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Big news from Wool& First ever Gift with Purchase Promo!

This is pretty exciting because Wool& has never done sales and promos in the past (other than the mystery sales), so finding out that they are offering a free gift with purchase is a big surprise this year!

Not only are they offering a gift, but the gifts are NICE, there are tons of options, and the promo is lasting until 11/28 so plenty of time to decide. (They have said that supplies are limited on the freebies and they are expecting a lot of sales).

Quick rundown on the sale:

To participate in the sale, you must spend at minimum $150 and then add your choice of gift items to your cart. The freebie will automatically ring up at $0 in the cart.

There is ONE freebie per household. Click here to check out all the freebies they are offering! 

One of the options is the amazing Stella Tee and I’ve talked about it here before. I absolutely love it. It’s such a great fit for me and has held up really well. I definitely could use another color, and I’d really like to try the white.

They are also offering the Frankie bike shorts, perfect for wearing underneath the dresses for a little extra modesty. Lastly, you can choose from some gorgeous new scarves, which I’m totally drooling over. It’s really hard to choose between these options!

If you have been thinking about your first Wool& purchase, this is totally the time to go for it!

More BFCM Deals from Woolx! The PIPER LEGGINGS AHHHH!!!

There are still more deals rolling in from Woolx and lots more great items are still available from previous days, as well.

Many thanks for shopping my affiliate links! ! f you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m very excited to be working with Woolx and sharing lots of great looks with you this season! 

Click here for the main deal page, ya might want to bookmark this link! The deals will be coming in daily at NOON EST all the way until November 14th! Each day a new deal is added on and the previous deals are still available.

Day 1
So you can still score the amazing Mckenna Leggings from Day 1. As I’ve said, I love them so much and the Olive Tree & Lava Smoke colors are only $67.50. 

Day 2 Deal is also still available: the Men’s Paxton Merino Flex Four Button for $120. 

Day 3 Deal is Lola Joggers in Lava Smoke & Olive Tree, for only $65!

Day 4 is the Mia Tee in select colors!

Day 5 is the Aspen in select colors. This is a beautiful shirt! Click here for the Aspen.

Day 6 is the Men’s Summit Polo! Check it out here. 

Day 7 is the Bella Tunic Top and it’s super adorable for only $42.50!

Day 8: The Gabi Tunic is only $42.50!I love the cut of this top and in my experience it runs a little big! I bought a large and I ended up returning it because it was a little too over-sized for me. It’s great that it’s nice and long for leggings!

Day 9: The FeatherTouch Harper Pajama set is only $110 in four different colors. I love the CandyStripe!

Day 10: Today’s Deal is the Piper Leggings and some of ya’ll have been asking about these! I’ve only owned the Pipers for a couple weeks but they are amazing. The cut is just like the McKenna, and they fit exactly the same (I wear a Medium). However, the wool content is a lot higher and the outer fabric is more of a soft knit with less sheen than the McKennas. These are amazing, super versatile, feel wonderful on and DO NOT stretch and get all loose like so many leggings I’ve had before. Nice big pockets, and the glorious benefits of wool. I love these and I’m wearing them like pants with no regrets!

I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and be sure to subscribe for the next BFCM deal from Woolx!

Early Black Friday Sale: Lola Joggers only $65!

It’s Day 3 of Woolx’s Early Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale and the deals are poppin’!

Click here for the main deal page, ya might want to bookmark this link! The deals will be coming in daily at NOON EST all the way until November 14th! Each day a new deal is added on and the previous deals are still available. Which means you can totally still snag the amazing Mckenna Leggings from Day 1. As I’ve said, I love them so much and the Olive Tree & Lava Smoke colors are only $67.50. 

One more quick pic of me in my Mckenna Leggings with a $1 blouse I snagged at the thrift store. These are cute, comfortable, and go with ALL MY STUFF.

Thank you again for shopping my affiliate links! It helps keep this show on the road and gives me money to buy more wool! HA! f you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m very excited to be working with Woolx and sharing lots of great looks with you this season! 

Day 2 Deal is also still available: the Men’s Paxton Merino Flex Four Button for $120. This would be a great Christmas gift for the guy in your life.

Day 3 Deal is now live and it’s Lola Joggers in Lava Smoke & Olive Tree, for only $65!

I am extra excited about because I love the Lola Joggers so very much, like I’ve shared before. The Lola Joggers are my holy grail of pants. They are the #1 most versatile pair of pants in my wardrobe because they can serve as dress pants, workout garb, travel wear, sleep wear. I have done all of the above and since they are lined with Merino, they can go from one event to the next, without even stopping to wash! Wow! That makes them so versatile I can’t even believe it. I wear them multiple times a week, all year round. Here are just a handful of ways I style my black pair.
I bought them in black, Lava Smoke, and Olive Tree so I have tried all three colors. Like Wednesday Adams, I love my black the best, but all three are fabulous and for this price you just can’t go wrong! They aren’t on sale, but I have to mention that they are available this season in Winter Bloom (purple) and Oceanside (dark blue). I really want to try these new colors!

*Elastic waist, comfy drawstring
*Side pockets for all the things
*Elastic knit ankle cuffs
*Moisture wicking, quick drying
*Breathable for all day comfort
*Antimicrobial – odor destroying
*Plush, soft feel
*Built tough for extra durability
*Completely opaque

As requested, here is a pic of the Lava Smoke Grey Joggers!

A note about sizing: I am wearing a size medium, just like I do in the leggings and it’s generally my true size across the board. I do think that if you want a super loose and slouchy look you might want to size up. I like mine a little trimmer because I wear them more like dress pants.

Here are some of the ways I styled my Olive Tree Lola Joggers (Please excuse my mirror selfies, I’ve learned how to take better phone pics since!) Hopefully you get the idea: you can make a ton of outfits with these. I have found olive green is actually a great neutral.
I hope you take advantage of this awesome deal and grab a pair of Lola Joggers for only $65! I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and be sure to subscribe for the next BFCM deal from Woolx!

Early BFCM Sale! Mckenna Leggings only $67.50!

Just one more thing that I love about Woolx is that sometimes they offer some really irresistible deals! Today is the first day of Woolx November Deals and they are offering an awesome discount on their Merino Flex™ McKenna Leggings in Olive & Lava Smoke. They are only $67.50! These are truly my favorite favorite leggings and here is why:

*They are high waisted and they do not sag*
*They are super comfy, with just enough stretch*
*They have two generous pockets (big enough for a big phone)*
*They have a substantial weight, so they can pass as pants*
*They keep me warm when it’s cold, but cool when it’s hot*
*They are lined with merino, so they have those magic Merino properties we have been talking about!*
*They have a nice sheen, so that they look a little dressier than workout clothes*
*They are flattering and slimming without being uncomfortably compressive*


  • 38% Australian Merino Wool, 46% Recycled Polyester, 16% Lycra
  • MERINO FLEX FABRIC (Merino on the inside for performance – recycled poly on the outside for durability!) ONE OF A KIND
  • Non-Mulesed Wool
  • Woolmark® Certified

Thanks for joining me for Day 1 of Woolx Deal Days! I couldn’t be happier that you are here shopping with me.  If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m very excited to be working with Woolx and sharing lots of great looks with you this season! 

I have had my McKenna Leggings for over a year and they still look like new! One of the reasons why is that they are lined with Merino Wool which means they don’t have to be washed nearly as often as synthetic fabrics. For example, the athletic leggings I have owned before would need to be washed after every single workout, without fail. But Merino Wool is odor resistant and antimicrobial, so after a workout (or let’s be real, a really busy day of running errands in the heat), I can just spritz them with my wool spray (literally just alcohol and vodka) and let them hang up to air until tomorrow. By the next day, they will be fresh and ready to wear again. So although these leggings are the most expensive ones I have owned, they feel better, look better, last longer, and need less washing then any other pair I have ever had. You really can’t get any better than that!

Here are just a few ways I have styled my Mckenna Leggings. These are one of the most versatile wardrobe staples in my closet!

Look #1: =Festival Wear
Woolx Merino Flex™ McKenna black Leggings
(Click here for the sale version! Only $67.50)
+ Woolx Jenny Top
+ Woolx Sawyer Shacket
+Ugg Lakesider Ankle Boot
+Fedora Hat (Similar here)

Look #2: Casual Friday
Woolx Merino Flex™ McKenna black Leggings
(Click here for the sale version! Only $67.50)
+ Woolx Charlotte Puff Sleeve Top
+ Jean Jacket
+Riding Boots (Similar here)

Look #3: Workout?Hiking Outfit
+Woolx Merino Flex™ McKenna black Leggings
(Click here for the sale version! Only $67.50)
+Woolx Ryann Hoodie
+Woolx Addie Tee (I sized up for a looser fit)
+Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker

Look #4:  Out to Dinner
Woolx Merino Flex™ McKenna black Leggings
(Click here for the sale version! Only $67.50)
+West Key Floral Faux Wrap Top (from Stitch Fix years ago, Similar Here)
+Wool& Cypress Wrap Cardigan 
+Allbirds Tree Breezers (I got mine on Posh: use code MAMAMELAINE to save $10)

I hope you take advantage of this awesome deal and grab a pair of Mckenna Leggings. I know you’ll love them as much as I do. Looking for more great Wool Looks? I’ve got a whole lot of that! Click the “Wool” category at the top and be sure to subscribe for more amazing Woolx Deals coming soon!


The biggest Wool drop of the season: the Woolx Sawyer Shacket!

Woolx always brings some great new products to the table every season and I know I’m not the only one constantly checking for new clothing items! This Fall, everyone has been talking about the Woolx Sawyer Shacket.

I decided to go with the Camel color to contrast with all the black in my wardrobe.

This piece is so magical because it’s got the retro-vibes we all love plus the shacket is majorly trending on all the fashion channels from Pinterest to the blogosphere. Sometimes a perfect design can be timeless and trendy at the same time and this jacket is BOTH! As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it.

As always, I couldn’t be happier that you are here checking out my little blog and I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would like to personally thank Nicole and Jenny at Woolx for working with me and sending over this incredible product for me to try. You guys are the bomb and I’m in love with your company!

Click here to shop Woolx.

Wearing the Sawyer with my Wool& Sierra, black flats, and a vintage necklace. I loved this combo!

In South Carolina, a good jacket can serve me for the whole cold season, especially if that jacket is made of wool. (For those of you who think we don’t get cold in the deep South, I would like to tell you about what humidity and low temps give you in January and February. It actually gets bitterly cold and damp!) What’s so great about wool, anyway? Here are just a few of the benefits:

The Sawyer comes in four colors; it was really hard to choose.

Wool is naturally anti-microbial.  Essentially, God made sheep and their wool has magical properties. Because wool resists bacteria, you don’t have to wash your wool as often. I promise, it’s a fact. I have personally tested this principle and I’m here to tell you: it’s true and it’s awesome.  This is one of my favorite things about my wool wardrobe. In fact, our washing machine broke over a month ago. We ordered a new one but it has infuriatingly been delayed FIVE times. (Don’t get me started…this is the first time Costco has let me down). Guess who keeps wearing her clothes without needing the laundromat? Me!

Wool is sturdy. Wool is a very resilient and tough fiber that response well to wear and use. In fact, it tends to get stronger when you wash it and some people have told me it “self-heals”, I’ve tried to understand this, and my best grasp of it is that washing agitates the fabric and helps very small holes/worn spots to even out. My wool has held up GREAT which is so fabulous since I want clothing that I can wear and wear and wear some more.

Wool is temperature regulating.  I thought wool kept you warm, but I had no idea it could also keep you cool! I’m always either hot or cold (thanks thyroid and hormone irregularities) and wool simply helps me feel less crazy. I don’t know how it works (other than God made sheep) but there is a HUGE difference in my comfort level in Wool compared to wearing synthetic fabrics. So much so that I’ve been googling Wool Sheets lately. I’ll probably just settle for the Woolx PJs instead, but believe me the temperature regulation really, truly works.

Wool is comfortable. Honestly, this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wool, but for me comfort is a MAJOR factor. I have always favored comfortable clothing but the older I get the more it becomes a non-negotiable for me. If it’s not comfortable, and I mean, really, truly wear-it-all-day-all-night comfortable, I just won’t buy it. So please believe me when I promise that good Wool clothing is comfortable, breathable, and very soft. This is not the scratchy wool sweater from your childhood. My skin can be really sensitive and dry but I love the feel of merino wool from Woolx. It makes me feel happy to be comfortable and know that the clothes I’m putting on are also low-maintenance, sustainable, and ethically sourced. (We’ll talk more about the ethics later on the blog).

Shown here with my McKenna Leggings, a hat from a local boutique and Uggs. So comfy and cozy!

Woolx makes clothes that fit my life! Besides all the benefits listed above, Woolx has done an amazing job of designing clothing that fit into my lifestyle and are cute! (Yes, I need cute.) Some companies market their wool strictly to backpackers and campers and yes, wool is an amazing solution to any kind of outdoor lifestyle. It’s perfect! However….that is just not my vibe. I’ve never spent a night outside and I am simply not athletic. But these pieces are so well designed, they are the ideal solution for my mom-on-the-go wardrobe needs. I need practical, cute clothes that can be worn and re-worn without washing. I need clothes that will go easily from carline pickup to dinner out… a weekend away…. to a work event, and so on! And I have never been happier with my wardrobe until I started adding in some great wool pieces.

Getting off my wool soapbox and back to the item in question, the fabulous Sawyer Shacket. Let’s take a closer look.

Here are the design details:

  • Extreme warmth
  • Not just cute, functional & durable
  • Maintains insulation when wet
  • Breathable & moisture wicking
  • Full movement stretch
  • 2 hand warmer pockets
  • Ultra soft feel — you won’t believe this is wool!
  • Loose oversized fit, plenty of room to layer
  • Chest button pockets
  • Classic shirt jac style
  • Tested & perfected for an entire year, the BEST fitting shacket on the market

Check out the Fabric Breakdown:

  • 80% Australian Merino Wool, 20% Polyamide
  • Non-Mulesed Wool
  • Woolmark® Certified

Those are just the details straight from Woolx…..But how does it really feel? And does it keep you warm?

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve worn the Sawyer while working from home, running errands, out to grab coffee with my husband, and to a local festival with my whole family.  It’s both warm AND light-weight which is absolutely my favorite part about it. When we were out all day at the festival, it started out really chilly so the Sawyer was perfect for keeping me comfortable and warm. (I wore it over the McKenna Leggings and the Jenny top). Once it warmed up later in the afternoon, I took it off and carried it. It’s so much lighter than a coat so it was much easier to tote around. I could have tied it around my waist also.

Woolx said they spent a year developing this design and I totally believe it! Somehow they nailed an over-sized yet feminine cut of this “masculine” style and made it cute, comfy, and functional. The pockets, also, are pocket perfection, almost invisible from the front yet generous and warm.

Well, that’s it folks. It’s a shirt, it’s a jacket, it’s wool, and it’s amazing. Any questions?

Check out the rest of my Wool posts by clicking on the Wool tab at the top!

The Wool& Cypress Wrap Cardigan Review and pics!

I was delighted to receive the Cypress Wrap from Wool&. I am definitely obsessed with cardigans and love layering throughout the year. I generally tend to be hot-natured and live in the weird, variable deep south where we get some surprisingly cool temps, with icy humidity, as well as some drastic temperature swings all in the same day. So I knew a nice wool cardigan would be a great addition to my wool capsule!

If you shop with Wool&, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the amazing Charlie Tank Jumpsuit and the luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan shown in this post! Wool&, you better believe, I’m a fan for life!

Like I said, in the Deep South, layering is a must and cardigans or jackets get a lot more wear in my wardrobe than true coats. All that to say, I owned no wool blend cardigans at all so Wool&’s Cypress is truly a wonderful addition to my  wardrobe. I’m wearing it here with Wool& Charlie Jumpsuit which is also amazing.

First, I had to choose a color and I have to admit I really waffled over this one. Black is always my default, top choice, so it was my initial inclination. After reminding myself of all the other black I already own, I decided the Charcoal Heather was the way to go. I decided to order size Medium which is my true size most of the time.

When I first pulled the Cypress out of the package, the weight surprised me. It’s 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
300gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool. That means it’s pretty thick, almost plush feeling. It’s hard to describe the loveliness of this fabric if you haven’t tried it. I just keep thinking it feels very luxurious, silky, and high-end.

I decided to try it with a basic jeans and patterned blouse outfit, along with some Dansko clogs. It was a great way to add a little warmth and elegance to a casual outfit!

Here I am in my Wool& Sierra with leggings and the Cypress. This is an outfit I feel like I could wear anywhere, but it’s definitely appropriate for church, work, or a nice evening out. I really feel put-together in this outfit!

Besides the luxe fabric, I really love the cut of this piece. The Cypress has a structured design that gives it a dressier look. I particularly like the structured shoulders and the wide, almost swingy hem. It’s such an elegant addition to an outfit.Note: I didn’t include photos, but the Cypress also comes with a belt making it easy to use as a bathrobe or for different styles and looks. I think it’s a great idea and I know a lot of people say this cardigan is perfect for travel. It’s just another multi-use item that could fill a bunch of different holes in your wardrobe!
I think this cardigan would be perfect for office-wear, and I will 100% be wearing it into work when I have the opportunity. (I work remote and go into the office occasionally for meetings or events). It will work almost like a blazer for me.

Got any other ideas for styling the Cypress? I’d love to hear them and add photos to this post with your suggestions!

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Review: Wool& Charlie Tank Jumpsuit

There is something so absolutely free and lovely about a perfectly fitting jumpsuit! I remember so well having a jumpsuit when I was maybe 9 years old. It was a black jumper-style with a pink floral print and it felt so soft and wonderful. I vividly remember cartwheeling all over the grass wearing this outfit and thinking, “THIS is freedom”.

30 plus years later, I still love black, I still love floral, and man do I wish I could still cartwheel through the grass like that. Even though I don’t have the gymnastics skills of my childhood, I still crave clothing that is comfortable, free, and livable. Those feelings and sensations of freedom are absolutely what wearing wool has given me as an adult!

If you shop with Wool&, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the amazing Charlie Tank Jumpsuit and the luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan shown in this post! Wool&, you are the absolute best! 

I could not wait to try the Charlie Tank Jumpsuit from Wool&. I knew the moment I heard that there was a Jumpsuit coming that it would be a winner. One piece simplicity, the incredible benefits of wool, plus Wool& signature soft easy-care blend? I was totally all-in.

Although I was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the jumpsuit, that’s not to say there weren’t concerns. Mostly, logistical concerns about buttons and bathroom breaks, especially for me. I have Interstitial Cystitis and have more bathroom breaks than most, to put it politely. Also, I know that jumpsuits can sometimes be tricky to size. As a pear shaped person, I’m essentially a different size on top and bottom. So I ordered a large and prepared for the potential of alterations.

Large is definitely the correct size for me. It’s big enough so there is no pulling and it glides over the less-than-perfect areas of my mom  body. (Hey, I’m 40 and I’ve birthed three children including a set of twins).

The top is loose but not too-loose. It doesn’t reveal anything and it isn’t too low in the front. I love the v-neck cut!

The waistband is super comfy! It cinches in to give some shape but it isn’t uncomfortable at all. The extra room in the torso means you can adjust the waist a bit and give a little extra drape. (I can’t wait to try it with a wrap belt….I have one en route to me right now). In this photo, I’m wearing Charlie with the incredibly luxe Cypress Wrap Cardigan. I’ll be sharing a review of this amazing layering piece coming up soon!

As usual, Wool& gives a nod to trendy cuts while still sticking with classic shapes. The slightly cropped leg is very much-on trend, while not being extreme enough to go out of style quickly. The legs are generous and comfortable but not truly wide-leg. I really came to love the length since it doesn’t drag the floor or look sloppy. It will also go great with heels if I ever get brave! (In most of these photos, I’m wearing my Allbirds Tree Breezers which I love).

I tried on so many different options with the Charlie jumpsuit and I was genuinely amazed how great everything worked with it. My biggest surprise was layering it like a jumper over this thrifted blouse. I absolutely love this look which is different from anything I’ve ever worn before!

This is a combo I probably realistically wouldn’t wear because it would involve too much drama in the bathroom with unbuttoning the shirt PLUS unbuttoning the jumpsuit. But it really looks cute! Speaking of bathroom issues, the back of Charlie fastens with one loop button. Once I undid it a few times, it became pretty easy and it won’t be a problem for me to wear, even with my frequent bathroom breaks.

While I was wearing it, I figured I would try the shirt unbuttoned as well. I think layers really look great with this jumpsuit giving it truly unlimited looks.

As usual, Wool& really surpassed my expectations and I’m more in love with the Charlie jumpsuit than I ever expected! This is truly something I will wear again and again year-round.


Woolx Prime Deals!

If you have been thinking about trying wool, this is definitely the time! Woolx is having a fantastic Prime Day sale on everything you might want in a Fall Wardrobe, including some of my favorite items that I wear year-round! I’m going to share some of my top recommendations here, but remember, the sale is JUST through today 10/12/22.

If you shop the sale, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Click here to shop the whole Woolx Prime Day Sale!

Woolx Lola Joggers. I’ve blogged about these before because they are literally my favorite pants of all time. I could wear these every day of the week and be totally happy. For me, they have the perfect fit and just enough sheen to treat as a dress pant, but I also wear them for hiking, shopping, pretty much all the things.

Woolx Ryann Hoodie. This is my favorite hoodie ever. It’s lightweight, but warm. Nice and long, and it goes with everything. I always take it work because the office is so chilly, but I also pack it every single time I travel because it goes with everything from my favorite Wool& dresses to the Lola joggers above! Like all of these items, since it’s merino wool it has to be washed rarely and keeps you temp-regulated!

Woolx Charlotte Top. This top is another favorite because it’s so different from everything else the brand offers. I prefer feminine styles and this top is perfection for my wardrobe. It’s soft, warm (not too warm) and the buttons give it a touch of elegance. The sleeves can be pushed up comfortably for a different look. I have this shirt in olive and I REALLY want the black!

Woolx McKenna Leggings. These are my go-to everyday leggings. Comfy, soft, and with the high-waistband that I just gotta have. The pockets are generous  and these leggings stay up without budging. They are fitted but not too tight (I despise compression leggings) and they have a slight sheen which makes them a little dressier than the pipers.

Woolx Piper Leggings. These are cut just like the McKennas, so they have the perfect high waistband, no-budge fit, and nice phone-size pockets, but the fabric is different. These are a softer look, no sheen, and more traditional wool feel on the outside. These are so dang cozy!

Those are my top five recommendations of items I already own that are now on sale for Woolx Prime Day. Now I am going to share five items that are on my wish list!

Sawyer Shacket. The woolies have been talking and there is a lot of buzz about this plaid “shacket”. It’s super cute and looks like the perfect fall staple!

Kinsley Cardigan. I have seen this one modeled and it is perfection in a cardigan! This one is definitely on the pricey side but I’m sure it would be another wardrobe staple. Gorgeous!

Charlie 4 Button. This looks so cute and cozy, and I love the colors they are offering. I want Winter Bloom in this gorgeous top!

Harper Pajama Set. I don’t usually wear legit pjs (usually just an old tshirt) but I’m obsessed with the idea of wool for sleeping! I definitely struggle with temperature management at night and I know this would solve the issue!

Parker Sweatpants. Because I love the Lolas so much, I’m definitely wanting to try the Parker Sweatpants. These are more of a traditional sweatpant and they look so super cozy! They are going on my wishlist, for sure.

Thanks for checking out my post! If you shop Woolx Prime Day Sale, I’d love to hear what you snag!

Woolx Lola Jogger Update Review + Sale Alert!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sale Alert! My favorite Woolx Lola Joggers are now only $84. 

If you decide to try Lola Joggers, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I have shared about the Woolx Lola Joggers before and I wanted to update the post now that I have owned these for awhile now. Check out my original post here. These are, by far, my favorite pants and I wear them everywhere from a business meeting to errands, to going out to a casual dinner or hiking through the woods. They can basically do anything and everything! My Lola Joggers have held up great and I am still wearing them several times a week. They are so comfortable, they are the first thing I put into my suitcase if I am packing for a trip. They are so comfortable, I’ll just sleep in them, too!

This season. they have two new colors: Winterbloom and Oceanside.

I wear a size Medium in Lola Joggers. I like that they fit a little more like a dress pant. If I wanted a looser, more traditional jogger fit, I would size up to a Large.

They still have my Green Lola Joggers and the grey ones in the sale section, and they are also $84.

A note about care: I wash all of my wool clothing in my washing machine, cold and gentle. I have avoided drying them but according to Woolx they can be dried in the machine on low. My pants have help up great and they dry pretty quickly.  I can’t wait to try the new colors in the Woolx Lola Joggers.




Which color Wool& Dress is for me?

So I’ve already shared the Ultimate Wool& Dress Guide to help you choose which dress is the best one for you! Now you might be stumped on colors! Of course, as a small company, Wool& produces limited runs of each design. So the colors and styles will always be limited based on availability. Here are all the colors currently available on the website, and if you scroll down there is a link for each color to the current dresses available. Hopefully seeing them all side by side helps!

If you go with a Wool& Dress, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Click here for everything in Marine Blue

Click here for everything in Washed Navy.

Click here for everything in Vintage Blue Heather. 

Click here for everything in Ocean Teal.

Click here for everything in Vintage Blue. 

Click here for everything in Cobalt.

Click here for everything in Dusty Blue.

Click here for everything in Lapis Blue.

Click here for everything in Sky Blue Heather.

Click here for everything in Country Blue.

Click here for everything in Teal.

Click here for everything in Pacific.

Click here for everything in Pine.

Click here for everything in Deep Teal.

Click here for everything in Cool Olive.

Click here for everything in Forest Night.

Click here for everything in Spruce Green.

Click here for everything in Emerald.

Click here for everything in Marionberry.

Click here for everything Aubergine.

Click here for everything in Purple Sage.

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The Ultimate Wool& Dress Guide #wooland #merinowool #100daydresschallenge

Welcome wool-enthusiasts and wool-curious friends! If you’re reading this blog post, the chances are, you’re probably looking into Wool& clothing and possibly thinking about the 100 Day Dress Challenge. Lucky you, you’ve stumbled across this blog, written by the girl recently-turned-40-year-old who is so obsessed with this company, I’ve tried most of their dresses and kept a whole lot of them. This post is to share some of my favorite styles, my honest-as-always pros and cons for each, plus some styling ideas that I think you will LOVE. So let’s start chatting about wool!

If you’d like to check these products out in detail, I appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I would also like to say “Thank you” to Wool& for gifting me several items for my review, including the gorgeous Audrey maxi dress and Amalya in this post. 

Click here to check out the whole selection from Wool& (Wooland) Merino Wool dresses.  There are also pants, shirts, PJs, and cardigans! So much to love.

If you are trying to decide which dress is for you, you aren’t alone. It’s definitely a hard call since you can’t try them all on in the store. (Unless you are lucky enough to live near their HQ). And if you are planning on completing the 100 day challenge, you will want a dress that fits great, is versatile, and makes you feel like yourself, right? These are investment pieces so they aren’t cheap….. and sizing can be a bit tricky, but remember, you are building a sustainable wardrobe and finding a dress that will last you a long time. So taking a little extra time to choose it, isn’t so crazy in my book.

I will tell you that I am getting more wear out of my Wool& dresses than I have any other dresses in years, and that’s saying a lot because I have always been a fan of dresses, even as a child. I keep hearing that women who don’t typically wear dresses, are converting to them when they find Wool&, so it’s really quite the phenomena!

Now, when you see how many Wool& dresses I own, you will wonder what happened to my minimalism journey. Yes, I’ve gone a little crazy because the benefits of wool are so amazing (and because I want to be able to share the product with you). Just to name a few, wool clothing is: odor-resistant, temperature-regulating, quick-drying, and durable. It’s really amazing what an upgrade it has been for my mostly-synthetic wardrobe.

But I promise I am still totally committed to minimalism, and part of that journey is making more sustainable wardrobe choices that will serve my closet for much longer. I have also let a lot of my old wardrobe go on Poshmark. (Make money by setting up your own account using my code: MAMAMELAINE. It will give you $10 for free).

Are you ready for a super photo-heavy post? Here we go:

My Stats
Because I know people can benefit from size, measurement, weight stats, I’m sharing my details even though I don’t love my current weight. I’m currently 5’6″, and about 175 lbs. In my skinny-state, I’m a rectangle shape, but when I am over-weight, I’m more in the pear category, carrying my weight in my stomach and thighs.

The Rowena
The Rowena is the Original 100 Day dress. It’s a beautiful, classic swing dress and still one of the most popular Wool& designs. At one point I tried a Small and the arms were a bit too tight for me. I decided I wanted a loose and swingy silhouette and went with a size Large. I love the way this dress fits me even though it’s on the big side. I’m sure I would fit a medium very well. Bonus: it has pockets and is currently available in regular or long lengths, plus the choice of 18 different colors!

  • Pros: I love the clean lines and simple design of the Rowena (or Ro, as Wool& fans call it). It’s so comfortable and looks amazing with leggings and boots.  This dress is a blank slate for winter layers!
  • Cons: This isn’t really a con but I tend to avoid long sleeves because I get hot. Since wool is temperature regulating, though, it’s still great for me. In this photo, I’ve pushed up the sleeves, which is the norm for me!
  • Favorite Look: Rowena+Leggings + boots. In this photo, I’m wearing it with my Sash Bag, suede boots from forever ago (similar here), and a thrifted leaf necklace(similar here).
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon 160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Sierra
This is another of the top sellers for Wool& for good reason. The Sierra is an A-line dress with visible patch pockets and a crew neck. This dress is SO comfortable with a French terry, plush feel, plus it just begs to be layered all year round.  Available in regular length and long in lots of color choices. The thicker fabric on this dress make it extra durable. I wear a small in Sierra. I like the look of a Sierra in small long as well.

  • Pros: Super comfy, durable fabric, sturdy usable pockets…there’s a lot to love. I feel like this is one of the best dresses for travel since many people like to layer over OR under it.
  • Cons: Takes a little longer to hang dry than some of the other dresses, doesn’t drape as beautifully as Camellia.
  • Favorite Look: Most often, you will find me wearing Sierra alone with a pair of Birkenstocks, but it’s also adorable with a jean jacket. Here, I’m wearing it with a kimono, Birkenstocks, and a necklace that belonged to my grandmother (similar here).
  • Fabric: 75% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon, 3% Spandex
    235gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Brooklyn
This faux wrap dress was one I originally avoided. I felt quite sure that it wouldn’t work for me with my pear-shaped body and smaller chest. I was so wrong and I actually adore my Brooklyn dress now that I’ve tried it. (I should confess, I own it in two colors). It’s an elegant, feminine look and it even has a reversible design. I wear a small in Brooklyn. I have also tried a medium and it’s a little too loose. This popular dress is now available in long as well.

  • Pros: I love the looser top. comfy elastic waist, and reversible style. The dolman-ish sleeves are so flattering and perfect for those of us who aren’t feeling fab about our upper arms.  This dress would be the perfect breastfeeding dress, also. For me, it’s a date night dress!
  • Cons: The faux wrap is a bit loose for me, and sometimes shows a little too much. Could be solved by a couple of stitches but I haven’t bothered pulling out the needle and thread. A tank top underneath also solves the problem. Some people really miss that there aren’t pockets in this dress, but I don’t mind at all.
  • Favorite Look: Black Brooklyn with a statement necklace and ballet flats. In this photo I’m wearing my Marine Blue Brooklyn with olive green Allbirds flats and an olive cardigan (similar here) from Stitch Fix. 
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    180gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Camellia
The Camellia is a more flowy, lighter-weight tank dress and is super soft. For my intense summers, I prefer the Camellia’s weight to Sierra but it’s just personal preference. For more details on this dress, check out my original post.  A lot of people ask the differences in Sierra and Camellia. The Sierra has patch pockets, a wider skirt, and a more substantial fabric. Although I love Camellia’s flowy style, that does make the fabric a little more delicate and therefore it’s a smidge less sturdy than Sierra. I feel I have to be a bit more careful with Camellia. Like many of the other styles, Camellia is a generous size, and I wear a small long. For the swing styles, it’s easiest to decide your size based on your shoulders and bust.

  • Pros: Lightweight, flowy, and pockets! Easy to layer, works well for all seasons (at least in my warm climate).
  • Cons: The fabric is a little more delicate.  (The fabric breakdown shows the differences in thickness between all the dresses).
  • Favorite Look: I love my black camellia layered with a light, summer kimono and birkenstocks. In this photo I’m wearing with Birkenstocks and a salt and pepper hat from a local boutique (similar style here).
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Maggie
I suspected I would love the Maggie because it’s cut very much like the Stella Tee (and I was correct). This swing dress is a perfect base for accessories and just a nice all around basic to have in your wardrobe. The cut is a little slimmer than some of the other styles and it has pockets plus the scoop neck is very flattering. As I’ve gained a good bit of weight (thanks, Zoloft) I am gravitating more to sleeved styles rather than sleeveless ones. The Maggie is a generous size; I currently own a Small Long  and I love it but the medium also works for me. One thing to note about Wool& dresses is that you should check the size chart to decide on lengths. I don’t consider myself tall, but I often prefer the long lengths.

  • Pros: This dress has pockets and is a blank slate for layers and accessories. A slimmer cut than the swing dresses , so less fabric and very lightweight.
  • Cons: Some women don’t like that the pockets may add a smidge of bulk to the hipline. My dress has actually had the pockets removed!
  • Favorite Look: I just love this dress by itself. It’s like your favorite tshirt, perfect alone for any occasion. In my photo I am pairing it with a vintage leaf necklace (similar here), a thrifted cinnamon cardigan (similar here)  and a hat from a local boutique.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Renata
The Renata  is my latest, favorite Wool& dress! I have always loved bell sleeves and these are the perfect length and size to stay out of the way but still add a little extra drama to the silhouette. The fit and flare cut is really flattering , rides easily over my problem areas, and the waist and sleeves add some structure. Plus, pockets! I can’t wait to wear this dress to dinner or parties coming up this fall. I think it would be the perfect holiday dress as well and I’m really excited that they just released it in Marionberry which is a gorgeous purple.

  • Pros: A dressier option, Renata gives a little more structure with a nice a-line classic design. The pockets are beautifully hidden within the seam and don’t add bulk,  but are totally handy. I love the bell sleeves. They aren’t crazy dramatic or too bulky to fit under a jacket or coat. They also aren’t long enough to get in the way.
  • Cons: I can’t really think of any with this dress! Because it’s dressier, I would love to see it in a slightly heavier fabric (more like the Kalle to give it a little structure) but I honestly have zero complaints. I love the look, feel, design and everything about Renata!
  • Favorite Look: In this photo, I’m wearing it with Vionic Sandals and a statement necklace from Baublebar (similar here). It would have looked better with heels but I’m really a flats girl!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

The Summer Midi
At first, I wasn’t sure this was the style for me, but I wanted a slightly longer skirt so I gave it a try. It turned out I love the Summer Midi and for me it’s the perfect versatile summer dress. I love the length, love the vneck, and for the first time in my life, I love the sash. I think because I am long waisted, I don’t like the way some belts hit, but because there are no loops, I can wear this sash exactly where I want. And it stays, feels comfy, and doesn’t get loose or slide down! For me this is the perfect LBD for any occasion. This dress is also reversible, and can be worn without the belt for another look making it a really versatile piece. I wear a medium in the Summer Midi.

  • Pros: Versatility for sure! With the reversible design, the removable sash, and the midi length, this dress can work for almost any occasion. I’ve seen it layered in so many ways, also. It brings a ton of options to the table.
  • Cons: I don’t love the pockets on this dress as much as the inseam pockets from some of the others. They are designed to work both ways for the reversible function, so it makes sense that they are designed like this, but I would just as soon have no pockets.
  • Favorite Look: I’ve mostly just worn this dress alone with the sash for church. It looks very sophisticated! In this pic, I’m wearing it backwards with the higher neckline in front, black Fitflop flats, and a Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. I feel like I could do anything and go anywhere in this outfit.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Amalya Button-Front Dres
The Amalya is a little bit retro and perfectly office appropriate.  As you can see in the link, the dress can also be worn open like a cardigan. It’s a little longer than some of the others at knee length and I adore the dolman sleeves. Like most of the Wool& designs, the features are subtle so they enhance without being distracting or dramatic. The blousing affect from the fitted waist and looser sleeves is very flattering and gives me the illusion of an hourglass figure. (I very much do not have one). I am absolutely dying to try this dress with a belt.  For this style, I sized up to a large. The medium fit, but it was a little snug in the muffin-top area.

  • Pros: I’m loving the looser, longer sleeves, the waistline and the fun button details of this dress. The inseam pockets are pocket perfection. I feel like June Cleaver, in the best possible way.
  • Cons: Ok, I’m going to be a little nit-picky here and say that I wasn’t thrilled with the workmanship on the buttons of this dress. They just look a little messy and not as nice as I expected for the price. However, that’s not going to affect my enjoyment of this dress one bit and if they need re-stitching I’m perfectly capable. I love it so much.
  • Favorite Look: I think this dress is going to be quite a chameleon in my wardrobe. I wore it this weekend downtown with my olive geen Allbirds and a pair of sunglasses and I honestly felt very chic. We were shopping lots of homemade vendors and vintage shops and I felt like I really fit the vibe for a change!
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Audrey Maxi Dress
Audrey is the first maxi dress from Wool& and it is perfect. I love the cut, length, and soft feel, plus I am obsessed with this color, Black Heather. It’s basically everything I love about black with a little less visible lint. My husband says this dress is his favorite.  Pockets, side slit, flattering cut. I’m wearing Audrey in a small!

  • Pros: My pros and cons are almost the same which may sound weird. I love that this dress isn’t floor length. Many maxi dresses are way too long to comfortably wear. At 5’6″ this is perfect. Petite ladies may need to have this dress altered since it is generous in sizing.
  • Cons: I know some customers want a long version of this dress. I hope they offer one soon, because tall women like maxi dreses, too.
  • Favorite Look: I enjoyed wearing this dress with a  lightweight cardigan from Lularoe but I also love it as a standalone outfit.
  • Fabric: 49% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 33% Tencel™ Lyocell, 18% Nylon 200gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Fiona Fit & Flare
The Fiona Fit & Flare is a great basic for your wardrobe and I’m sorry that is no longer available in this slate blue, which is a beautiful blue-grey. I feel like 3/4 length sleeves are so flattering and this waistline is comfortable and cute. This dress is a great Fall option, perfect for layering.

  • Pros:  3/4 sleeves, a little extra length, and comfy waistband.
  • Cons: Because this dress is a little more conservative I think it runs the risk of being a little frumpy.
  • Favorite Look: I will be wearing this dress with scarves and leggings for a Fall look. In this photo, I’m wearing it with Fitflop flats and a Lululemon Vinyasa scarf.
  • Fabric: 78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool, 22% Nylon
    160gsm, 17.5 Micron Wool

Kalle Ponte Tank Dress
Even though I didn’t keep it, I absolutely adore the Kalle Ponte Tank Dress. It’s a structured, but still comfortable tank dress that would be perfect for a business wardrobe. If you have to travel for business, this dress could be the ideal solution. I think if I had worn some shapewear under this dress, it would have flattered me better. Between my weight gain and the fact that I don’t often go into the office, I decided I would pass along this dress. If I ever lose this extra weight, or end up back in the office, I’ll be back in line to buy Kalle.

The Cora
The Cora is a classic with a little bit of a retro spin. There has been a ton of excitement surrounding this dress because it comes in this awesome navy stripe and everyone loves the versatility of the included sash. This dress is also a little longer than most, which makes it perfect for taller ladies or a business casual environment. I tried the navy strip and it is incredibly cute. Ultimately, I did not hang onto this dress, but if I worked in an office, I think I would have kept it.

Tulip Tank Dress
The Tulip is a very body-con tank dress that looks so great on the right body type. If you want a comfortable dress that hugs the curves, the Tulip Tank Dress is a winner. I’m definitely not comfortable in this style but if you are looking for something very fitted and a little more vava-voom, you’ve got it here! This dress also comes in ocean teal blue which is absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of different body types pull this one off!

Ellie Midi Dress
I tried the Ellie Midi dress and think it’s amazing, especially as a nursing-friendly option. I didn’t find it as flattering as some of the other styles for my body type so I didn’t hang on to it. The tie style does give you some control over the fit, which is nice. I really love the Pine color. It would make the perfect holiday dress.

Dresses I Haven’t Tried (Yet)

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Ready to being your love affair with wool? Let me know what your first purchase is going to be!


How to save money on Wool& (Wooland) dresses!


When I first came across Wool&, I was kind of suffering from sticker shock. As a lifelong thrifter and general cheapskate, I had never spent more than $100 on a dress…..except perhaps my wedding dress. Many of my favorite dresses, in fact, were in the $3 to $5 range and that’s the way I liked it. So it was absolutely a mindset shift to think about spending so much more.

As you might have seen from the other posts, I’ve gotten over my bargain-hunting hang-ups but I still try to snag a deal whenever I can. I have definitely found that there are a few ways to save on Wool& dresses, it just takes a little extra effort! So, here are my best tips for shopping wool at a discount.

One important thing to note is that a discounted or second-hand Wool& Dress will not qualify for the 100 Day Challenge (or any of the other challenges Wool& is adding to the lineup). If you do decide to complete the challenge, you’ll need a full-price dress. But after the 100 days, remember, you’ll earn a $100 giftcard which makes this an amazing way to save a big chunk of change.

If you go with a Wool& Dress, I so appreciate you using my affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Click here to check out the whole selection from Wool& (Wooland) Merino Wool dresses.

Gosh, aren’t they just amazing? Ok, on to the savings tips!

Wool& Mystery Sale
My first suggestion if you are looking for a way to save on Wool& Dresses, is to sign up for their newsletter. Scroll to the very bottom left corner of the website and enter your email. Once you have done that, watch your inbox because Wool& hosts a few mystery sales a year and they are SO MUCH fun. For the mystery sales, you will get a seriously discounted item in your size, but you won’t know what it will be. You choose your size, and general style (pants, short sleeve dress, long sleeve dress, etc) but the actual item will be a mystery. These items could be second-quality but many of them are just returns that are in perfect shape. This sale is absolutely so much fun and the discounts are fantastic.

Preorder to Save
There’s a new way to save that’s pretty cool! Wool& now has Preorder Savings.  This is a section of new styles that can be preordered for a 10% off discount! From the site, “by purchasing items before they enter production or while they’re being produced, you’re helping fund the production process and helping us gauge demand.”  The cool thing is, these items CAN be used for challenges, which gives you the chance to save even more! Score!

Second hand shopping on Poshmark
If you haven’t shopped on Poshmark before, please use my code MAMAMELAINE when setting up your account. We will both get $10 in our accounts to spend on anything site-wide. Hooray! 
For some reason, it can be particularly difficult to search for Wool& on second hand websites. I think that the search functions struggle with the ampersand, but that’s just a theory. The best way to find Wool& items on Poshmark is to save this link and keep checking back frequently. They pop up every week or so and sell pretty quickly. Remember, on Poshmark you can make an offer, so this is a great way to save good money. I have scored Wool& dreses for less than $50 on Poshmark and they were in amazing, like new shape. You do need a little patience.

Ebay & Mercari
Like I said before, it can be quite tricky to pull up Wool& clothing at second hand websites, for whatever reasons. However, you can find items on both Ebay and Mercari, you just have to have patience and know what you are looking for. For both websites, I have had the best luck by typing in “Wool& Wooland Merino Wool Dress” and then scrolling until something looks correct. You can mess with the filters and select dresses or filter by fabric as well. If you like the thrill of the hunt, you might get lucky!

This is where second hand shopping really becomes a treasure hunt because ThredUp doesn’t usually list Wool& clothing under a brand name. Don’t ask me why, but multiple times I have found Wool& clothing hiding under “Assorted Brands” with absolutely no mention of brand name in the listing. So how do you find these obscure listings? Here’s how I’ve done it multiple times. First, sign up with Thredup using my affiliate links. I super appreciate it and we both get $10!
Next, type in “Merino Wool dress” in the search bar. You’ll get a zillion hits. Be sure to unselect “My Sizes” because you really want to see everything available. Now, scroll down and look at the left side for the “Brand” section. You will need to type “Assorted Brands” in that box and filter your results. Now, scroll through the items and look carefully for dresses that look like Wool& designs. This can be a little tricky but as you get used to it, they will pop right out at you. If you find an item that looks right, click on it and check under item details to see if the fabric breakdown is consistent with Wool&’s clothing. For example, if it says ” 78% merino and 22% nylon” you might have a hit! You can follow the same process to search for “Wool” and then filter by “Assorted brands” and then scroll through all the results to find different clothing items. It might take awhile but the hardcore savings are worth it. Just last week I found a Wool& cardigan and a shirt for HUGE savings.

Once in awhile, I have found Wool& listings on Facebook Marketplace, so it’s definitely worth checking. If you try, you’ll probably get a ton of listings for wool rugs and camo gear, for some reason. The best way I know to find Wool& products, however, is to check out the Wool& Buy Sell Trade Group on Facebook. There are items going up every day and you can find a great deal. I’ve bought, sold, and traded lots of stuff and had only great experiences. Remember, when buying or selling on Facebook, the safest way is to use PayPal Goods & Services.

Explore other Wool brands
There are some other fantastic Wool brands that I’ve come to love, including Woolx and Allbirds. I have also have heard great things about Woolly brand on Amazon. You might also find great items from Icebreaker.
I think that’s about all I have in regard to saving money on Wool& dresses. If you are thinking about investing in a Wool& item, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!