. It also comes in some other gorgeous colorways. 

Thanks for checking out this photo-heavy post. I hope you’ll check out Julahas. I’d love for you to leave a comment on which cape is your favorite!